Belichick: Jets-Patriots rubber match the “way it should be”

While Tom Brady was out in New York, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was enjoying some playoff football.

“That was a pretty exciting game last night,” Belichick said on a conference call via the Boston Herald Sunday.

Belichick believes it’s only appropriate his team faces the Jets again to truly decide who was the best in the division.

“We split with them, and now it’s best two-out-of-three,” Belichick said.   “Probably the way it should be.  . . . It’s a big challenge for us.  I don’t think the last game, the first game, I don’t think that’s going to have a whole lot of meaning.”

We tend to agree.  We’re going to hear a lot about 45-3 all week, but that game is irrelevant now.  The Patriots have been the better team all year, but they have a lot of inexperience and injuries on defense.

Belichick will surely spend much of the week trying to make his team forget how easily they beat their rivals last time out.

40 responses to “Belichick: Jets-Patriots rubber match the “way it should be”

  1. It may have been an exciting game last night but both the Colts and the Jets looked somewhat mediocre.

    The Jets will need more than a mediocre showing against the Patriots.

    Should Coach Punchline lose, that means the only benefit of the win against the Colts is the loss of a 2nd round pick rather than a 3rd rounder.

    Expect big bold talk from Ryan this week – after declaring “Soon to be Champs” in the pre-season and enduring one embarrassing scandal after another, Rex has already put his foot in his mouth a dozen times this season.

    The only way he even comes close to redeeming his embarrassing career is to run the table and win a Super Bowl Toe Ring.

  2. I am betting BB will find a way to stuff Markey – and if the Jets can only run they’re done.

    How sweet it is.

  3. If there’s one thing Bellichik and the Pats are good at, it’s shrugging off monumental success and not letting it get to their heads. Take each game as a clean slate, no yesterday, no tomorrow, just what happens on the field.

    It’s a good way to run your team, and even though it might make for less entertaining hype, I think it’s what I’d like to see more out of professional sports atheletes than the mouthy type.

  4. Give Belichick 2 weeks to get ready for anyone…and he’s the master.

    Imagine NE fans will have alot to say about things like sucking toes & Rexy’s personal…Not every day a HC is into Humiliation…or swapping.

    I for one, would love to hear Rexy’s wife interviewed in NE media….find out why she feels the need for ‘extras’…Maybe Rexy has 1 little shortcoming????

  5. A lot better to see the Jets than facing the Ravens. The winner of this game (Pats) will meet a nicely tenderized winner of the NFC north playoff, after those teams beat each other up next week.

  6. Too much talk of a rivalry. You need both teams to be winners for a rivarly. I see the Steelers and Colts as NE rivalries…not the J-E-T-S.

    That said, they do hate each other and should make for great drama!

  7. Pats will defeat the Jets easily. Colts kick off team is weak. Jets got lucky because they were beat and Rex know this from head to TOE. Don’t get excited Rex…it was an expression.

  8. Rex will have the Jets ready. Once guys start flying around the field and pads are crashing none of them will be thinking about the Mon. night game.

    If the Jets can find a way to disrupt Brady and the Jets can maintain a few long offensive drives like they did vs. Colts to keep Pats offense on the bench, the Jets have a punchers chance to spring an upset.

    Rex and Sanchez as 2nd year coach / player are 3-1 in playoffs, which is impressive.

  9. FatRex and his fat words can’t stop the Patriots offense. Too many weapons and Revis can’t cover them all. MagicTom™ is going to carve them up. A thirty point spread would be too low for this game.

  10. RexCanCoach: Rex and Sanchez as 2nd year coach / player are 3-1 in playoffs, which is impressive.

    I guess that’s the positive spin for 2 seasons in which a team backed into the playoffs, failing to secure a bye or win anything substantial for that matter.

    I’m wouldn’t be so crass and tasteless as to predict that the Patriots will win a Lombardi this season (we leave that for Rex Ryan) but I guess for Jets fans just making the playoffs feels like a major accomplishment.

    You’d neer find a Patriots fan spouting such pointless stats. You either win the Super Bowl or everything else is failure.

    In the case of Rex Ryan, should his team fail to back up all the promises their coach made for them, losing a 2nd round draft choice in the process with their fans eating crow having declared themselves heir apparent to the Patriots Dynasty, it will be an EPIC fail.

  11. RexCanCoach

    You have had alot of jet trash to talk all year long…then disappeared after 45-3 game.

    I for one , thought your comments were amongst the dumbest out here…which makes sense being you are a jet fan.

  12. It really is an incredible slate in the AFC next week.

    Jets Ryan and Sanchez better in the playoffs than the Patriots over the last two years.

    Steeler hoisting two Super Bowl trophies in the last five seasons while Patriots choked one away against the Giants.

    The Ravens only last year pounded the Patriots in Foxborough, have a QB setting records while winning on the road in the playoffs and may have the greatest LB in history in Ray Lewis.

