Perry Fewell to interview with the Browns Tuesday

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will conduct his long-anticipated interview with the Cleveland Browns on Monday, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Fewell expressed some concern last week that he might have been a token Rooney Rule candidate in some places, so he’d be careful about where he interviews.   That could explain the delay in meeting with Browns President Mike Holmgren.  Fewell has met with the Broncos and Panthers in the meantime, although the Carolina job is expected to go to Ron Rivera.

Holmgren is taking his time meeting with candidates.  Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is believed to be the early favorite for the job and Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey also met for the position.

It’s believed Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Morninweg could get a look, although the Browns haven’t asked to interview him.

14 responses to “Perry Fewell to interview with the Browns Tuesday

  1. Man the browns would be lucky to land the lead singer from Janes Addiction. And look at the job he did in creating Lollapalooza!

  2. he seemed passionate about the job when he was with the Bills…..I don’t know if he really was a great coach or not…..but he was very animated on the sidelines…..this was a vast improvement over Jauron.

  3. Figure Brian Billick would get a look from the browns. They could use his ‘offensive genius’. Seriously with Carolina signing Rivera does that mean Cowher isn’t coming back? Gruden or Wade the ‘son of a bum’ Phillips could end up in cleveland yet.

  4. So far no one has mentioned Cowher or Gruden. Are these two not as hot as they seemed? Or did Cowher decide to stay in the studio since Coughlin’s job is safe?

    You can’t blame Fewell for being concerned. It seems every team is interviewing him, and you have to wonder how many are seriously considering the one-year coordinator. As for Billick … would Holmgren be more likely to take a West Coast mini-me or a defensive guy who can complement his own offensive strengths?

    @themightyraven …

    Phillips hired on as DC for the Texans

  5. Im surprised as well that my Browns havnt mentioned Billick! atleast give him a interview…surprised nothing has been heard about Gruden as well…. altho its still early in the game Shurmur is just the front runner cuz only 2 people have been interviewed

  6. Who is this “one-year coordinator” referred to by “Deb”? Is she talking about Perry Fewell, who was Buffalo’s Defensive Coordinator for three and one-half years, then their Head Coach for one-half year and now the Defensive Coordinator for the Giants for one year?

  7. Mike Mularkey will get the job if he wants it(and if Holmgren doesn’t steal it), I believe. One name I haven’t seen coming up repeatedly in these discussions is Rob Ryan. That tells me he’s very likely to remain on at DC, and that Holmgren will turn to an offensive minded coach to make it easier for them to stay on the same page.

  8. @bobinpuertorico …

    Uh … yeah. Sorry about that. Sad to say Buffalo has been completely off my radar for years–at least until they hired Chan Gailey, a one-time OC for the Steelers. They looked better than their record when we played them this year. I respect Gailey; hope he can put them back on the map.

    Incidentally, wasn’t trying to slam Fewell in ignorantly referring to him as a one-year coordinator. Tomlin was a one-year coordinator when we hired him, and I’m a total Tomlin believer. My concern is the same as Fewell’s–are they serious about considering him or just using him to satisfy the Rooney Rule?

  9. Fewell has a fine line to walk – though obviously part of him knows how insulting this sort of out-dated Affirmative Action rule is, as if they wouldn’t normally be interviewing him if he weren’t black?

  10. touchdownroddywhite says:

    One name I haven’t seen coming up repeatedly in these discussions is Rob Ryan. That tells me he’s very likely to remain on at DC, and that Holmgren will turn to an offensive minded coach to make it easier for them to stay on the same page.


    nope. as much as I’d love to see Ryan take over for the Browns or at least stay on as DC he was pretty clear when he said firing the coaching staff would be “dumb as hell”. my guess he isn’t a fan of holmgren to say the least and knows he can get a job elsewhere.

    too bad, good coach

  11. The reason nobody is talking about Gruden or Billick or Cowher is that no owner wants the price tag those coaches will command on their payroll with an impending lockout.

    I’m frankly shocked that Harbaugh managed to yank down as much as he did, but I suppose the Niners were desperate. Who knows what the Fish were thinking.

  12. I hope Fewell stays in NY for at least another season. He has a solid gameplan – he was the first DC to slow down/contain Vick this year.

    Actually surprised anyone wants him after the 28 point in 7.5 minute collapse……

    I think he will be a solid HC someday.

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