Sparano might get a financial apology from Miami

The Dolphins got out the word last night that coach Tony Sparano would be back with the team.  But it’s not quite that simple.

There are understandably a lot of frayed feelings and relationships that need to be mended.   One quickie solution to any relationship trouble: Throw money at the problem.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald writes via a source in the ownership group (Jennifer Lopez?) that the team will discuss an “adjustment” in Sparano’s contract.   Basically, he may get a financial apology.

There are plenty of issues at stake here, including the future of Sparano’s staff and the coach’s relationship with G.M. Jeff Ireland.  Dan Henning is out as offensive coordinator, as expected.

The Dolphins have scheduled a 4:45 ET roundtable with the media, according to Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald which should produce some answers.  The team hasn’t even officially said that Sparano is back, although they are expected to at the media session.

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  1. Every week during the season Sparano, and every other coach in the NFL, run players in and out of the facility for tryouts.

    Ostensibly, of course, these players are trying to take the jobs of people currently on the roster. The names of the players trying out is routinely published in the media, so everyone knows who is trying out, and who would be cut if the tryout is successful.

    Do the players Sparano was looking to replace get a “financial apology” to soothe their hurt feelings?

    Yeah- the financial apology they get is called a “paycheck”.

    Ross took a shot at landing a guy he coveted. It didn’t work out. He owes Sparano nothing except a paycheck. And he doesn’t need to make it bigger to soothe Big Tony’s feelings.

  2. The roundtable will include new Dolphins minority owners Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

    They then will announce that the actors from Twilight have also purchased a 1% stake in the team.

    As far as addressing the problems with the team, he has no information on that.

  3. I’m a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins but this whole thing was just ugly as hell. I never wanted a change to another coach and definitely not to a coach with no NFL experience. I think Sparano is a good coach and is on the right track. This was a rebuilding project from the start. They came off a 1-15 season to win the division. I think that caused too much hype. Realistically, that division win was done against a cupcake schedule in an season with no significant injury with Chad Pennington playing a career year.

    Like all Dolphins fans, I’m very disappointed with 7-9 two years in a row. However, I’m not all that surprised either. Last season was off-season was all about the defense and improving that unit. The mission was accomplished. This off-season will be all about the offense and I think there can be some major turn-around.

    I’m glad Tony is staying and hope they can right this relationship so they can right the ship.

  4. I’m always going to be a Dolphin fan but this is starting to become ridiculous. Year after year Miami continues to fail and nothing ever changes. Now we have to deal with another season of TS as the head coach. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sparano is one hell of a human being but as far as him as a HC is just disgusting to me. If they were willing to make Cowher their coach and all he wanted to do was bring in his own people that by all means do it.

    Now that TS is the coach the players will not look at him as one. I have seen it in the work place many times that when a high profile employee is on the hot seat than all of the understudies loose respect for that person because they know sooner or later he will be gone. No matter what Miami does in the draft or Free Agency they will continue to be a sub par team at best and right now is a crummy time to be a fan of that franchise.

  5. Sure. I’ll apologize to you by giving you some money. And next time it happens I’ll just give you some more. Predictable move from a classless type of guy.

  6. Pay Tony. If you want your freight to move, your buses to run, and your garbage picked up. Not sayin, but I’m just sayin.

  7. Speculation. Even if he does, which seems reasonable to assume give the clusterfudge Ross has made of this whole thing, what coaches will want to come to Miami, even with the advantage in state income taxes, to be the OC ?? This stench won’t wear off very quickly, Mr. Ross…

  8. Miami spurned by Cowher, Gruden, and Harbaugh so far this year. Now they have to eat crow and makeup with the one they spurned. Karma is all I will say.

  9. Sparano will take the money just like Harbaugh used the Dolphins to get a bigger contract from the 49ers. Harbaugh had to intention of coaching in So Fla. Sparano will have to eat some sh!t but in the end he wants the money. Is Ross an idiot or is it just me ? I need a new favorite team.

  10. a “financial apology” ?

    thank god for PFT …great quote.

    God Bless america, the land of the free
    the home of the brave
    and if we insult you….you get paid

    jeez ..i wished that rhymed it would be so much better

  11. Sparano might get a financial apology from Miami?

    Awesome!!!okay. Double Fistpump!!! right now.

