Andy Reid wants to keep both quarterbacks

Kevin Kolb wants out of Philadelphia if Michael Vick as a starter.  As we speculated last night, the Eagles don’t sound particularly inclined to grant Kolb his wish.

I’d love to have them all back,” Andy Reid said Monday.   “I’m fired up that[Kolb] thinks that way. If you have a quarterback, really any player but particularly at quarterback, that’s not thinking that he wants to be a starter and a great football player, then you have a problem. That’s one of the things I love about him.”
It’s early for Reid to be thinking about personnel decisions.
“I was hoping we’d still be playing. I haven’t gone in some of the directions that you folks are going,” Reid said.  “To tell you, I would love to have him back. I would tell you the same thing about Michael.”
The logical move is to bring both guys back, whether Kolb likes it or not.  Until Vick gets a long-term extension, no other option really makes sense.

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  1. You would still be playing if you weren’t one of the worst gameday coaches in the history of the NFL. 12 years i have had to deal with this buffons incredibly bad game plans, clock management, and general unaccountability for the end result. It wouldn’t matter if he had a team of hall of famers, he would screw it up. GB had the 18th ranked run defense in the NFL thsi year, so what does he do? Give t

  2. Give the ball to Mccoy like 7 times.Out coached yet again… REID is the reason the EAGLES HAVE NEVER WON A TITLE AND NEVER WILL…ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I feel for Kolb, he’s in a tough spot, but he needs to keep things in perspective.

    While he and the rest of the Eagles are preparing to make tee times this week, Vick will have plenty of time to get back in touch with his “boyz” back home and brainstorm some new ideas to inflict grotesque torture and death to dogs.

    This waste of a life will be back in prison before the NFL is playing again, be that in 2011 or whenever the next football season is.

  4. Me thinks this may end poorly…

    From all I can gather, Kolb is a helluva guy. I can’t imagine he’d raise a huge stink…but…stranger things have happened. He’s a guy who could start on more than a few teams, and he’s being held as a backup just in case the golden goose gets killed.

    Philly should trade him.

  5. Here’s hoping Andy will finally read the book ” Running the Football and Winning Games” before the start of next season. The Pack comes in with a third stringer who absolutely torches them while also setting up the passing game. It is feasible, Andy, that a team can run and pass the ball in a coherent game plan.

  6. Vick’s play down the stretch was not as strong as it was earlier in the season, so I don’t blame Reid for wanting to keep Kolb around.

  7. Andy will nurture and mentor the 2 QB’s the way he did his own sons….Oh i mean his own inmates. LOL!

    Keep the dog killer and pay him alot… that should set the franchise back for years.

  8. Browns will be looking at Kolb this off-season and may make a pitch for him. Former Philly GM/current Browns GM Heckert loves the guy. McCoy isn’t the answer. Philly will move him for the right price, but Philly typically wants a king’s ransom to make deals.

  9. The Eagles are crazy to expect anything more than a 2nd round pick for Kolb. Then again, look what Miami gave them for Detmer. What a joke… lol

    You have to keep both QB’s for at least another year. Vick gets hurt too easily and Kolb’s a solid insurance policy. Don’t expect either of them to leave Philly.

    If other teams want a veteran QB, look no further than Shaun Hill. If he goes back to Detroit, he’s nuts. He could/could be starting for Arizona, Washington, or Minnesota next season.

  10. Sorry Kolb. Vick is the starter and it makes sense to bring you both back. But you know what, Vick and his style of play…he’s not going to last too long.

  11. Someone should tell Reid the goal should be more than winning the NFC east every year. Didnt Kolb cry to get McNabb out of town so he could be the starter and now he will do the same with Vick. Hope they sign Vick to a long term deal as it looks like everyone else can see Vick is playing like his Atlanta days….not a good QB

  12. @ bleedgreen4life

    Really dude!? Don’t be an idiot! Vick will be franchised and start…..Kolb will be back as the backup UNLESS the Eagles get offered a 1 or 2……
    Kafka will most likely be 3rd string again….he’s not even ready to be a backup yet, let alone a starter!
    Do yourself a favor and think before you post things that make you look like a moron!
    Do I seem bitter??? I am! Andy Reid was outcoached yet again! If we got past the Packers…we were going to the Bowl! Not saying we’d beat the Pats, but we woulda been there again! Disgusted!

  13. Isn’t there some issue regarding large portions of Vick’s earnings going to pay off Atlanta or attorneys or court fines? Would that have an impact on his contract negotiations? If Vick won’t personally profit from a large contract, the Eagles might not have to spend as much to keep him. That would let them carry both QBs if they wanted. Vick was injured for several games, so I can see why Andy would want both on the roster–though it’s not really fair to Kolb if he’d have an opportunity to start elsewhere.

    @nygdefenserules …

    I don’t know that everyone would agree about McCoy given some of the really good games he had this season. But that’s an interesting suggestion.

  14. “Mike Kafka will be the starter next year. I’m not joking either.”

    Eagles would probably win the division, too. Again. McNabb, Jeff Garcia, Mike Vick — seems to always work. Except in the postseason, of course, but still. Impressive.

  15. obamaczarofussa says:
    Jan 10, 2011 6:13 PM
    Andy will nurture and mentor the 2 QB’s the way he did his own sons….Oh i mean his own inmates. LOL!

    Keep the dog killer and pay him alot… that should set the franchise back for years.

    —That’s really out of line. Go away.

  16. The Eagles are crazy to expect anything more than a 2nd round pick for Kolb. Then again, look what Miami gave them for Detmer. What a joke… lol

    Don’t you mean AJ Feeley??

  17. @therealmccoy25

    The eagles will bring Vick. I didn’t say they weren’t. I just don’t see him lasting the whole season due to being so injury prone. They will most likely trade Kolb and I do think Kafka could be ready with another offseason and preseason under his belt. This is, after all, just hypothetical. Calm down.

  18. #
    williamcowher says: Jan 10, 2011 7:50 PM

    I don’t hear any Eagle fans bashing the Giants today. Another year, another year with out a ring.


    Why would we need to? Didn’t your season end three or four weeks ago when DeSean Jackson pulled out the only walk-off punt return in the history of the NFL, capping off the 8 minutes of football that destroyed the Giants as a complete team, forced them out of the playoffs and made the Eagles the NFC East Champs?

    We’re only talking about playoff teams here, chump. Go back to your rathole city. You can talk again when the Giants actually win a game against the Eagles.

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