Ed Reed: My brother would want us to beat Pittsburgh

It was an emotional weekend for Ravens safety Ed Reed, who on Friday learned that his brother had disappeared after jumping into the Mississippi River, and on Sunday played in the Ravens’ victory over the Chiefs.

In the locker room after that victory, Reed was given the game ball on behalf of his family, and he made clear that winning in the playoffs meant a lot to his family.

“My family will really appreciate this,” Reed said. “So would my brother. My brother would want us to beat Pittsburgh.”

The Ravens’ web site has video of the emotional moment in the team’s locker room.

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  1. No, I think your brother would want to rethink his own life before thinking about what happens in your life Ed! Then again, that’s most likely the problem, you most likely handed your brother money over and over and he ended up using it to go out and get into trouble. Although it is not your fault he did what he did, you are somehow related to your brother’s demise Ed! R.I.P.

  2. “So would my brother. My brother would want us to beat Pittsburgh.”

    Nooo. Really Ed? Your own brother would want you to beat Pittsburgh?

  3. Ed’s a beast, and now he’s playing with a heavy heart. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  4. Ed Reed is Cane and an all time NFL stud … but he’s in the Steelers way, so he needs to go home a loser on Saturday.

  5. These Raven boys are hungry…

    You Steelers fans know that weird gut feeling thats growing after watching the Ravens game? lol.. Yeah, you know whats coming.

  6. tritan306? Yeah…we Steeler fans also had that feeling the last time we met. Until Troy slapped it out Joe’s hand:)

  7. thelongestgoodbye says:

    Jan 10, 2011 11:03 AM

    I hope that none of the above posters ever have to go thru a situation with their families. My how the internet has made everyone a comic and tough guy.



  8. @ steelerdynasty2010

    In case you didn’t know, those comments were made in the locker room. The fact that the media filmed it is hardly Ed’s fault.

    @ All the negative comments

    His brother is still a human being. Regardless of his involvement with the law it is a tragedy for Ed Reed and his family. You would feel the same way if it happened to a family member of yours.

    God bless Ed and his family.

    Go Ravens!

  9. Yea that’s right Ravens organization, let’s rally behind someone who was RUNNING from the police….
    what a disconnect between these athletes and us law abiding citizens believe.

  10. Really? A ton of u guys are idiots. War if ur mom died like this? Should I come over to u, laugh and go well ur mom was dumb for it. People have no heart. Playing for a loved one who is gone is huge. Give this man respect, reed hasn’t done anything to get this heat from u idiots on the internet. Go Ed have the game of ur life, screw the rest of u who find this funny

  11. With all due respect, I think that Ed Reed’s brother obviously had many issues that he could not find a way to sort out, and thus decided that this life was not for him.

    For Ed to now say that his brother would want Ed’s team, the Ravens, to do ANYTHING in his behalf, is as ridiculous a statement as there could ever be.

    Why don’t you take the high road Ed, and simply honor the life of your brother without creating a circus that only belittles what your brother meant to you.

  12. …are you people serious? Karma makes it’s way around to everyone so I hope nothing happens to your families.

  13. Man that is twisted. How about,”I loved my brother and I miss him”?

    My brother would want us to beat Pittsburgh is demented. They obviously wern’t that close if that is the extent of his response.

    To Tritan306….

    That little (and I mean little) voice in your head is saying, “Hey, why aren’t we up against the Steelers’ 3rd or 4th string QB like usual so we can eke out a FG win in OT or late in the game?”

    The Steelers aren’t the Chiefs.

  14. Attn: NFL Ref’s

    Let them Play! Speaking for all Steeler & Raven fans – don’t go and give the ‘other’ team an extra down or 20+ yards on bogus or ticky tack calls.