    What kind of apology do the Miami fans get? right now. okay.

    I say draft a kicker in the first round and put him behind center. right now. okay.

    That should be good for at least 7 wins right now. okay.

    Also, Mr Commish, can you please heavily fine Coach Morano every time he says right now & okay, and use the funds to distribute paper bags to the Miami fanbase, which we can wear over our heads on the orange carpet and in the stadium’s nightclub.

    Right now.


  12. Make it a “nice” adjustment. Or maybe there gonna be some adjustments to your house. Or your health status. Know what I’m sayin?

  13. Get him tickets to a Marc Anthony concert. At least before he becomes room mates with Wesley Snipes.

  14. Dysfunction rolls on. Miami will be Dan Snyder south or jerry Jones east with Ross in charge.

    Owners should own.
    GM’s should manage.
    Coaches should coach.

    This aint rocket science.

  15. I’m glad Tony is still the coach. Does everyone forget the injuries we had on offence. We didn’t even have a dedicated center by the end of the season. I think 7 and 9 is pretty good considering we were pulling guys off the street to fill the void.
    I am glad Hinning is gone and we do need a new QB

  16. Shakira is buying a small stake & will sing the anthem in Spanish at every game as well as do half-time shows.

    Other soon to be notable “minority” owners:

    Ted Williams – (Homeless / Golden voice) plans on being the public announcer.

    Madonna – Whole stadium has a Kabbalah water plant for all attendees to enjoy & will help visitors define the nature of the universe / human Beings.

    Seminole Indians – HardRock hotel / Cafe with full gambling on the outskirts of the parking lot that allows gambling on NFL games.

    OJ Simpson pension plan – He maybe gone in prison but he’s not forgotten by the locals. OJ is always a favorite with the delivery waiters & the tips he gives are more than they ever expected (real sharp).

    Rickey Martin – Well, enough said.

  17. realitypolice –

    weak argument.

    there’s a huge difference btwn a player’s and a coach’s expectations with regards to job security.

    player’s are fully aware that the team is constantly trying to evaluate active talent and determine if a change is necessary. this is what GM’s and player personnel people do on a daily…no, HOURLY basis. are you trying to say that players aren’t aware this is going on??? c’mon man.

    the difference with this same concept on the coaching side is that it’s NOT a generally accepted practice, and in this instance the coach was NOT made aware of the discussions with a possible replacement. you might argue that Ross would not be doing his job if he weren’t exhausting all potential avenues that might make this team better. fine. that’s totally reasonable. but if that’s the case, he should have enough professionalism (not to mention decency) to look his coach in the eye and give him a heads up that they’re pursing a potential replacement for him. hell, even an email would do the trick. the coaches and their family’s should not be reading about their fate in the Miami Herald.

    crossing the coach (and not to mention a certain SB winning consultant) like this is only going to tarnish his rep in the league. what a way to get started. i give Ross an F on his first move as an NFL owner. well, i guess this isn’t his first move if you count the whole orange carpet/J-Lo/Marc Anthony/Fergie thing…

  18. dolfan220 says:
    Jan 7, 2011 5:06 PM
    I’m glad Tony is still the coach. Does everyone forget the injuries we had on offence. We didn’t even have a dedicated center by the end of the season. I think 7 and 9 is pretty good considering we were pulling guys off the street to fill the void.
    There were more injuries in 2009. The problem was that these guys didn’t play as well together as the guys that were cut. Sparano’s expertise is supposed to be the O-line. I like the guy but there is no way he can be effective after this week. Ross needs to get back on his meds, fire Sparano and Ireland, stop listening to Peterson, hire Cowher and whomever he wants, and then step back, shut up and write the damn checks.

  19. @bigcountrybiscuit:

    Don’t call my argument weak unless you understand it.

    I’m not trying to say the players don’t know it’s going on. They do, and they accept it.

    Just because it is not generally accepted, doesn’t mean it isn’t the same thing.

    My argument is that even if it isn’t common practice, Sparano should be man enough to realize that what was just done to him is something he does to other people every day.

    And that a coach that went 1-7 at home including some dreadful losses to terrible teams should be thanking his lucky stars that he has a job and not be looking for a “financial apology”.

