Ron Rivera may be announced as Panthers coach Tuesday

All signs continue to point towards Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera becoming the next Panthers head coach.  Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune says an announcement is expected on Tuesday.

This doesn’t come as a surprise.  SI’s Peter King first reported Rivera was returning for a second interview, and Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Panthers have started to call other candidates to tell them they didn’t get the job.  Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette says Rivera is “closing in” on the gig.

It’s not a hire that seems to have the Panthers fanbase excited, mostly because Rivera reminds them of John Fox in 2002.  The fans want help on offense.

Rivera is a great example of how coaching stock can fluctuate over the years.  Rivera was a hot coaching candidate in 2006-2007, but got a reputation as a bad interviewer.  (Carolina was his ninth head coaching interview.)

The Bears surprisingly didn’t retain him for the 2007 season and Rivera had to rebuild his value as a linebackers coach in San Diego before taking the Chargers coordinator job after Ted Cottrell was let go.

A few solid seasons later, Rivera was a popular coaching candidate again.  It looks like he’s taken advantage of the opportunity.

30 responses to “Ron Rivera may be announced as Panthers coach Tuesday

  1. Go figure, the job he can finally get is one of the worst in the league. Granted I’m sure he’ll take it, but good luck trying to build a mansion out of manure

  2. Carolina fans SHOULD be excited, he’s learned from some of the best, sans Lovie.

    He’s smart enough NOT to antagonize his Offensive Coordinator, like Haley did with Weiss, who obviously wasn’t happy with Haley for whatever reason.

    I’d take over Lovie RIGHT NOW….nuff said.

  3. Rivera was a great coach with the Bears…..Lovie was stupid and let him go for his boy Babick who was a failure……

  4. “It’s not a hire that seems to have the Panthers fanbase excited, mostly because Rivera reminds them of John Fox in 2002. The fans want help on offense”

    Why? all he would need is a strong offensive Cord. and stay out of his way, unlike fox.

  5. Is he related to WWF 80’s jobber Jose “Mac” Rivera?
    If he is, he can get Mac in to teach the players that constant losing isn’t so bad if you can make the other guys look good.

  6. People may think it’s unfair to say someone not interviewing well is why they can’t get a head coaching job, but the fact is that the ability to interview well is an important aspect to any successful career, sports or otherwise.

    How else is an owner, who doesn’t know you, going to get comfortable with the idea of turning over the keys to his franchise to you if you lack the capability to describe your vision to him?

    And don’t give me the nonsense that his record as a DC should speak for itself. There are plenty of super successful coordinators in this league who turned out to be lousy head coaches.

  7. #
    domeunit says: Jan 10, 2011 3:41 PM

    Go figure, the job he can finally get is one of the worst in the league. Granted I’m sure he’ll take it, but good luck trying to build a mansion out of manure


    I’m sorry but what? There a hell of a lot worse places to coach then Carolina. There are a lot of teams I hate, but I wouldn’t let my hate for them cloud my judgement on them. Same goes for my love for the Panthers. It’s not the greatest team right now but it’s not a dump like you are making it out to be.

  8. The Panthers can hire anyone they want as coach. Fact is, they already had a better than average head coach.

    As long as Marty Hurney is GM, this franchise will continue to flounder, IMHO.

  9. The Panthers are absolutely NOT one of the worst franchises in the league. Whomever started that myth is just flat out wrong. Sure, they had a horrible year last year, but would you say that the Bucs are one of the worst franchises in the league? They had a few really bad years in a row, and now seem to have turned it around. The Panthers have never been consistently bad, unlike many other teams out there.

    As far as canard that the Panthers are cheap goes, this is a team that spent a small country’s GDP on Sean Gilbert back in the day. Richardson isn’t cheap. They cut some vets this year, but what’s the point in going 6-10 or 5-11 with the vets? We are in an excellent position salary cap wise for the post-CBA world. I think the Panthers will surprise a lot of people in the next couple of years. On top of that, I think Rivera is a great hire…and the Panthers know that offense wins games, so I expect them to assemble an offensive staff that can win games and put points on the board. I’m sure Rivera is on board with that or they absolutely would not have hired him.

  10. You heard it here first…

    If he gets a good OC then in 2 years people will be talking about the NFC South being the powerhouse instead of the NFC East. While the East has too many diva players and coaches, the South is stocking up on hard-nosed talent and coaches that know how to get the best out of them.

  11. If the Panthers wanted to win they would have paid Bill Cowher. The owner knew Cowher wanted complete control. He was not going to give him the money or the control. Rivera is cheap and will jump when told. Carolina fans should be livid.

