Bucs pick up option on Raheem Morris’ contract

The Bucs did the inevitable on Saturday, picking up the two-year option on coach Raheem Morris’ contract, according to Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times.

The two-year club option on Morris’ contract is worth $2-million per season, and he could make up to $3.5 million-per-season with incentives.  Those are low marks for any head coach, especially one that Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik said was the NFL’s best coach in 2010.

We have to wonder if Morris will be happy under the terms of his old contract and whether the Bucs will be open to a bigger extension before the 2011 season starts.

9 responses to “Bucs pick up option on Raheem Morris’ contract

  1. He didn’t make the playoffs. Given that fact, he didn’t deserve the raise no matter how well they overachieved. It didn’t help that they struggled against any opponent with a record over .500. He did well with a young squad, who is also the lowest paid in the league, but not well enough to get bumped up.

    With all the big names being thrown around as possible coaching candidates and Dallas, NY, ‘9ers, Titans and Minne having picked coaches his only other option seemed to be Carolina. Cleveland may have been an option, but we all know Holmgren wants to coach again.

    The fact is he deserved to keep his job, but that’s about all he earned in 2010.

  2. Harbaugh just got a deal from the niners for 5 mil a year plus incentives. Morris had these guys playing for a playoff spot up until the last week of the season with injuries all over that defense. He could get paid a little more I think..

  3. I believe tdroddywhite and bman67 cannot handle the Bucs and Morris being successful. So when they smack that A$$ next season, dont cry and take the beatdown like a man. Freeman and the boys are here to stay and put notice on the rest of NFC South.

    BTW…Falcons will lose next Sunday. We will see how Matty Ice can handle the pressure….BUCS ARE BACK!!

  4. Good job Raheem. They got you cheap this time . Build on it . As the wins start to pile up ,so should your value to the Glazers. And even if you get fired ,2012 another $2 Million and maybe take over for John Gruden on ESPN!

  5. OneBucFan, I couldn’t agree more.

    This young Buc squad gave the Falcons all they could handle in both matchups…. there is no denying that.

    I, too, predict a one & done for the over-hyped Matty Ice…and seeing the Vick-led Eagles be the ones to do it would be awesome!!!

  6. Kudos to Raheem for a job well done…he took a young team and got them pointed in the right direction. One good year does not make anyone a coaching hot commodity.

    I think they’re smart to pick up the option because if the Bucs fall back a bit and regress…well, then the organization isn’t on the hook for an overpaid coach no longer coaching. If they move forward again in a tough division, then I’d say they should lock him up for a little while.

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