Parcells is proof that Sparano situation could still work

Let’s ignore for a minute what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ trip to visit Jim Harbaugh says about the team’s organization.  (Not to mention Ross’ subsequent befuddling explanation of it all.)

Instead, we want to ask: Can Dolphins coach Tony Sparano still succeed after his two-year extension?

Sparano is 25-23 in three seasons as head coach.  His biggest obstacle may be repairing his working relationship with his superiors, especially G.M. Jeff Ireland.  If that is taken care of, Sparano doesn’t have to look far for inspiration that this awkward setup could still work.

Back in 1983, Parcells was recovering from finishing 3-12-1 in his first season as Giants coach.  He was seen as a possible short-term hire, and his G.M. George Young went out looking to replace him.  Young had his heart set on University of Miami coach Howard Schnellenberger, but he “botched the deal” according to an old New York Magazine.

Parcells, of course, went on to have a little success in New York.  He later reflected that nearly getting canned helped convince him to do things “his way.”

We have a feeling the Big Tuna has mentioned this little bit of history to his proteges Sparano and Ireland sometime during the last week.

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  1. “We have a feeling the Big Tuna has mentioned this little bit of history to his proteges Sparano and Ireland sometime during the last week.” – MR

    So you’re reporting on “feelings” now? Awesome. That explains a ton.

  2. I hope Tony rebounds with a playoff appearance.

    I say appearance because a playoff win would mean much more than what they are capable of doing.

    Unless that is, we have some shakeup on the offense where the words (Chad and Chad) are not in the equation.

    We shall see.

  3. Ross’ subsequent befuddling explanation


    I’m digging the fancy words, but I’m sure your audience demographics will show most of your visitors won’t understand the meaning. LOL

  4. LOL. Don’t expect the same results as Parcells had. Right off the bat Sparano is no Parcells. Ireland is no George Young. And Chad Henne/Thigpen/Rookie/whoever is no Dan Marino.

    And that’s just my point. The Dolphins haven’t done anything in 35 years. And for more than half of those years they had Dan Marino. The greatest quarterback to never win anything.

    Dean V. Wormer

  5. Sparano is a big boy and a really good coach. Regardless of Miami’s bungling of the situation, Ireland and Sparano need to figure out how to get the happy feeling back if they’re planning on being in Miami for more than one season.

    I don’t think Miami is too far away, and they should be able to secure a playoff berth next year.

  6. Based on the quotes from Ricky Williams, Sparano was already doing things his way and that’s what led to the owner looking for a new coach. Sparano needs to have a Coughlin-like epiphany and stop being such a hard ass and let his players play.

  7. Parcells is the most overrated coach in the history of the NFL. The article fails to mention that it wasn’t until Belichick was made defensive coordinator in ’85 that the Giants started winning.

  8. Tony is toast if he does not produce ASAP. His extension is a sham because he can not hire any good coaches if his job looks too shaky. With weasels like Jeff and BS artists like Ross, he won’t get much sleep.

  9. Parcells is part of the problem. Before he left as VP of Operations he was unable to build an offense for the Miami Dolphins. Was it Parcells’ decision to draft Chad Henne and Pat White to be the Dolphin’s quarterback? If so how can he now fix anything? The regime of Ireland, Sparano and Parcells know who had the great idea (sarcasm) to draft Henne and White. Neither will ever be a starting quarterback in the NFL. The owner Ross made some stupid decisions due to his frustration over the ineffective offense, mostly due to not having a decent quarterback.

  10. I hope Tony rebounds with a playoff appearance.


    Good luck with “Sonja” Henne as your QB!

  11. I hope he quits after the season starts just to teach Ross a lesson. They will be stuck promoting Nolan or someone else from within. Besides nobody will respect him if he sticks around and takes this crap. It’s not just Harbaugh they went after here either. They just made the most desperate plea because nobody else wanted a piece of this mess.

  12. PFT and CFT needs to add a Like and Dislike button to comments, but some are brilliant. And others might have been posted by Mangenius.

  13. If you take into consideration the playoff game we lost to Baltimore…Sparanos record FOR THE PAST 3 seasons is 25-24

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