Elway’s not a Tebow fan

Lots of people have purchased Tim Tebow jerseys lately.  John Elway isn’t one of them.

The new executive V.P. of football operations in Denver needs to hire a head coach and, ultimately, the team needs to decide on a strategy for dealing with the franchise’s second first-round pick in 2010.  For now, the news for Tebow isn’t good.

“I don’t think Tim Tebow is a good NFL quarterback at this time,” Elway told Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated.

The news could be good for former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels.  As King explained it, if/when McDaniels lands in a new city as an offensive coordinator (possibly the Twin Cities), McDaniels’ first order of business could be to lobby his team to trade for Tebow.  But as King points out, no trades of players can be done until the next league year begins.  And the next league year won’t begin until a new labor deal has been negotiated.  (Or, technically, until the league declares an impasse and implements new work rules pending an agreement or the union decertifies, blocking a lockout.)

And so just like McDaniels’ decision to dump Jay Cutler, Elway could be running Tebow out of town.

UPDATE:  Elway has since “clarified” his remarks, via Twitter.

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51 responses to “Elway’s not a Tebow fan

  1. John Elway needs to shut up and get his feet wet.
    This is an amateur statement from someone who should know better.
    You can’t trade him until the new CBA is signed anyway so SHUT UP and keep your cards close to the vest.

  2. Bonehead move #1 for Denver’s Matt Millen.

    I’m not a Tim Tebow fan, but now if you are forced to bring him back, he’s going to be looking over his shoulder the entire time.

  3. Not a good start for Elway. Think whatever you want, and he may even be right. But what benefit is there to him saying this publicly? Add in that a few teammates have said publicly they think the Broncos record could have been better had Tebow played more. All he has done by saying this is lower Tebow’s trade value, and potentially angered the player and perhaps his teammates. Solid first week on the job.

  4. On Wednesday Elway was quoted by PFT:

    Elway lit up when talking about Tim Tebow, saying he was everything the team expected. Elway mentioned he could help with quarterbacks. “Tim Tebow is a darn good football player. What we’ve got to make him is a darn good quarterback.”

    So..uh..he’s a good quarterback for someone else then?

  5. If you could combine Jay Cutler and Tim Tebow together, you get the perfect QB. Solid mechanics with a rocket arm meets leadership and passion. Unfortunately, Culter isn’t the leader Tebow is and Tebow isn’t the football player Cutler is.

    Denver won’t be getting rid of Tebow any time soon though. The looks are that Orton will be offloaded onto someone else for probably some midlevel draft picks. And do you really think the Broncos are going to hand over the reigns to Brady Quinn?

    Denver will give Tebow a season (next season, whenever that happens) to prove he’s NFL caliber, which is essentially what Elway is saying if you read between the lines. However, since Tebow is from the mistake-ridden McDaniels’ tenure, he will be easily cut loose like so many of McDaniels other personnel decisions if he doesn’t show up.

  6. Wow lol this site never ceases to amaze with it’s off the wall updates and blogs. If you want Elway’s true feelings about Tebow just go to denverbroncos.com and watch his press conference. Nothing like first hand information. Elway says a lot of things about Tebow. Mainly that he thinks Tebow is a great football player who needs to develop into a great quarterback because he obviously isn’t there yet. Then he says if the potential new head coach doesn’t believe in Tebow then he’s probably not the right guy for the job. Now what did Elway just say??? He says Tebow is a great football player who needs developoing to be a great quarterback and the next head coach will have to get him there. But PFT will take it’s Peter King report and spin it any way they or King would like to get more internet traffic.

  7. HAHA love the Matt Millen comparisons, maybe in a couple of years Elway can do an ugly job on thursday night football. Knowing Tebow this will only motivate him

  8. You people are reading way too much into this. Notice the caveat–‘at this time’. Well, Tebow isn’t exactly Manning, Brady, or Brees right now.

    Elway didn’t say point blank that Tebow isn’t good, just isn’t good yet.

    Good job duping everyone, Flo.

  9. Al Davis has some advice for the horse-toothed-jackass Elway. “Tebow is a great playaaa. Get ovah it”……

    Elway’s got a long long way to go before hes as clueless as Al “Coach” Davis…..

