David Lee moves back to college

The man who brought the Wildcat to the NFL is bringing it back to college.

The University of Mississippi confirmed Monday night that Dolphins quarterbacks coach David Lee has accepted the offensive coordinator position at the school.  This may have been a case of jumping before he was pushed.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald writes that Lee was “far from safe” in Miami after the departure of offensive coordinator Dan Henning.

Lee wasn’t able to develop Chad Henne, but he’ll be forever known for helping to implement the Wildcat at the NFL level.  The terrific book Blood, Sweat, and Chalk traces the origin of the offense back much further than Lee’s days at Arkansas, but it was Lee who convinced Henning to try the offense out for the first time in the NFL on a plane flight home after a painful loss.

“It had never come up before that week,” Chad Pennington said later in the season.

A lot of people believe the Wildcat offense as a whole should go back to college with Lee.  We certainly don’t expect to see it much anymore in Miami.