    AND if the Refs could keep the hankies in their pockets during the mini-fights and shoving matches during the Chiefs / Ravens game, than I expect the Refs to do the same in the Steelers / Ravens game. Do we all agree ?! Yeah …

    I spotted some borderline – hand checking – and potential ‘pass interference’ calls …in the Colts / Jets game AND I definetly saw how DB’s with Chiefs had their hands on the Raven receivers way past the 5 yard ‘bump’ zone. NO calls.

    SO lets let the players play. Don’t make this a 15 or 18 penalty called game because each team is SO aggressive and HITS so hard.

    Steeler Fan

  15. Don’t you think Fat burger’s parents and siblings would be sad if he died suddenly? I mean yea he’s a rapist and all but they would still feel a terrible sense of loss!

    Losing a family member much less a brother at a young age is difficult no matter what the situation is. Drugs destroy so many, see ex steelers lineman, that unfortunately they touch too many of today’s families.

    God Bless Ed Reed and his family for their loss.

  16. I really like Ed Reed and it’s never good to criticize the dead, but I think we’re being a little too dramatic. I really don’t think anyone on the Ravens squad needs the extra motivation, and if they do, it’s not coming from Ed’s cracky brother.

  17. Although I hope Ed Reed’s brother is okay, I also feel like Reed missed an important opportunity to spread a positive message.

    According to the Baltimore, Reed’s brother had a history of problems with drugs an alcohol. When pulled over by police he chose to jump into the Mississippi River to elude being arrested. That in itself speaks volumes.

    His family has to be in a horrible place right now. I feel bad for them. Reed said this after the game: “This is, like I said, a child’s game that we play…I wasn’t worried about football. That’s the least of my worries.”

    So why bring up that his brother would want him to beat Pittsburgh? If that’s the least of his worries, why not mention that people should value life. This would have been a perfect lesson to teach to young people, especially in Baltimore where “life” seems to have little value to some people.

  18. Either way it’s unfortunate and tragic that Ed along with the family have to deal with another negative event involving his brother – from all reports he had a rough go with his recent drug & alcohol problem. Hope Ed and the family can find some type of strength and resolve during these trying days.

    But I wonder why it is we fans continue to expect each athlete – whether well known, unknown, or a pro bowl talent – to turn into a spokesperson that will provide the media and us with some significant newsworthy quote when they face an adverse off-field issue?? I don’t feel as if Ed was going to be able to wax poetic on alcohol issues the moment a ‘big’ game just ended. How about asking him on Wed what his thoughts are about his brother ….

  19. The guy just lost his brother through unnatural causes. It’s an emotional time, quit trying to turn his words into bulletin board material. Leave it to the media to try to spin his words, and leave it to the sheep to run with it and buy it as a story.

  20. And the inanity continues … MDS, hasn’t this one about played out? It brings out the worst in the PFT community.

    @lunarpie … please, don’t speak. You don’t know these people. Don’t speak.

    @masteel … well said.

    Again, my condolences to the Reed family, and prayers that after dealing with the arrangements in Louisiana, Ed will be able to return to the Ravens, get his mind off his family tragedy, and find comfort in focusing on his sport next weekend.

  21. Can we get this all out of the way now? Your brother would want you to beat the Steelers, beat whoever you play next week, beat the NFC in the Super Bowl and I’m pretty sure he would want you to get a Pick 6 to win the game giving you the MVP award as well. Losing a life is tough, no matter what he did he was still family. I just wish the media would remember he lost his life running from the police, not pulling kids out of a burning building.

  22. First off, my sincere condolences to the Reed family, for what appears to be a terrible tragedy. God bless to all.

    Next, in all honesty, why wouldn’t any relative or friend of every Ravens player not want them to beat the Steelers? So I don’t get the point of this, and I agree that it should have stayed in the locker room. If Reed was trying to pump up his team related to a personal tragedy, he should have kept this private.

    Then, tritan306 says:
    Jan 10, 2011 10:55 AM
    These Raven boys are hungry…

    You Steelers fans know that weird gut feeling thats growing after watching the Ravens game? lol.. Yeah, you know whats coming.