    It will be hard for BB, Tom Brady and that young, inexperience defense to compete with the pedigree the rest of this playoff field has.

  13. Wow, it’s great to see people actually fearing the Patriots again and figuring out how to rationalizing them losing games. I think this is the best team they’ve had since the 14-2 team in 2004. The best thing about this team is that they are young and getting better and have so many draft picks.

  14. @8man,

    Jets better than Patriots in playoffs last 2 years???

    Patriots have yet to play this year so what kind of dumb ass comment is that? There is this thing called a “bye” awarded to the top 2 teams in each conference, something the Jets are unfamiliar with.

    Lastly, NOBODY in these playoffs has the pedigree of BB and BRADY you jack wagon! Get a clue.

  15. 8man ? Are you joking?
    Pats have already beaten the Steelers, Ravens and Jets this year. This year being a key data point.

    Ray is a great player. The greatest LB is Lawrence Taylor. This is the way it is, it is not a debate. Ask around.

    BB and B are 14-4 in the playoffs, 3-1 in the Super Bowl.
    There is no team that matches this record.

    BB was diagramming plays from the stands for his Dad, (a highly respected scout) the age of 9. Nine. From the stands.

    The Patriots defense gave up 314 points compared to the Jets 308. The pats offense scored 151 more points.
    Where do you see a Jets advantage here?

    Steelers deserve credit for their fine record, and will certainly be a tough out. On that, we agree.

    Do not bet on these games with your own money.
    Unless you have a personal commitment to redistribution of wealth

  16. j0esixpack says:
    Jan 9, 2011 3:57 PM
    It may have been an exciting game last night but both the Colts and the Jets looked somewhat mediocre.

    Pete Sheppard: The Jets are mediocre to piss poor.

  17. Remember when Belichick left NY because he couldn’t handle the pressure. The Post would have had a field day when he was cheating on his wife. New York is the Greatest City in the World.
    You have to have a strong personality and alot of confidence to make it here. Even Tom Brady spends all his free time here in the center of the universe. The Jets knocked the Yankees off the back page. In New York, style counts. It is all entertainment. Even all the Patriot fans are paying attention to all the happenings of the New York Jets. Keep watching. Keep talking. Keep the Jets in the headlines. Thanks for commenting about this post.

  18. .


    ” it will be tough for BB, Tom Brady and that inexperienced defense to compete with the pedigree the rest of the playoff field has.”

    Do you have a brain injury sir ?

    The Patriots defeated the Steelers, Ravens, Colts, Packers, and Bears, while splitting with the Jets during the regular season.
    That’s 6-1 vs this year’s top contenders. I call that being competitive.


  19. 8man says
    It will be hard for BB, Tom Brady and that young, inexperience defense to compete with the pedigree the rest of this playoff field has.

    As an objective Patriots fan it’s stupid comments like this that makes me shake my head and wonder what NFL this CHUMP 8man has been watching for the past several months, first of all my Pats entered the season with the third or fourth hardest schedule and Captain America along with B.Bilechik and that young inexperienced defense hang 32.ppg on every single team worth a damn in the NFL, so what makes you think these playoff teams that had no answer for Captain America and our inexperienceed defense would want to see us again, truth be told I think both the Steelers and Ravens will be hoping for an upset by the Jets

  20. WOW…….checkout joesixpack…….I found someone with a bigger ass and mouth than Rex Ryan.

    I wouldn’t be so sure about next weeks game, it’s far from in the bag, especially the way this year has gone. One other thing, I’ve been watching football a long time, when someone gets embarrassed (like the Jets on Monday Night), the losers usually play their hearts out when they have a chance for revenge. This will be the game of the weekend.

  21. Did anybody hear Bill Belichick talk about what an awesome team he has, that NE is the best team in the NFL and a #1 seed, or point out that the Patriots beat the crap out of the Jets 45-3 a few weeks ago?

    Did anybody hear Belichick criticize Rex Ryan’s coaching record or decisions? Anyone hear Belichick trash Mark Sanchez’s abilities?

    Not a word.

    THIS is the anti-Ryan.

  22. The Jets D has to step up and keep the Pats under 20 to have a chance, they can not score 30 pts with Sanchez……stick with the big uglys up front and run the football……

    I’m starting to beleive that fat rex really wants the Pats again, after that beating I thought all his if we could play them right now talk after that butt whooping was all talk, I think he’s serious…you know what they say, dont fight the crazy man…..I think this game will be epic…Lets see if he can slow down the great Brady……

  23. This will be a good competitive game until the end. You can argue their past records and matchups all you want, but in the end it comes down to that game at that time and thats all that matters. Both coaches have different styles and they both work. You can hate on Belicick call him a cheater or whatever you want, but they guy prepares and knows his opponents inside and out. You can hate on Ryan and his trash talking, but he displays confidence because he genuinely believes his team will win and there’s nothing wrong with that. The guy has his players playing their hearts out every game. Every team can’t win every game. If that happened this sport wouln’t be much fun to watch. Let the game play out and talk trash after.

