Ed Reed: My brother “would want me to play”

Ravens safety Ed Reed traveled to Kansas City with his teammates Saturday despite the disappearance of his brother.

My brother loved football,” Reed told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “He would want me to play.”

Reed’s brother Brian jumped into the Mississippi River Friday to avoid police in St. Charles, Louisiana and was seen going into the water and never resurfacing for good.

Our thoughts go out to Reed and his family during this emotional time.

48 responses to “Ed Reed: My brother “would want me to play”

  1. Our thoughts go out to Reed and his family during this emotional time.

    ohhh lets all forget the fact that he was RUNNING FROM THE COPS!

  2. who cares people make mistakes. just gotta learn from them i hope hes ok. sorry the world all cant be perfect like you

  3. And the fact that he was running from the cops means that we shouldn’t have empathy for the family, right? What an ass….

  4. ed is a real nice guy. he is smart and not a thug. hope his family is doing alright.

    he good for at least 2 picks this week.

  5. Man that sucks to go through. Sorry to hear about that, I know that just waiting to hear ANYTHING is usually worse then knowing their gone. Good for Ed to go out and still play.

    That said, I hope his team loses. Go Chiefs! I do not want to have to play the Ravens a third time this year.

  6. germ2249 – whether or not he was running from the cops doesn’t lessen the pain or sadness that the family has to go through. you are just an idiot.

  7. Regardless of what happened, a family has lost. Who deserves that? I pray all you Holier than thou Hypocrites never have to feel that! Have you walked a mile in his shoes? 10 feet maybe? The world is full of people who happen to be products of their environment. What did you do today to help even one person who might have gotten the help they needed to Change their lives. Shame on you Judgemental critics. On the other hand it is refreshing to see so many perfect people out there.

    May God bless Ed Reed and his family. May they be able to find peace in this their time of need. May his brother find comfort in the arms of the Lord. And, may he forgive those who are so quick to pass judgement while they duck their own mirrors!!

  8. just because he ran from the cops; doesn’t mean he deserves to die,

    plus its thoughts and prayers for ED REED and his family (MOM, GF’ kids watever)

    ur just a jackass germ

  9. @germ2249

    wouldn’t mind seeing you leave your mom’s basement and jumping in the Mississippi yourself…

  10. was seen going into the water and never resurfacing for good.

    That has an air of finallity, doesn’t it Rosenthal?

  11. germ2249 says:
    Jan 8, 2011 2:18 PM
    Our thoughts go out to Reed and his family during this emotional time.

    ohhh lets all forget the fact that he was RUNNING FROM THE COPS!


    That doesn’t make it easier on Ed Reed, moron.

  12. id be tore up reguardless o. a brother is a brother reguardless of the circumstances. hope ed has is hea together. sorry for the loss ed.

  13. Yeah, prayers out to his family for not raising a better son.
    He was running from the cops! Who knows how many innocent lives he placed in danger while running.
    And I highly doubt this is a tough time for reedy…considering he has millions and his brother disappeared while stealing a car. There is more to that story…

  14. germ2249 is living up to his name.

    Running from cops has no punishment anywhere remotely close to death. It’s not as if balances the matter out or something.

    Have you ever known someone who disappeared? So let me explain to you since you obviously haven’t, it’s quite a messed up situation. Because even though you know most likely your loved one may be deceased, you struggle with it for the rest of your life because what if…

    I’m pretty sure that if anything people aren’t going to forget the face that you’re a petty D-Bag.

  15. Until you’ve walked a mile in someone shoes, how do you know they are going through? Addiction goes way beyond your imagination. I’ve had family members who will not receive help no matter what is said. Of course at this point you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about. My point taken. You do not understand the whole story. So please, do not judge. You are not qualified.

  16. germ2249 says: Jan 8, 2011 2:18 PM

    Our thoughts go out to Reed and his family during this emotional time.

    ohhh lets all forget the fact that he was RUNNING FROM THE COPS!

