Bud Adams: I didn’t consider firing Fisher because of contract


Give Titans owner Bud Adams credit for being honest.  When most people say it’s not about the money, it’s always about the money.

Adams admits his decision to keep coach Jeff Fisher was largely about the money.

“With what I am paying him, I am not going to let him go and pay him a lot of money,” Adams told Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean.  “I was thinking we could get him and Vince [Young] together, but it wasn’t going to work so I had to stick with Jeff and let Vince go.”

Adams also didn’t consider giving Fisher an extension.   The owner may take some criticism for his stance, but it’s logical.

Paying Fisher to do nothing and a brand new coaching staff with a lockout possibly killing offseason practices makes no sense.  Adams made it clear he tried to get Fisher to accept Young coming back, but Fisher wouldn’t budge.

Now all Fisher has to do is win in 2011 or he’ll be elsewhere.

“If we don’t start winning games you wonder about the coaching,” Adams said.  “You look around the league right now and a lot of teams are letting coaches go. I don’t have to tell Jeff anything.”

24 responses to “Bud Adams: I didn’t consider firing Fisher because of contract

  1. I like hearing this as much as I just enjoyed Bill Cowher saying Drew Brees and Peyton Manning would never win another championship.

  2. “With what I am paying him, I am not going to let him go and pay him a lot of money.”

    Well, that doesnt sound like an exact vote of confidence to me. So bottom line is that if Jeff wasnt making as much money as he is now that he would have been canned. Bud, you need to stop being so cheap and axe this guy. So what if you had to pay two coaches, its not like you are going to be applying for food stamps anytime soon. Titans fans out there, I suggest that we stop buying tickets and supporting this nonsense. The only way we can get through Bud is through his pockets.

    Remember money talks, but in Bud’s case its screaming.

    As for Jeff, the excuses are over. Its put up or shutup. Playoff win or bust.

  3. Unlike the BS we heard coming out of Wilf, Childress and the idiots up in Minnehaha all season …

  4. The fact is fans in Nashville won’t put enough pressure on Bud to make a change that would cost him money. Bud knows he can keep sending out a coach he’s comfortable with, make the playoffs every few years, lose, and then cash in on the PSL’s and season tickets in the stadium he didn’t pay for. I don’t blame Bud at all – it’s obvious how he became wealthy.

  5. yeah, lets commend Bud for being a straight shooter, but how do you feel if you are a titans fan and your owner is saying this? i’m not so sure that jeff fisher doesn’t wish he was fired. now he has to continue for another year under a guy that is not doing what it takes to win and has all but come out and admitted it. you can’t be a NFL owner and not spend money if you want to win. that is the reason that the titans haven’t been successful in recent history, not because fisher isn’t a good coach.

  6. I’ve never seen a coach with as much tenure as Fisher lose so much, but be allowed to keep his job.

  7. don’t like it but I can respect it. If he doesn’t let Fisher go next season I’m done because Jeff Fisher will NEVER win a superbowl. At least not as a head coach he won’t.

  8. This is a bit like that neighbor whose house remained eternally in need of paint, the remains of the ancient work discolored, curling, peeling off in sheets.
    Finally they side it in vinyl, because they got such a good deal on the price, in the only clearance colors and quantities available, bright orange on the upper half, lime green on the lower.

    That way, it would all match.

  9. Touchdownwhoisroddywhite, Bill Cowher will never win another Super Bowl! The Steeler organization made him. Bill knew this fact…got scared and ran. Steelers cpntinue to be successful! Go ahead, beat up on teams like the Colts because you can. However, all of your favorite teams will never match up to the past or present of the Steelers! So go back and talk about Manning, Brady, etc. We’ll just keep winning Super Bowls!

  10. jebdamone – The Titans have been top 10 in the league in salary 2 of the last 3 years, and have been in teh top half of the legue many times during Jeff Fisher’s time as a head coach. So Jeff Fisher’s problem is not lack of money for players – it’s that he is a mediocre head coach who hasn;t even fielded good defensive teams consistently despite that being his area of expertise on the core of his coaching philosophy. Don;t mix issues here – Adams may not be a perfect owner, but Fisher has proven himself stunningly mediocre all by himself.

  11. Sounds like Bud Adams is just tired of Fisher but doesn’t want to be put in the same position that Denver is in right now of paying the salary of three head coaches at once.

    Fisher should have been fired after this season. Not only is he horrible statistically both in the regular season and the playoffs, but after he put Adams in the position he did this year of having to choose between a whiny QB with great stats and a disgruntled coach with a terrible record…

    Consider this. Vince Young had a QB rating of 98.6 this year, threw for 10 tds and only had 3 int. He was completing 59.6% of his passes as well. Those are all solid numbers. Sure he didn’t have as many attempts as some other QBs, but that has to do with playcalling rather then Vince Young’s output. They were only 5-5 with him playing, but they were 1-5 after he was benched (if you can call whatever happened benching). While not a great QB, and lacking a lot of maturity, 26 starting QBs in the NFL had a lower rating this season and Vince Young would have been an upgrade on at least 15 of those teams.

    Which means that if Bud Adams had gotten to the end of the season and decided that VY wasn’t the franchise QB he had hoped, he could have traded him to any one of those teams that are struggling in that department for something pretty valuable, high draft picks or another player that would fill out the roster.

    Instead, because Fisher did his childish “It’s him or me” thing, Bud Adams has absolutely no leverage. Those NFL teams which would have been knocking down his door looking for a replacement for their underachieving QB (say those teams stuck with Jimmy Clausen, Derek Anderson or Chad Henne as their starting QB) now can sit back and wait. Bud Adams has no leverage whatsoever because everyone knows he has to get rid of Vince Young one way or another, either by cutting him or trading him. In other words, Fisher just screwed both his franchise and the fans of the Titans (which fortunately, I’m not one) by undercutting the value of his player.

    Contrast that with say Bellichick and the Randy Moss situation. That’s a coach who knows not only when to cut players loose, but he knows how to do it in such a way that his Franchise benefits.

  12. He may have been honest in his statement but that does not override his stupidity. Fisher may be a decent coach but he can’t do well in Tenn anymore and the owner obviously thinks he is not the right guy. He basically told the fans he would rather save money than compete. Good luck with that

  13. I never got the lose Young, maybe dump Fisher also. They called him “air” McNair for a reason, but all The Titans would do is run George and dump to Wychek. Coaching is the problem. You’re 0 – 6 and you have to be forced to change qb’s? What’s the worst that could happen?

  14. Prediction…the Fisher-Adams marriage will last one more year. Adams will also be paying Fisher a lot of money regardless. Once the lock-out hits Fisher will be sitting around doing nothing anyway. The Titans will not be good lock-out or no lock-out next year. Adams is as looney as, Al Davis.

  15. Sounds like Adams is just going to keep running his mouth, hoping Fisher quits

    It will probably work, too. Fisher didn’t seem to have a backbone when it came to confronting his qb either

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