Bengals helped Seahawks beat the Saints

As it turns out, the Buffalo Bills aren’t the only 4-12 team that had a hand in knocking off the defending Super Bowl champions.

The Bills’ decision not to shop running back Marshawn Lynch but instead to hand him to the Seahawks for fourth-round and sixth-round draft picks kept him from playing for the Saints, who according to Jay Glazer of FOX would have given up a third-round pick for Lynch.

The Bengals made their contribution not via a personnel blunder, but through the game film created when Cincy gave the Saints a tough fight during the regular season.  Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck tells Peter King of Sports Illustrated that the Seahawks designed a play for the game based on a play that the Bengals used effectively against the Saints.

It’s a simple concept.  The tight end throws a block on a passing play, lingers on the ground, and then gets up and finds himself wide open.

“We just did a good job of scheming them, and that play’s a perfect example,” Hasselbeck told King.  “It’s the kind of play where you’ve got two or three guys throwing cut blocks, and you sell run, and it looks terrible, but if you run it right, the tight end ought to be able to get free.”

It worked, and the full game plan gave Hasselbeck and his teammates the kind of confidence that, as King points out, could be confused with delusion.

“I just don’t see it that way,” Hasselbeck said regarding the notion that the Seahawks pulled of a historic upset.  “We all thought we were going to win.”

If they thought they would beat the Saints this past Saturday, we’ve got a feeling that they’ll also be thinking they’ll beat the Bears this coming Sunday.

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  1. I’ve seen a few people comment on Seattle’s confidence level. You can’t be a professional athlete and not have the confidence you are going to win every week…that’s the only way to really give 100%. If you go into a game thinking you’re going to lose unless you get lucky, you’ll always lose.

    That’s a big part of why loser teams continue to lose, and winning teams continue to win…it’s the locker room attitude instilled by the coaching staff and spread to the rest of the team by the lead players.

  2. The Seahawks should feel like their going to win, if they don’t they are in the wrong business. If you don’t remember they made the Bears look about as bas as any team has this season(besides the Patriots) the last time they were in Chicago. The Seahawks have a *decent* chance to be HOSTING the NFC championship game next weekend. All it would take is them beating the Bears and the Packers taking care of the Falcons. It could happen.

  3. “Saints, who according to Jay Glazer of FOX would have given up a third-round pick for Lynch.”

    Was this before or after the game?

  4. At the end of the day, Seattle beat the Bears in Chicago, so they should have confidence going into the game. That said, the game was also one of the last 7 step drop go deep all the time games from Martz. Cutler averaged over 17 yards per completion that game and they hardly tried to run the ball.

    There are many reasons this game should be different: offense line has been moved around and improved, Bears running the ball more and better, 3rd down efficiency improved, Bennett in lineup and main go-to WR.

    I know different doesn’t necessarily mean better, but I think the Bears win in a close game.

  5. Wow this guy has one good run his entire career and all the commentators are instantly on his jock.Same with Vick he’s had a few great games and all of a sudden the eagles are on everyones short list for the SB gimme a break,y’all change opinions more than the wind shifts

  6. Get real people. That was a great game and alot of emotion was spent. I give credit but the Bears are a completely diff team now and that’s why we r 10 pt favs . Remember we are at home and it’s coooold this time. Bye bye birds ….

  7. Not going to happen Epping16…that first meeting was before the Bears figured they really needed to RUN THE BALL to win….check the numbers…this one could be close, but I don’t see the Bears losing.

  8. Once the playoffs start, each team has a record of 0-0. Once the games start, the better team wins. In this case, the Seahawks were the better team. Good for them. They played the defending champs and won.

    Like the league says week after week: Any given Sunday (or in this case, Saturday)

  9. Not for nothing but I know this is a play many teams have been running for years, as a Ravens fan, Todd Heap has been doing this one since the Kyle Boller days. I’ve seen other tight ends do it as well.

  10. The Bucs had the biggest hand in it, due to 4-5 Saints starters being injured in Week 17, more key injuries than the Atlanta Falcons sustained in total from minicamp to present.

  11. 4dabears says:
    Jan 10, 2011 9:57 AM
    The Seahawks and old man Hasselbeck got their one and only playoff win of the season. Good bye.