    But the family weren’t running from the cops. No matter what idiocy Brian Reed was committing, his family is still grieving. That’s akin to saying if you were to die in a speeding or driving while influenced, no condolences should be sent to your family.

  17. @germ2249 …

    I’m sure no one has forgotten that, but it doesn’t diminish his family’s grief. When a member of my extended family was senselessly murdered, the killer’s family suffered almost as much as we did. Two young men were lost that day. One died and one will spend the rest of his life in prison.

    It must be a comfort to you that everyone you’ve ever loved is perfect and has never broken a law, struggled with an addiction, gone horribly wrong, or just made a stupid mistake. How wonderful for you. But then again, experiencing the dark side of life helps people grow and develop compassion and understanding for others rather than just being loudmouth jerks.

    God bless, Ed. I hope you’re able to put this out of your mind for a few hours and get lost in the game.

  18. nothing funny or sarcastic about death.

    germ, get a life for real man. like you out your family is oh so perfect

  19. Ed Reed good luck and hope you play the game of your life. The U will be rooting for u

  20. As usual, theandy59 is the real “ass” as he acts like he knows the family with his heartfelt comments. And , of course, we should feel sorry for a scumbag’s family because his brother is an athlete.

  21. Brian Reed had two simple options:

    1) Surrender to police, like most any normal person would do.

    2) Jump in the raging Mississippi River to avoid capture, and risk death

    Clearly Brian was not an intelligent individual, and should he turn up dead…well the rest of the gene pool thanks him for opting with choice #2.

  22. Ed Reed is the nicest, most down-to-Earth superstar athlete you will ever meet. I have worn a Jonathan Ogden jersey to every Ravens game/event I have attended sionce 1996…and just put it away in favor of an Ed Reed jersey 2 weeks ago (and Ed has INT 2 passes/game since then!!!) because he’s such a good dude on top of being such a great player. Needless to say, my thoughts & prayers are with Ed & his family…and it’s heartening to see that 99% of the NFL fams out there are with him as well.

    @Deb – Amen!

    @germ – yes, your name fits. I guess it doesn’t matter to you that he was running from cops pursuing him for stealing a car he didn’t steal? It shouldn’t matter…all that matters is a loved one died…and unless he was given capital punishment or killed in the process of committing a violent crime by someone defending themselves or stopping the commission of said crime, he deserves our sympathy!

    G-dspeed Ed! Win this one for your lil bro!!!

  23. Hope his bro remembers to turn off at the Arkansas tributary if he wants to make it to the game.

  24. Ed Reed is an all around good guy.
    His brother apparently was not.
    None-the-less Ed has earned respect and condolences on his apparent loss!

  25. sarahpalinhater says:
    Jan 8, 2011 3:32 PM
    Ed,,,your brother would want you to play ?….No, I’m betting he would WANT you to send him some benjamins, and a Passport …Oh, and maybe a life jacket!

    Did you really just say that and end it with a smiley face??? I pity you…

  26. @mswravens if he didnt steal the car then there was no reason to run from the cops and jump in a river, and yeah it blows for the family but oh well one less criminal around

  27. Reed’s brother is a tool – did something so bad he was willing to jump in the Mississippi River to evade capture (have any of you seen the river in this part of the country?) – it sucks for his family, sure… but I could give two “shlitz”about Ed’s brother.

  28. It’s not like he was an innocent pedestrian that got killed by a drunk driver. He was commiting a felon and running from the cops. HE chose to jump in to a river. His stupid decision, and he possibly paid the ultimate price. As far as I am concerned, it is one less felon in this world that will be commiting crimes. Sorry for his family, but objectively looking at it, we are all probably better off now.

  29. Ed, just like Troy and Andre Johnson etc is one of the few “good” guys in the NFL. No need to to interpret anything else into this matter than somebody is missing his brother.

    My thaughts and prayer are with, go get ’em ED.

