Elway clarifies his comments on Tebow

Peter King of NBC made a stir with a pregame quote from Broncos executive V.P. of football operations and former Broncos quarterback John Elway regarding current Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Said Elway to King:  “I don’t think Tim Tebow is a good NFL quarterback at this time.”

Elway has now taken to Twitter in an effort to cram the toothpaste back into the tube.

“To clarify my thoughts on Tim Tebow,” Elway said.  “I think he’s a very good football player, and if anyone can turn themselves into a great QB, Tim can.  Myself and our entire organization think very highly of him.  We are pleased with his first year as a Bronco.  Any speculation that the Denver Broncos are considering moving Tim is completely false.”

Frankly, Elway didn’t do much clarifying in those remarks.  Instead, he did a lot of ignoring.  He said what he said to King, and the fair inference is that Tebow would potentially be in play to be moved, especially if the guy who drafted him in 2010 can persuade his next team to make a play for Tebow.

And we wouldn’t expect Elway to do anything other than say that the Broncos don’t plan to trade Tebow.  Either he’s telling the truth, or he’s trying to obscure the truth in order to build leverage for an eventual deal.

50 responses to “Elway clarifies his comments on Tebow

  1. Who cares, the Broncos are irrelevant and Tebow will be traded soon. Looks like Tebow is going to go thru the same thing VY did. Wins football games but not putting up Brees, Brady, or Manning type numbers. The amount of politics in the NFL is ridiculous

  2. If you would have seen any of elways comments the last week they are all consistant. He has said this over and over. He isn’t a goo/great quarterback now, but is a great football player. He has said he can easily become a great quarterback. It is a non issue.

    Why do you think he said he isn’t a good qairterback AT THIS TIME. Because he thinks can be a great one.

  3. Wait? Shouldn’t you include Peter King’s gaffe as well?

    King: To clarify, John Elway never told me he wants to trade Tebow. My report was about how I thought McD, w/QB-needy team, could pursue trade.

    Elway isn’t the only one who thinks Tebow is a great football player and not a great QB yet. The Broncos Organization won’t let go of Tebow, there is no smoke screen.

  4. ridicolous. Come on he was being honest. He said Tebow isnt a good qb yet . Nothing else. A reasonable person atleast a person with common sense would read that and instantly know what he meant. Which is he doesnt believe hes a good qb yet. Not that he doesnt think he will ever be a qb or that he doesnt want him. The guy was just being honest and anyone who says Tebow is a good qb right now is just lieing. Including McDaniels bc if he thought he was a good qb he would have started him when his team still had a chance to make the playoffs not in games that meant nothing.

    Half of the starters in the league arent good qbs right now hell 2 of them will play in the playoffs this weekend.

  5. “I’d also like to apologize to Tom personally if he was affected by this information.”.

  6. This is just getting embarrassing. Elway and the Broncos will announce a mutual parting of the ways by March.

  7. I’ve always respected John Elway but what a goofball!

    Every time he makes a statement you scratch your head at it.

    Quit putting your junk in the soup John!

  8. “Until such time as Tom is able to ‘turn himself’ into a great quarterback we will use him exclusively at the football player position.”.

  9. Or maybe he is just being honest. Why trade a guy who is at worst a competent backup when he has a manageable contract? No way they get trade compensation equal to the draft pick and signing bonus it took to get him under contract.

  10. Am I missing something, or is it entirely reasonable for the same person to be described as “not a good NFL quarterback RIGHT NOW” (emphasis added), and also as a good football player with the potential to turn himself into a great QB?

    I’m not sure what Mike’s issue is here. Actually, I tend to agree with Elway on both counts.

  11. Trade Tebow? That would be hilarious. What would all those Tebow fans do with their jerseys?

  12. Thanks John,
    You shouldn’t have run your mouth to begin with.
    If you have to Twitter to keep like looking like a dolt, then you don’t get a break.
    You said what you said.
    I Love Tim Tebow.
    He’s a freaks freak but he wins.
    S C O R E B O A R D

  13. I am not a Tebow fan but it is obvious that Elway does not have the best interest of the Broncos in his heart. To me, it seems that he is more content in shaking Tebow’s confidence than he is in trying to make him an elite Quarterback. God forbid a QB become more beloved in Denver than Mr. Horseface himself, John Elway.

  14. I dislike Elway and don’t care much for the Broncos either, but I fail to see the problem with what Elway said. He’s already said Tebow is a great player and now just said he’s not a good QB yet. Would Tebow himself disagree with this? I doubt it.

    Sounds like people are overzealous for Elway to fail. I wouldn’t mind seeing it either, but I’ll wait until he actually does something stupid instead of jumping up and down about nothing.