    Yeah…because that dynamic offense in Chicago is so much better than Brees and the Saints, eh? I wouldn’t be counting my chickens yet….Cutler may just fall back into color-blind mode this weekend. In fact, I’d bet on it happening. Any team that shuts down Forte and forces Cutler to make him beat them will do well. How quickly the Bears fans forget Cutler’s Favre-like tendencies….like he’s magically transformed into a stud QB. Packers proved him otherwise two weeks ago.
    And the bold, pompous predictions…? Chicago is eerily similar to Philly fans, and will have the same lame excuses when they get rolled.

  12. I don’t buy Glazers report because it came out the day after Lynch ran all over the saints. No one said anything during the week of this game or the week 11 matchup againstthe Saints until after a game were Lynch ran all over them. So there was other teams like the Packers that were talked about when the trade went down but nothing about the Saints then and only after this game did anyone say anything. Bottom line they never offered a third but looking back wish they would have so they have remorse and embarassment since Lynch ran all over them.

  13. Welcome to the NEW Gooddell NFL! Where teams with losing records not only MAKE the playoffs, but actually get to HOST playoff games with teams that have WINNING records!

    Think you’ve seen the ultimate in NFL mediocrity? Stay tuned to the Roger Gooddell NFL.

  14. What’s with all the reports all of a sudden that ‘such and such team helped the Seahawks’. No, no one helped the Seahawks. They won. 30 teams didn’t trade for Lynch. That’s like saying every time the Patriots win that another team helped them, because they all had a crack at Tom Brady. The Seahawks won because they played a better game, not because of one run, no matter how epic it was.

  15. The Seahawks have got to be happy to draw the Bears Sunday, rather than the Falcons. They won in Chicago earlier this season and they have a newfound confidence thanks to their convincing win over the Saints. As a Rams fan, it feels good to say we may very well have a team from “the worst division in football” playing in the NFC Championship after this weekend.

  16. @randolph: I never said the Seahawks were going to win, all I said is they should be confident. And that it is possible they host the nfc championship next weekend. But the Bears should take care of business. Ya never know though. All it takes is a couple of Cutler’s “duh”
    throws and the hawks could be right in the game. I’m not a fan of either team, I just thought it was a couple points that shoulda been in the article but this site is pretty poor with that stuff.

  17. talk about relishing the moment, seahawks fans are celebrating like they won the superbowl! Congrats to you guys for winning your superbowl, just goes to show how low expectations are set for your organization when the pinnacle of success means a wildcard playoff win against an injury riddled team.

  18. As a vikes fan that had our cinderella team crash and burn mostly from themselves but screwed by the OT rules(yes, I would have loved the vikes to beat the saints by a FG and they wouldn’t get a comeback chance) I say hats off and cheers to the bengals and especially the seahawks! thank you, thank you. You are good in my book. My advice to the seahawks…pass to the sideline and march the ball down the field for a fg like the jets did. Do not throw an INT right up the middle like farve and peyton did last year! hit the open man, nothing fancy.

  19. If any team had a hand in helping the Seahawks beat the Saints it was the Bucs.

    Who did Seattle pick on to get most of their yardage?
    The Saints safeties who were without Jenkins thatnks to Blount knocking himto next season.

    Who knocked TE Graham out forcing them to play a banged up Shockey, oh yeah, that would be the Bucs.

    Who finished off Ivory leaving them with chumps at RB, yep, the Bucs again.

    Who knocked Clark out of the LBer core for that playoff game, you seeing a pattern here yet?

    Tampa beat the Saints up so bad the week before that they went into the Hawks game as the worse team and had huge holes that could be expoilted.

    On behalf of Tampa I would just like to say to Seattle, you’re welcome.

  20. If a 7-9 type team wins a home game against an 11-5 type team it isn’t considered that big of a deal. But when it happens in the playoffs everyone acts shocked.

    The true shocker about this matchup is how drastic the NFL betting line was and how overwhelmingly supportive people were of the notion that the Saints would crush these guys on the road. No home playoff team should ever be considered an easy out, regardless of regular season. That was just absurd.

    I knew the game could go either way. The line should have been closer to 6 or 7 in favor of the Saints.