    GO RAVENS!!!

  30. Whats the first thing germ said??

    Our thoughts go out to Reed and his family during this emotional time.

    ok for those of you who respond before thinking you suck.

    I felt bad for the family,before and after this guy was running from the cops and ended up in the river.

  31. slatetundra07 says: Jan 8, 2011 4:09 PM

    His bro jumped into the river and then was intercepted by Reed.

    That’s insensitive as hell, but I did lol

  32. @germ2249 …

    Again, being perfect you and these other upstanding citizens wouldn’t get that people who’ve been in the system sometimes run when they see the cops even if they haven’t done anything. Maybe he had a joint in his pocket … or he’d had a beer and knew there was the smell of alcohol on his breath. Yeah, I’m sure you’ve never driven after one beer … being perfect and all.

    From what I’ve read, there seems to be some question about that car being stolen. I’m sure this is news to you all-knowing people but sometimes the cops actually pursue people who are gasp! innocent simply because of their neighborhoods or their past interactions with cops or their cousin’s past interactions with cops or (brace yourselves) the color of their skin. A little drama is playing out on the streets … and running from the cops is kind of par for the course. So is “round up the usual suspects.”

    No one here knows whether Brian Reed did anything outside the law. All we know is that he panicked and ran. Maybe he was high and feared how that would reflect on Ed before his big game. Maybe he thought if he could just elude police long enough to come down, everything would be okay. And the only place to go was into the river. It’s not like addicts are the most rational thinkers. Getting high isn’t a death-penalty crime. And regardless of the legalities, it’s no morally worse than getting drunk–so I doubt many of you should be casting stones.

    No matter what Brian did or didn’t do, a young man is likely dead and a family is grieving. Those of you who think you are morally superior because you’ve never committed a “crime” but come onto a Web site and anonymously post venom on something like this are kidding yourselves.

    @molly169 … no one thinks you should feel sorry for his family because his brother is an athlete. You should feel sorry for his family because he was a human being. Another human being should have been able to figure that out for herself.

  33. vbedford says: Jan 8, 2011 5:25 PM

    Whats the first thing germ said??

    Our thoughts go out to Reed and his family during this emotional time.

    ok for those of you who respond before thinking you suck.

    I felt bad for the family,before and after this guy was running from the cops and ended up in the river.

    Hey Mrs. Germ… “Our thoughts go out to Reed and his family during this emotional time” is his quote from Greg Rosenthal’s article. Germ just quoted it without quotation marks so he could bash Rosenthal and/or the Reed family. He was the one stating that no thoughts should go out to the Reed family.

    Maybe you should read before responding, then you could suck a little less.

    germ2249 says: Jan 8, 2011 4:25 PM

    and to everyone bashing me i am perfect and so is my family and everyone i know

    So perfect, but with no knowledge of simple sentence structure or grammar. I also know for a fact your family is not perfect…they created you.

  34. @ holyinconsistent
    You sound really stupid … If you had “millions” and one of your family members passed I guess you would care either?
    And how can you blame his parents this was not a child he was and ADULT with a substance abuse problem

  35. Not to repeat but Amen Deb.

    Some of your best posts!

    Hope to see your team for the AFC Championship in Foxboro.

  36. @Steelers6pack …

    Roethlisberger was accused twice, hired a high-priced criminal lawyer, and refused to talk to police. Guilty!

    Except the evidence in both his cases convincingly showed he wasn’t guilty.

    Assuming you know all the answers based on scant information makes you an ass. And whether or not he was guilty of stealing a car, it was not a capital offense.

    Interesting how so many have decided the world is better off without Brian Reed. But a lot of nice, proper Wall Street bankers have done more damage to more human beings in the last five years than some small-time addict did in his entire life.

  37. @harvardback2000 …

    So you feel qualified to decide which family is more deserving of condolences … or which life is more inherently valuable?

    Let me guess: You work for a health insurer.

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