  12. Carolina has been one of the better teams in the NFC. We have a great stadium and Charlotte is a great place to live and raise a family. Look out Atlanta, Tampa Bay, we will be back in business soon. Rivera is a proven product not a flash in the pan College recruit that has never coached a day in the pros.

  13. odd, skimming some Panthers blogs right now, and they seem rather excited about the hiring.

    I think it’s a good move on their part. They needed a workmanlike HC, akin to Mike Smith, someone that will come in and dig in. Ron Rivera fits the part. By most accounts, he’s a good motivator. Ron’s history with different defenses is a positive.

    Now, it comes down to who the OC is. If the reports of Chudzinski or Ron Turner are correct … I think it’s a very good starting point.

  14. As a Chargers fan, I’m disappointed for Rivera’s departure, and am left to wonder where his legacy goes from here…

    Recent coordinators have left the Chargers to have such stellar careers as Wade Phillips in Dallas constantly losing playoff games, and Cam Cameron taking the Dolphins to a (literally) unbelievable 1-15 season.

    And now you’re the head coach of an awful Panthers team. Yeah, good luck with that. History says you’re screwed.

  15. I personally would prefer Carolina to hire someone with an offensive background considering every head coach in the team’s history has come from a defensive background (Capers, Seifert and Fox) and largely had the mentalty that offense was a necessary evil whose only role should be to not lose the game (what’s the definition of insanity again?) That has often made for difficult, boring football to watch. All the losing we’ve been given as Carolina fans is tough enough but having to lose and watch boring and unimaginative football is more than most fans can stand.

    Say what you want but I’m pretty much of the opinion that Dr. Nick Rivera could at least provide an more entertaining product on the field than we’ve been treated to for some time.

  16. Another ex-Bear from the 80s and 90s to become an NFL coach, joining Fisher, Frazier and Harbaugh.

    Rivera has paid his dues in the NFL as a coordinator and deserves a shot. Hopefully his run will end up better than Singletary’s disaster in SF.

  17. #
    blitzman67 says: Jan 10, 2011 4:11 PM

    If the Panthers wanted to win they would have paid Bill Cowher. The owner knew Cowher wanted complete control. He was not going to give him the money or the control. Rivera is cheap and will jump when told. Carolina fans should be livid.


    Alright blitzman67. Go ahead and name all the Super Bowl winning coaches in the history of the NFL that have left the team they won it with and won it with another team.

  18. The reason the Bears cut him loose is he did what he wanted with the Defense, much to the chagrin of Lovie Smith…plus Lovie had his replacement on the Staff who would turn into a Lap Dog–Babick actually isn’t a half bad Linebackers coach, but definitely reached the Peter Principle with D Coordinator.

  19. As a panther fan, i’m ok with the choice. The main thing now is to get the right offensive coordinator. Our defense will be ok. It was a little disappointing to see Luck not enter the draft but maybe that will work better for the Panthers. Nobody can work behind our terrible front line so that has to be totally rebuilt. Spending tons of money on Luck would have hurt their ability to pick up some offensive linemen. And how Jordan Gross got into the pro bowl is a joke!

  20. i didn’t look up his ‘stats’ cause I really don’t care… seeing how the Steelers beat them last year in the playoffs…

    and they didn’t make it this year…

    so… what makes him that good….

    What stats are a good metric for a Head Coach.

    An active Head Coach is obviously a win – loss record.

    John Fox 1 SB appearance in 9 years?

    Holmgren 1 SB win in 16 years?

    Cowher 1 SB win in 16 years?

    Was there a report on ‘good’ coaches… certain age…etc.. ??

  21. Ah man, this is a huge loss for the Chargers, sad to see him go. But he’s earned it, best of luck to him!

    I’m sure Rivera will hire all of his guys he has in SD as well. Now who is going to take over in SD? Mangini? Ugh!

  22. #
    blitzman67 says: Jan 10, 2011 4:53 PM

    Again a cheap hire…With no control.


    You know the details of his contract? And the HC having no control besides coaching duties is a bad thing? And you know his opinion wouldn’t matter with decisions on players and other coaching positions how? He might not have final say but that isn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

    I do wish they would get a new GM though.

  23. Whomever domeunit is, he certainly doesn’t know CRAP about football. Carolina the worst job in the league? Are you serious? What are you, 10, 12 years old?

    Ever heard of Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Jon Beason and up-and-coming, Brandon Lafell and Dave Gettis?

    Carolina dropped the vets and went young this past year, which led to the record, but to say they are void of talent, and you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

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