  21. Whatever,the Seahawks beat my Saints, no excuses Saints fans,but I will be pulling for the PACKERS,I Lived In Wiscosin for 3-yrs as a kid.I do want to say this good luck to the teams left in the playoffs:-),oh yeah the “Superbowl Hangover” is real,i did’nt buy it until midway thru the year..I will be watching this year SB winner, next season..whatever fan base wins,enjoy the ride…

  22. ilovefoolsball says:

    talk about relishing the moment, seahawks fans are celebrating like they won the superbowl! Congrats to you guys for winning your superbowl, just goes to show how low expectations are set for your organization when the pinnacle of success means a wildcard playoff win against an injury riddled team.

    These Seahawks “fans” didn’t care about football two weeks ago*. Not really since ’06, in fact. Now they’re back, so they have to celebrate and act like they’ve been there for their team the whole time.

    So clear the cobwebs off of your Alexander jerseys, Get that little #12 flag on your latte-smelling hybrid car in a way that allows for easy removal, and get ready for next week, Seattle “fans”. Since you all only decide to be fans when your team is doing well, which SURE ain’t often, you might as well enjoy it to the fullest.

    *Apologies to the actual, loyal Seattle fans who this does not apply to. All 152 of them. Go Pack.

  23. @Beer cheese Soup

    Seahawks sell out every game even when the team sucks… I bet there are more than 152 seats in the stadium. You are out of your cheese headed mind to say there are no Seahawk fans.

    Good luck next weekend, since I want the NFC Championship to be in 152-seat Quest Stadium so you can cry in your beer 🙂

  24. hokiez says:

    @Beer cheese Soup

    Seahawks sell out every game even when the team sucks… I bet there are more than 152 seats in the stadium. You are out of your cheese headed mind to say there are no Seahawk fans.

    Good luck next weekend, since I want the NFC Championship to be in 152-seat Quest Stadium so you can cry in your beer

    Most teams sell all their tickets to every game. Your fans turn around and sell them to people like me and other opposing teams’ fans. Thank you, by the way.

    There are probably a couple hundred thousand fairweather Seahawk fans. There are very few loyal diehard ones. Obviously 152 is a deliberate understatement, but I look around here and it often seems that way.

    Good luck to you next weekend as well. GB-Chicago games are such an intense rivalry, they’re pretty well impossible to predict. I don’t know if I can call a Pack win in that situation.

    I’d much rather play a team that has never beaten us in the playoffs, despite multiple opportunities. Plus, if the game is here in Seattle, I get to be there live, (thanks again) and I like our chances a lot, especially with snow predicted. Even if we were to fail, I feel more dignified crying in beer than in espresso.

    If you’re one of those loyal fans, respect to you. It’s your less loyal counterparts that I hate. They rip on me for proudly wearing the colors of a 4-12 team during their ’05 Super Bowl run, and then seemingly disappear entirely until their next playoff win. You have no idea how many crisp, barely-worn Alexander and Engram jerseys I’ve seen this week…

    If you can’t properly represent your team and take your lumps when they suck, you have no business even watching them when they’re successful. It’s that simple.

  25. @Beer Cheese Head

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this. Quest is the loudest stadium in the NFL and it isn’t from fairweather fans or visiting team fans. I think you are getting Quest field and University of Phoenix stadium confused.

    I live in San Diego so I know what fairweather fans are, and of course fairweather fans are the worst. Every team has some fairweather fans.

    Many teams don’t sell out of every game. Just ask Oakland, Arizona, San Diego, Detroit, Tampa Bay and even Buffalo.

    I do have an Alexander jersey too (one official signed and one replica cheap-o), but prefer my Largent jersey.

    By the way, thanks for Hasselbeck. I have been taking my lumps since 1976 🙂 And beer >>>>> espresso

  26. I know about some teams not selling out. You forgot the empty seats in Jacksonville and the majority of Packers fans in the Metrodome as well. ALl I said was that most teams do.

    Since your stadium was architecturally designed to trap in sound, and thereby maintain some of the advantage the Kingdome had given you, it may well be the loudest. That varies far too much to scientifically prove however.

    Never liked Hasselbeck anyway, so you’re welcome. He’s a game manager, nothing more. Not one late 4th quarter comeback in his entire career. He looked great on Sunday, but that was the first time this season, and you know it. Fans have chanted Clipboard Jesus many times this year..

    Thank YOU for Ahman Green. I loved seeing that guy play.

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