Cushing makes an agent change

Agent Drew Rosenhaus has made more than a few enemies in the agent community based on the perception that he cajoles players into firing their current agents and hiring Rosenhaus Sports.  Though there is zero proof that Rosenhaus uses methods that violate the rules that govern agent behavior, there likewise is no worse enemy to acquire in the industry than powerhouse firm CAA, which via the efforts of Tom Condon and Ben Dogra seems to dominate each and every first-round class of incoming rookies.

One of the players whom Condon and Dogra recruited two years ago has jumped from CAA to RSR.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports, and we separately have confirmed, that Texans linebacker Brian Cushing has fired CAA and hired Rosenhaus.

The reasons for the move aren’t clear.  Cushing possibly (and we’re speculating here) believes that CAA didn’t do enough to support him in the wake of his positive test for a hormone typically found in pregnant women and/or men with tumors or steroids in their systems.  Cushing possibly also is frustrated by the ascension of former USC teammate Clay Matthews, who has become one of the best defensive players in the game while Cushing struggled in his second NFL season.

Of course, Cushing could have a chance to copy Clay, given the looming adjustment of the Houston defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4, the alignment that has helped Matthews become a great player.

Typically, players change agents when they’re looking for new contracts.  Given Cushing’s performance in 2010, that should be the last thing on his mind at this point.