  10. So far all I’ve gathered is that John Elway’s job is to go around to the press and give reporters every intricate detail of how the Broncos will run their organization inside out.

    How is willing to thoroughly answer any reporter’s question about coaching prospects and player personnel helping this team?

  11. I call BS on either Elway or King.

    King said earlier this week on “The Herd” that Elway LOVES Tebow.

    Sow which is it guys?

  12. Why do bronoco fans think tebow is good?
    is it because he had 1 lucky run against the raiders?
    What else did he do that game? He got destroyed!
    he has a horrible rating. He is gona be a bust.
    but even when he is nobody will talk about it because he is white and loves jesus.
    But ofcourse everybody will still talk about jamarcus russell but I will bet my 3 homes that not 1 word about tebow being a bust

  13. Yeah if Denver doesn’t want Tebow, we’ll take him in Miami. You guys haven’t had a Chad Henne yet, do you can’t appreciate Tebow I guess haha

  14. Elway should have stayed at home where he belongs. He will be Magic Johnson when Magic tried to coach the Lakers. Elway thinks he maybe running Tebow out of town but in due time he will join McDaniels as someone who couldn’t handle a job that was way to big for him

  15. As a Chiefs fan I am now torn in which disaster to watch. In the past the biggest train wreck in the AFC West was the Al Davis express. Now I guess he’ll have competition from Horseface Elway. Then again there’s always aj smith and mr personality Norv fighting with their premiere players for the majority of the season….

  16. On Wednesday Elway was quoted by PFT:

    Elway lit up when talking about Tim Tebow, saying he was everything the team expected. Elway mentioned he could help with quarterbacks. “Tim Tebow is a darn good football player. What we’ve got to make him is a darn good quarterback.”

    On Saturday Elway was quoted by PFT:

    “I don’t think Tim Tebow is a good quarterback at this level at this time,” Elway told Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated.

    I do not get how these statements conflict. Please explain…

    Ps. In no way, what so ever am I trying to defend Elway. His statements are consistent, your spin is not.

  17. Great previous post. Elway loves tebow and I would love to see the context of the quote. Just like it wa previously stated elway has said tebow is a great player and we need to make him a great quaterback.
    Meaning he want the challenge of developing him.

    This is more proof this site has got something against elway or the broncos. Every article about elway has either blatantly stated he is not qualified and now they are twisting his words around to start controversy. It is sad as I used to likethe site when it wasn’t a biased.

  18. Peter King won’t be getting too many more statements from Elway or maybe JE will learn how to filter.

  19. Tim’s play only a couple of games and has shown some great leadership and talent. I’m sure there’s a team out there that would love to have him. Elway should stick to selling cars. He’s been out of the game too long to know what he’s talking about. Better yet, hook him back up with Shanahan, the most overrated coach in the league.

  20. Elway effed this up royally.

    Not only does his “assessment” UNNECESSARILY create undesirable effects inside the locker — Elway has single-handedly gutted the Broncos of any leverage in moving Tebow. He has de-valued Tebow, and thus, de-valued what the donks will be able to get back in return.

    Also, with Tebow one of the top-selling jerseys in the League — this further reinforces what a dumb ass salvo this was from Elway.


  21. Who the Hell does Elway think he is?? I can’t imagine Joe Montana coming to run the 49ers nor would I want him to. This just shows how desperate the broncos are to please their fans b/c they can’t do it on the field…The above posts are right on calling him matt millen…This will be fun watching Elway make things even worse for Denver…

  22. Wow! Really John? Right off the bat your screwing up. Pretty much got to get rid of him now Right? That dog sure ain’t gonna hunt for ya now. Your private lessons with Mr. Millan have shown results right off the bat. Glad I’m a Steelers fan!!!!

