Mike McCoy being “strongly considered” for Chiefs coordinator job

No one can say for certain if Charlie Weis’ announced departure from Kansas City had a huge impact on the Chiefs offensive meltdown.  No one can argue that they played their very worst in their final two games.

Jason Whitlock of FOXSports.com joked that Weis had a 6 p.m. flight to Gainesville booked Sunday afternoon.  Which means its time for the Chiefs to start looking for Weis’ replacement.

Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is being “strongly considered” for the job according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.   McCoy didn’t call the plays in Denver, although he has experience working under an emotional, strong-willed coach who is clearly running the show.

After Weis, that’s exactly what Todd Haley is looking for.

7 responses to “Mike McCoy being “strongly considered” for Chiefs coordinator job

  1. quit trying to make excuses for this team…they got beat by two better teams, end of story. The raiders physically beat them down and they were physically beaten down by the ravens as well.

  2. While I will agree the Ravens are a better team I believe the saying is “you are what your record says you are.” Raiders 8-8 Chiefs 10-6. Enough said.

  3. GR could have added that McCoy can’t interview with the Chiefs – or any other team – for an OC job without permission from the Broncos, so long as he is still their OC. And that the Broncos might want McCoy leaving the AFC West because of his intimate knowledge of the strengths & weaknesses of their offensive players. So they can manipulate the process by letting him interview with teams outside the AFC West, but not inside, until they fire him. The Raiders, for example, might also be looking for an OC that doesn’t call plays if they promote Hue Jackson as expected.

  4. Thanks, dudeustupid. GR used the present tense & McCoy still appears on the Bronco website as their OC.

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