  15. I hope he gets a good look at his toes as he is removing his foot from his mouth. That didn’t take long, John. As a Colts and Bears fan, glad to see Denver off to more of the same.

  16. The Cardinals can use Tebow.

    He is a better QB than Skelton, Max Hall and Derek Anderson and a better RB than Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower.

  17. Broncs have to decide what to do with the #2 overall pick. So John is getting the word out that Tebow is available. Teams wanting to trade up in the draft for a QB may think Tebow is a better option. If there is value for Tim, they deal him and maybe use the pick on Gabbert.

  18. Elway and the Broncos are irrelevant. Take a look at where they will be drafting next year. Elway has no experience except being a greasy used car salesman. Sorry Denver. Better luck in 2015

  19. Elway is learning the media will spin your quotes to get a story if you’re a V.P. of football operations same as they do when you’re a player. Or anyone else for that matter.

  20. Elway was a great QB but is an idiot as a football executive. He was one of the former NFLers who helped destroy the original version of the Arena league (along with Ron Jaworski) so his prowess as an exec/owner is legendary. If he couldn’t figure it out in a peanuts league like that, what’s he going to do on the biggest stage in football? Great timing to make thoughtless comments about a guy who, as thetooloftools said, is a freak’s freak and a winner. Tebow is a better man, and has the confidence and courage to ignore the running-mouth idiot and carry on to success, whether in Denver or elsewhere.

  21. I can’t get over dude’s obsession with Elway. Must really be mad about that AFC Championship…

    I think Florence needs a hug from his wife and kids who he never sees anymore because of his unhealthy obsession with a sport he probably sucked at.

    Get a life!

  22. Nobody is getting rid of Tebow. It is too early to speculate the HC position as the playoffs are in the way. Just chill and wait it out.

  23. Exactly abninf! This was a non-story. Tebow has a few starts under him, has so much learning to do, he’s not a good NFL QB right now.

    But the irresponsible media ran with it…

  24. Ahahahahaha this is comedy at its finest!
    First you bumble Harbaugh!
    Second you call Mike Malarky, Mark
    Third Now your forced to go dumpster diving for Head coaches!
    now forth Your driving down trade value for your “prodigy” qb!!!!!
    Great start to your GM career Elway, your equaling Matt Millen step for step!!!! ahahahahahahaha

  25. This is all ridiculous. Pft, Peter king and a bunch of bronco haters overreacting. Read what elway said Wednesday. “Tebow is a great football player and we will help him be a great quarterback.” he’s not trading tebow and he’s been an exec for about 4 days so stop acting like he sucks.

  26. As much as I admire the legend of former Bronco star, John Elway, my concern is that he may be suffering “QB envy.” Is John afraid of being replaced in the eyes of Bronco fans? I’d like to hear what exactly Elway doesn’t like about Tebow, who’s the most exciting Bronco to come along since John wore number 7. Has becoming VP for the Broncos eclipsed his objectivity. Whassup, John?

  27. tim tebow is not an NFL quality QB. Simple as that.

    How many franchises draft a player in the 1st round and say to themselves “we’ll wait for him to develop in 2-3 years”…

    NO, the NFL is about WINNING NOW or you get cut. No room for developmental projects.

  28. Umm, Tebow isn’t that great, YET. That is what I get from his quote. Stop over analyzing the it.However, it takes a few followers of the mainstream to make something out of nothing.

  29. Elway and Tebow have one thing in common: the media can’t wait to to catch them in a “got cha” moment. One year the press hid in the bushes outside of Elway’s house at Halloween to see if he was giving away the same candy that he sponsored on TV.

    The media attack dogs are to be ignored.

    So far, Elway has not hired anybody.

    Nothing else matters.

  30. Where are the Bronco fans that claimed that Kyle Orton was a better QB than jay Cutler?
    Tebow is your QB of the future and that is a joke.

  31. Mr. Elway: The first, and possibly biggest, mistake a former Broncos employee named McDaniel’s made was talking out of both sides of his mouth about our then quarterback Jay Cutler. It did not end well for either party.

    Could you please not follow/copy that move? I’m just saying… Colette, Denver, CO.

  32. Elway will “NEVER” give any high praise to any quarterback playing in Denver. He should just get over himself, because his legacy in Denver and the NFL will always be etched in stone. Elway’s feeble attempt to clarify his comments is a laughable attempt to back pedal; he failed big time!

  33. I’m not a football historian, but isn’t Tebow off to a better start than Elway had? I’d appreciate someone lettin me know…b/c I’m curious and really just too lazy to pull Elway’s early numbers.

  34. Not sure what the BFD is, Tebow has been horrible throwing the ball, Elway is 100% correct. Some of the Elway critcism here is obscenely idiotic, Tebow needs a ladder to wear Elways shoes…….

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