    * * *

    I watched the game, and I sure don’t have a weird feeling in my gut. The Chiefs were completely horrible. Other than a few sacks, their defense was soft and allowed the Ravens to control most of the clock. They allowed them to have extended drives. Are you saying the Chiefs’ defense is as good as the Steelers?? Puh-lease!

    Then, the Chiefs’ offense didn’t even show up for the game! Cassel was pitiful! They had 5 turnovers, and not many because of great plays by the Ravens. While the Steelers’ offense has had trouble putting up a lot of points this year, they have done quite well the last 2 weeks of the season, albeit against weaker teams. Still, they have the talent to do it to anyone.

    The Steelers beat the Ravens with year with Ben, and lost without Ben. Ben is playing this weekend, and playing better every week. He is a big-game type player.

    I got my wish for this game. I have said here a number of times I wanted the Steelers to play the Ravens again. Then I want the Steelers to play and beat the Pats. Thanks to the Chiefs for helping me get my wish so far!

    I expect a great game between 2 great teams, and I expect the Steelers to win based on having a better defense and an offense that is playing better now.


  23. jamaltimore, don’t lower yourself by making comments about Ben like you just did earlier. Good luck Saturday, but stay classy.


  24. Steeler’s Will: I have thought about this a bit, and I think the aspect of this that rubs the wrong way is, it sounds like there is an attempt to profit from the situation.
    I do not believe that is Ed’s intent.

    A good move for him now would be to donate his playoff paycheck to some good group that helps kids.

    Others could join in, it could actually do some good.

    Steeler’s have a vaunted tradition of imposing their will, chiseled in stone, really putting the league on notice for the first time in1974 Championship fistfight with Oakland?

    On the field, this hasn’t changed.
    off the field, it has changed.
    Nobody can control, or will what becomes a story or not. Wishing it away, or ignoring it is the worst move.

    Dedicate the playoff paycheck in the young man’s name.

  25. I have to laugh at those of you who allude to Ed exploiting this to motivate his team. He played in a game that was probably the toughest he has ever played in given the events of the week. The “media” was in the locker room when he said his brother would have wanted them to beat the Steelers. The media blows this up. Not Ed Reed. It was the emotion of the moment. Don’t read anymore into it then that.

    Ed Reed’s brother may have had problems. No duh! I guess all these negative commentors here have “perfect” families. Even when your “screw up” brother does something wrong, it doesn’t mean you don’t hurt or don’t have feelings.

    I have never seen so many people want to jump on this type of situation so negatively. I thought it was a lack of class, respect and common sense before. Now I realize that these negative comments must be from a bunch of 13 year olds in the computer lab at school. Nothing else could explain the level of immaturity that has bee displayed here.

  26. Do you remember Bobbi Gentry’s song….Ode To Billie Joe??????

    Here is my version of the refrain:

    ………”and Ed Reed’s dumb punk little brother jumped off a Mississippi bridge”………

  27. I hate the Ravens but the problem here is the DA reporter who asked the question, not Reed’s response.

    An all time low was when Terrell Pryor was asked about selling merchadise on the winner’s stand by a stupid POC ESPN reporter on national television. She should have fired on the spot.

  28. @richm2256 …

    Always the hard case who never makes a mistake, huh?

    Yes, I’ve been close to addicts. No, you can’t coddle them, and even during periods of sobriety, they’re still the world’s greatest con artists. I’m not disputing your take on that. But nothing in Ed’s words indicated he was “idolizing” his brother. And it’s still not clear that his brother stole the car or what his criminal liability would have been if he’d lived. Once again you’re verdict is premature. The people mentioning addition are simply suggesting that some compassion is due the family because most people whose loved ones struggle with addiction suffer and grieve for them even if they don’t coddle them.

    Telling Reed what to feel and say in his loss is as inappropriate as making idiotic jokes.

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