  23. Interesting to see there are people capable of comprehending an out of context statement for what it is. If you read everything that Elway has said about Tebow in the last week, the statement is pretty clear “at this time”. Tebow has played a few games, of course he’s not a good quarterback AT THIS LEVEL – AT THIS TIME. How in hell does this get twisted into “not a fan”? I didn’t read it that way.
    McD’s first move “COULD BE” to try to swing a trade for Tebow to Minnesota? Yeah, or it could be he finds out where the closest Arby’s is to the stadium or where he can get a good deal on snow tires or 1500 other things.
    What’s the deal Mike? You seem to have a problem with Dr. Teeth that’s out of proportion to anything he’s done in his new gig so far.
    Whether we can stand to gaze upon his toothy visage or not, Elway has been the prime face of Denver, hell, Colorado sports since the early 80’s. Bowlen knows it, the fans in that area know it and Elway knows it. If he chooses to take the prime office then a statement is being made: there’s a new sheriff in donkey town. Big deal. Happens all the time. He’s probably the most likely future owner of that team since it seems like Bowlen is losing his faculties.
    BTW, Elway wasn’t a good quarterback ‘at this level’ after a few games either, so if he says Tebow isn’t a good NFL quarterback yet, he should know.
    Mike, you’ve proven over the years you can do better.

  24. I don’t think John Elway is a good VP at this level at this time…2 words: teeth whitening

  25. Mr. Red shoes….

    It’s not like the Chiefs have been a model of consistency from the Carl Peterson Days.. you took advantage of an extremely weak schedule this year and advantage of the fact the the guy we let go just isn’t Head Coach material or he could have went better than 2-8 against a 3rd place schedule from last year. That said, the orange and blue implosion is very fun to watch. Those who are thinking Al hasn’t made his decision are crazy… Hue already knows he has the job, the Raiders just won’t announce it until Superbowl week.. it’s Al’s MO to take some of the spotlight off of the Superbowl teams and put it on the Raiders. That said, I don’t know that Hue is the answer.. but those of you that think that the Chiefs will do anything next year against a first place schedule will see what the Raiders showed you at home.. that the Chiefs played over their head all year, and in reality, they just aren’t a very good team.. even with Pioli leading them…

  26. I would not bet against Tebow in the long run, what he lacks in talent he makes up for with character and desire.

  27. The key phrase is “At this time”

    In other words, in Elway’s mind, they’ve got some work to do.

    Wouldn’t most people say that about a quarterback with 3 starts under his belt?

  28. Wow your reaching. The guy says he doesnt think hes a good qb now and that makes you jump to the conclusion that hes going to try to run him out of town.

    If any coach, gm, owner, president of football operations thinks Tebow is a good QB right now they should just retire. The guy still has alot of work to do to be a good qb. That doesnt mean he wont be a good qb (hell half the starting qbs in the NFL arent good Qbs) or that they wouldnt want him. Thats just being honest and thats what Elway is doing.

    I personally cant stand Elway theres something about him that drives me nuts but jumping to conclusions like that is even more annoying.

  29. How does this guy go from being a player to being executive VP without being a head or assistant coach or director of player personnel, or GM, etc.? Are there other examples of a player that has had such a position given to him…and was successful?

    One would think that Tebow and Elway…being on the same team so to speak…that Elway would be HOPING that Tebow works out to be an all-Pro…and if he doesn’t think that…why would he tip his hand?

    He is apparently either a moron or an ideologue influenced by anti-Tebow sentiment. Either way, he’s clearly not qualified to be VP of an NFL team.

  30. What a dunce. Elway, that is – Bolin too, now that I think about it. It’s time Pat just sold the team to someone with a bit (lot) more football smarts. It’s going to take a new owner to eventually straighten out this team. Don’t look for Denver to be in contention for years. Just another prime example of…..coloradostupid.

  31. Considering how raw Tebow was coming out of UF. He played some pretty good football during his 3 starts. Far from perfect, and his completion % needs to get closer to 60%, but is it any worse than any of the other more notable running QB’s in recent memory? The kid has the heart, the physical skills, the work ethic, and the character. Cut him some slack and let him learn, he’ll do just fine.

  32. “I don’t think Tim Tebow is a good NFL quarterback at this time,”
    I don’t see the problem with that statement. Most everyone but Miami fanboys agree.

  33. The Broncos will be doomed to a forever spinning hell run with Elway at the helm making comments like these. Tim Tebow had 3 starts, give him a break. His father didn’t create the Earth in 3 days…

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