Browns not pursuing Mornhinweg, yet


Last week, Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said that he wasn’t thinking about the head-coaching vacancy in Cleveland.  And that’s good, since it’s possible that the Browns aren’t thinking about Mornhinweg.

Though multiple reports have placed Mornhinweg on the list of potential candidates, coach Andy Reid said Monday that he has yet to receive a request from the Browns for permission to interview Mornhinweg, who served as head coach of the Lions in 2001 and 2002, exiting with a 5-27 record.

“I would love him to have an opportunity to be a head football coach in this league again,” Reid said, per the Philadelphia Inquirer.  “I think he deserves that opportunity.”

In other words, “Come and get him so that I can bring back Brad Childress.”

22 responses to “Browns not pursuing Mornhinweg, yet

  1. Well if the main qualifications for being a HC are not being aloof and dorky, then I guess he isn’t qualified. If running an innovative offense and being easy for the players to work with are, then I think he’ll do okay.

  2. Get rid of Morninweg for Childress and Get rid of Mcdermott for Singletary.

    The team needs a change. We need an offense that will run the ball more and we need a defense that has some lip! can’t lose w/ those coaches.

  3. Being aloof and dorky or your persona in general has a lot to do with your teams identity – and the being the face of your football team…sometimes it’s a player(Ray Lewis), sometimes it’s a coach(Bill Cowher or John Gruden) – sometimes it’t the dreaded owner – Jerrry Jones.

    X’s and O’s are important, but it’s not rocket science. Getting good players, and forcing them to want to work is the key to any good team in any sport.

    I do not like Morningweg as a HC candidate either

  4. “In other words, “Come and get him so that I can bring back Brad Childress.”

    I’m sure that’s not how Andy views it. The offense has been better under Marty thatn it was with Brad. Plus, Andy has always been supportive of his assistants getting promoted. He even moved John Harbaugh, who was great as a special teams coordinator, to secondary coach so as to allow him a better chance at a head coaching job. And one year later, he was coaching the Ravens. Andy did this for Jim Harbaugh, even though it cost the Eagles as their special teams suffered.

  5. Please take him off our hands. And while your at it, take Andy Reid and Brad Childress too.

  6. He knows x’s and o’s. I dont believe he has the leadership qualities necessary for that job. Holmy’s relying on his old tired coaching tree from the early 90’s.

  7. When he was in Detroit you could see he had the potential but just wasn’t ready quite yet. Leave it to Millen to ruin another prospect. I honestly think he would be a good HC now……plus it’s tough to beat his one-liners at his press-conferences

  8. WOW. Why don’t the Browns and the Big Walrus Just invite all their Fans to a post season party and PUNCH each of them in the Stomach before announcing this goof as their NEW HeadCoach!

  9. @flyerscup2010- innovative offense? You mean it’s so innovative that every pass play design is either a deep ball to Jackson and maybe celek sneaks downfield or a dumpoff pass omg yes so innovative my mind is blown whenever I watch the eagles play from the masterful futuristicness of there style of the west coast offense from the 1980’s

  10. Marty has no idea how to build a gameplan. They come up with a random assortment of plays that bear no relation to the strengths and weaknesses of the defense they’re facing.

    They run their system, keep running it no matter if it works or not. Reid is a part of that to be sure. But it, along with the Minnesota game, should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind…Marty is what we thought he was.

    At least McDermott’s miserable performance is due to the fact that the defense is full of 7th round picks and “stat’ guys like Trent Cole and Asante Samuel.

  11. Shurmur’s starting to grow on me a little, Cleveland already has done Martyball once.

    My guess is Rob Ryan is sticking around. If I were a DC, I’d jump at Cleveland because the head of the football operations is an offensive guy and he’d give you control over the Defense.

  12. I have no idea whether MM will wind up in Cleveland or not.

    But I would like to address something I keep seeing in these posts about coaching interviews.

    The Browns are under no obligation whatsoever to request permission from the Eagles to interview MM. Teams are not allowed to prevent upward mobility in their assistants.

    While it is often done as a courtesy, the fact that the Browns haven’t contacted Reid is not proof that they haven’t contacted Mornhinweg.

  13. I still have a hard time believing that Holmgren won’t be the HC next year. The excuse is that he does not want to hire a new coach with the uncertain labor situation. That gives him a free pass to coach next year.

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