    By the way, how do you know that Ross didn’t give Sparano a head’s up? Were you in the building? This seems to be an assumption the press is making, but I haven’t heard that from anyone in a position to actually, you know, KNOW.

  20. realitypolice says:
    Jan 7, 2011 6:09 PM
    By the way, how do you know that Ross didn’t give Sparano a head’s up? Were you in the building? This seems to be an assumption the press is making, but I haven’t heard that from anyone in a position to actually, you know, KNOW.
    Think about that for a second. If Tony was not made aware of what Ross was going to do, it makes Ross look like a jackass (and he is); If tony was notified that they would be trying to hire someone else for his job and he was OK with that, then Sparano looks like a spineless tool. If Ross told Sparano and TS didn’t say something like “If I’m not your guy, then fire me now so we can both move on” then Sparano has no business being the HC for any NFL team. I was hoping Sparano agreed to step down and assume the O-line coaching job under Cowher or Gruden.

  21. realitypolice –

    i understand your argument. you’re saying that just b/c coaches/FOs (sparano in this case) can evaluate players on an ongoing basis and effectively replace them without prior notice, that there is nothing wrong with the owner doing the same thing to him.

    you’re failing to grasp that these are two completely different concepts. as i said in my post, it’s distasteful for an owner to conduct business in this fashion. it’s busch league. complain all you want if you don’t think this should be a generally accepted practice, but it is. so don’t shoot the messenger.

    as for knowing that sparano wasn’t given a heads-up, i do know. have you read any of the articles from the Miami Herald? you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that nothing of the kind happened.

    you should be happy that sparano is staying on. weren’t you guys 1-15 before he got there? i’d say that’s a pretty effective turnaround. especially given the handicaps he’s been saddled with on the personnel front.

  22. Stephen Ross owes no apologies to Sparano.. Sporano owes him and the Dolphin fans a huge apology for losing to the browns Bills and Lions at HOME and getting smoked by Bellicheat twice!! Say you’re sorry Tony!

    The media in this situation is “SORRY”… no facts whatsoever, just speculation and negative spin! Horrible journalism!

    Quit drinking the kool-aid losers… if you are buying into this media frenzy of ignorance and assumptions..then get off the notion that you are a Dolphin fan…cuz you are are not thinking for yourself. These “reporters know nothing and are quoting other “reporters” that know nothing. Jeff Darlington was heard on Rome today saying he waited at the airport this morning at 2:00am for Ross’s plane to arrive..guess what happened… the windows went up and nothing was said to the hack..then he reports his fictitious stories and these dummies pick it up! Sad Sad Reporting. Even sadder that people buy into the garbage.

    What was the offer made to harbaugh that he “turned down”???? There wasn’t one! Lord almighty!

  23. P.S. Ask Tony if he would have rather been fired or still have his job in the fashion in which he has kept it thus far! With his record over the last part of the season..i am sure he is as surprised as anyone that he still is the coach!!!

  24. kind of like the contract and $4 million bonus mcnabb got after he was benched in that it’s throwing good money after bad. the dolphins quit on sparano and sparnao is a horrible coach. how’s he going to do when ronnie brown leaves?

  25. bigcountrybiscuit says:
    Jan 7, 2011 6:40 PM
    realitypolice –

    you should be happy that sparano is staying on. weren’t you guys 1-15 before he got there? i’d say that’s a pretty effective turnaround. especially given the handicaps he’s been saddled with on the personnel front.

    Who are you talking to? Why the h** would I care about Sparano staying on? Where did you get the idea I was a Dolphins fan?

    Nowhere in either of my posts did I indicate I was. Which means you read things into other people’s writing which isn’t there.

    So unless there is a Miami Herald article that specifically says “the team gave Sparano absolutely no prior notice of their intention to pursue Harbaugh”, you’ll excuse if I am little skeptical about what you “know”.

  26. realitypolice –

    okay. so you’re not a dolphins fan. that’s fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re wrong.

    as for the miami herald article quoting Ross, here you go…

    “Ross did admit some mistakes of his own. He said he should have told Sparano he was flying to meet with Harbaugh. “I shouldn’t have been talking to coaches and seeking a replacement until I decided that I should make a change,” he said.”

    Read more:

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