  24. @bsmb

    I agree. Divisional opponents know each other well. I hope it will be a good “chess match” between the coaches. Wish it was on real grass.

  25. @8man says:Jan 9, 2011 6:31 PM

    “It will be hard for BB, Tom Brady and that young, inexperience defense to compete with the pedigree the rest of this playoff field has.”

    lol possibly the most moronic statement I’ve read on here….and that is saying something.

    Have you watched the season dude? lol The Patriots have beat every team left in the AFC…this year. They have been the class of the NFL….all year. They have gone to 4 Super Bowls in the last decade and won 3 of them. Bill Belichick has had two weeks to prepare. Brady hasn’t lost at home since 2006.

    The Pat’s can’t compete with the pedigree the rest of this playoff field has??


    Idiots like you that try to pass hating on the Pats off as diplomatic and articulate are actually more foolish than the retards that just talk about spy-gate or Brady’s hair. Why don’t you try that instead.

  26. 8man says:
    Jan 9, 2011 6:31 PM

    It will be hard for BB, Tom Brady and that young, inexperience defense to compete with the pedigree the rest of this playoff field has.


    Hey Rex (8man) –

    Aren’t you already in enough trouble for doing stupid things on the internet?

    I agree with another poster – this has to be one of the most moronic posts I have ever read.

  27. If the Jets bring their A-Game and the Pats play their C-Game, the Yets have a chance. In other words, lay the 8.5 points.

  28. Every team in the AFC playoff field other than the Patriots has a far better recent history.

    The Steelers won a Super Bowl a couple of years ago.

    The Jets played in the AFC title game last year and are fresh off yet another playoff win. In Indy? The Colts almost beat the Patriots at home.

    The Ravens, likewise, have just won in convincing fashion, on the road, and kicked the snot out of the Patriots in Foxborough last year.

    What have the Patrtiots done. Didn’t qualify in 2008 and one-and-done in 2009. Case in point; the Chiefs. Had a six game playoff losing streak coming in. Now it’s seven.

    Do not equate regular season success with playoff success. The Patriots have much to prove. What they did five years ago is meaningless. Likewise that collapse against the Giants.

    I make no predictions other than, the Patriots will not cruise to another Super Bowl. If they get there, it’ll be hard and filled with nervous moments. But if I absolutely had to bet, I’d take the remaining teams. They simply have been better in the playoffs more recently.

  29. @deepbackside

    Great post! However, Jets fans aren’t interested in things like facts and statistics. Explaining it to them is like trying to reason with a child. They’ll kick and scream and wont stop until they are disciplined.

    And their lesson is coming Sunday night. Cant wait for the camera shots of the dejected Fireman Fred.

  30. footballcoach17 says:
    Jan 9, 2011 3:08 PM
    Right Tom, it doesn’t matter. Steelers will defeat you or the Jets. Colts, Pats, Jets. Manning, Brady, Ryan, Feet. Blah, blah, blah. Steelers will just keep winning Super Bowls while so many keep talking.
    whose doing the talking? the Pats beat the Steelers this year and have 3 super bowls to the Steelers 2 this decade. unless you want to dip into the 70’s and talk of the ‘roided up Steelers (including the QB). that’s better than a rapist QB I guess.

  31. The image that kind of says it all! Mark Sanchez in warm ups vs. the Colts looked affraid! Then went out and had a terrible 1st half….
    The Jets offense has been bad lately as the season was wrapping up! I wouldn’t count on the Jets defense vs. the Patriots….
    Sanchez record in Foxborough is abismal. 7 ints and 1 td passer rating around 30%. Sure you punched a light front 7 in the Colts, with your bigger O line! Credit for that! Sanchez finally completed a couple of passes at the end of the Colt game, credit for that!
    Brady will not conceed half on the field to Revis! The Patriot O line is every bit a s physical as the Jets O line! The Patriot offense has been on fire!
    The younger, faster defense has finally got it! I watched them grow up this season! +28…They’re not Rookies anymore! Does Sanchez have a perfect game in him, in the ice and cold of Foxborough????

  32. I think its a little revisionist history to say the Pats have been better than the Jets all year long..Jets did whoop them in the 2nd game of the year, if you recall and both teams were 9-2 when the pats killed the jets up in NE.

    Clearly the Pats were the better team by the end of the season, but really, it was only when Brady went on his crazy no INT streak that the team really took off.

  33. @jcjets who said: Jets did whoop them in the 2nd game of the year

    The Pats had a good sized lead in the second half. They jets did beat them in the 2nd half but it was far from a whooping.

    OK, so the Jets won 2 out 8 quarter so far. So what.

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