Roman Harper: “He hit me with the ‘oh crap’ screen”

New Orleans’ stunning 41-36 loss in Seattle was a team loss.

Sure, the offense put up a lot of points and yards.  But they also settled for field goals on three trips inside the eight-yard line.  A drop by Reggie Bush at the goal line here and a slip by tight end David Thomas there cost the team points.

A drop by Devery Henderson set up Marshawn Lynch’s amazing gallop and kicker Garrett Hartley had a terrible onside kick attempt.

With that all out of the way, the Saints defense clearly let them down the most.   New Orleans got fine games out of cornerbacks Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer, but safeties Darren Sharper and especially Roman Harper were abused all night.

“He hit me with the ‘oh, crap!’ screen, you know where the guy’s on the ground and everything’s going the other way and all of a sudden he gets up off the ground and goes the other way,” Harper told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  “Little stuff like that we just have to be better about. I think I’ll be better because of this.”

Matt Hasselbeck out-witted Harper and Sharper all night.  The team desperately missed free safety Malcolm Jenkins.  His absence put Harper in coverage too much and Sharper and Patrick Robinson on the field too much.

“Our eyes were very bad in coverage,” Sharper said. “You can put it as blown coverage or you can put it as just not looking at the right things.”

15 responses to “Roman Harper: “He hit me with the ‘oh crap’ screen”

  1. With that all out of the way, the Saints defense clearly let them down the most. New Orleans got fine games out of cornerbacks Tracy Porter and Jabari,


    Really, Gregg? Ignoring for just a minute one of your typical errors (leaving out Jabari’s last name, a typo that would have taken 3 seconds to re read and fix) this is one of the dumbest things you have ever written. And that’s saying alot. Maybe you didn’t notice what is being lauded as one of the best runs in playoff history, during which Tracy Porter got tossed on his butt like a rag doll and failed to make another meaningful attempt at a tackle?

    Yeah, what a great game Porter had. Only got immortalized in one of the worst tackling attempts in NFL history. I’m sure he’ll remember it fondly as his kids watch it on NFL Films for 35 years. LOL.

  2. I really thought that there was a reception/fumble (by Mike Williams?) that was inexplicably blown dead and ruled an incomplete pass just as the Saints were going to pick up the ball and score.

  3. I’m convinced touchdownroddywhite is a moron. he’s cheering for the packers so that the falcons can play… the packers instead of the seahawks??? and he thinks caldwell called a good timeout??? wow. just wow.

  4. The one thing no one is talking about is Hasselbeck is now 3-0 against Gregg “Dr. Heat” Williams coached defensive in the playoffs.

  5. Sharper has been abused his whole career which is plagued with missed tackles. He is the ultimate feast or famine safety.

  6. 41 harper caused this lost to such a poor team.
    Funny he was run down by the rams quarterback and tacked a few weeks ago. We had many injuries but still should have on against one of the worst teams in the league. We gave them three easy touchdowns cause we dont have starters. With all running backs, tight end, and safties out we still should have stomped such a sorry seahawk team.
    Seahawks get beat 31-3 next week prediction

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