Hue Jackson is lining up a staff


On Monday, the Raiders said that they have begun the process of hiring a new head coach.

Today, Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is working to compile his staff.  But the fact that Jackson is lining up potential staff members doesn’t necessarily mean he’s getting the job.

It’s common for head-coaching candidates to take steps to get a potential staff in place before a formal interview.  In Jackson’s case, it will allow him to show up for his inevitable meeting with owner Al Davis prepared to set for a clear plan for the immediate future.

Hired last year to be the offensive coordinator, Jackson is expected to get the job.  Barring a major upset he will.  The fact that he’s making calls to potential assistant coaches doesn’t mean that he’s secretly been promoted.

Then again, there’s technically a chance that he has been.

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  1. PFT, you should know better than to post news regarding the Raiders coaching situation until it is completely official. This time a year ago you guys said Tom Cable was fired like 5 times.

  2. Regardless of what anyone thinks…the raider head coaching job is one of the most desirable in all of sports….at least for those who are looking for a foot in the door.
    Where else can someone come into an organization expecting to lose and be asked to run the same program set in place by a man 35 years ago. There’s really little work to be done. Your boss will pick your players, coaching staff, and starting line-up for you.
    Caveat-if you try to make a decision on your own, expect to be undermined and publically humiliated….and then fired for “cause”.

    …other than that its great!

  3. watch how the midiots start talking trash with this….
    I love how haters speculate….

  4. The fact that he’s making calls to potential assistant coaches doesn’t mean that he’s secretly been promoted……Then again, there’s technically a chance that he has been.
    normally I like your stories, but in your story your saying it’s a non-story.

  5. Tom Cable was fine!! The players loved him!
    Undead Al is never happy…..
    I’d bet if Hue goes 9-6, he may still get fired by the crypt keeper!!!
    {banging head against wall.. continuously… does no good!}

  6. Arguably, Jackson revamped Oakland’s offense, and it seems that wherever he has been-Cincinnati and Baltimore…he’s done a good job. In this case, I don’t think any of that matters. Uncle Al will continue to have his hand in the pie, and never let a HC perform to their full potential. By this, I mean that the HC of Oakland will never have full control over the roster, assistant coaches, draft, FA, etc. In the event that a coach does perform well in Oakland, they are traded away for draft picks and cash because Al’s ego will never allow him to give credit where credit is due. Tom Cable was not a great HC, but the players respected him, and he genuinely seemed to have things going in the right direction. Before anyone anoints Jackson as the savior, just remember the poor offensive game planning in the San Francisco, Miami, Pittsburgh, Indy games. Instead of game planning to our strengths, we played to our weaknesses and it cost us every time. But instead of pointing the finger at Jackson, Cable was made the scapegoat because Al was paranoid that Jackson was going to leave, and Al didn’t want to exercise Cable’s option in an attempt to save money. Until Al stops wasting $$$ on washed-up free agents, and ponies up the dough for a real coach-this team is going nowhere. Firing Cable set this franchise back big time. Let’s see if Zach Miller, Aso, Seymour stay or go.

  7. hopefully he doesnt take a bunch of baltimore guys. kind of tired of teams taking them. mike smith, jack del rio, mike singletary, rex ryan, mike nolan, hue jackson, marvin lewis…

  8. It doesn’t matter who coaches this team, Al Davis will turn it into a three-ring circus!

    The only way Davis will leave this team alone is with ten armed guards, a Kevlar straightjacket, an electric cattle prod and two blow darts full of Secanol!

  9. I’m sure his pitch, “Come take a job with me and be out of one in two years, or less” is very persuasive.

  10. Last time I went to a raiders game half the fans were drinking 40 oz’s and the other half were BBQing raccoon. Speaks volumes about the franchise…

  11. Tom Cable did nothing to help the Raiders. The reason they improved is because Jamarcus Russell was not playing. All he ever did was fumble, throw a pick, or get sacked. The players wanted to keep Cable around simply because they are tired of getting a new coach ever year. Al Davis knows what he’s doing. Tom Cable is an offensive line coach and if he was any good then our offensive line would have improved and they didn’t improve. Al Davis could see that. Hue needs to stay as OC. Marshall needs to stay as DC. It’s time to pay money for a real HC like Gruden, Cower, or even Parcells. Somebody that can make good decisions and manage the clock unlike Tom Cable.

  12. stockpickgame says:

    Firing Cable set this franchise back big time.
    Say that again and think REAL slowly.

    Cable had 2 1/2 years to build the Raiders into a playoff team…This year was it…The roster will be different next year for sure and if you have to rebuild a roster why the heck would you keep a coach who is world renown for breaking an assistant’s jaw and missing the playoffs despite going 6-0 in the division?

    Of ALL the bad decisions made by this franchise (believe me there has been SEVERAL), firing Cable isn’t one of them. Cable is a great guy, but never going to be a playoff caliber HC.

  13. More evidence as to why nobody, other than the fans, actually has a clue what’s going on with this team. Raiders have a coach in place. A coach who vastly improved the offense something Cable COULD NOT do the year before. The defensive coordinator and special teams coach are most likely out, deservedly so. The Raiders just saved a ton of money with Aso’s contract voiding and Gallery becoming a free agent amongst others. Seymour probably gets franchised or works out a deal. This is the deepest free agency class in a long time due to the CBA expiring and the Raiders have a boatload of money to spend on whoever they want. Raiders could make themselves into a playoff team which they should’ve been this past season.

  14. The Raiders can have Shawn McDermott to be their next defensive coordinator.Why I’ll even pay for his trip out there.

  15. Hell, I’ve played enough madden in my life to coach a team better than Tom Cable. Just simple stuff you know…like running the clock down to 3 or 4 seconds to kick a game winning field goal instead of calling a time out with 12 seconds left and giving them a chance to run a kick back…. The guy was probably a good people person but was not a great head coach by any means. We sign our free agents and get a real HC and we win the division next year. Thank you Jason Campbell for a great year. Wish Cable would not have been an idiot with the switching qbs early on in the season…That possibly cost us a trip to the playoffs and Al knows it too.

  16. raiders will rise again!

    the offseason will bring more and more rumors. year in and year out we hear the same schit.
    raiders are a nation like no other and get no respect even when we win.
    to hell with the haters! but I do find it hilarious to see all the hate posting go up as soon as a article is posted.

  17. Yea tom cable bein let go is a set back… yea he’s a horrible coach. But its more than coaching for players. It’s the stability… does anyone realize the raiders have not had one season where everyone from the coaching staff returned? Believe me 2 an a half years wasn’t enough to be in playoff contention… but they should have made it this year. You say…. the division is weak… of course they go undefeated… bottom line… keep cable… keep all your key free agents cause they would rather play for him than anyone else

  18. OMG…for those of you who think that Cable’s 2.5 yrs was enough to turn the Raiders into playoff contenders are out of your mind. Consider:

    Cable inherited Lane Kiffin’s aka Al Davis’ roster/draft. Cable was stuck playing JaWalrus until even undead Al could see that Shamu escaped SeaWorld and was not capable of delivering on the pre-draft hype and ONE GOOD GAME IN THE SUGAR BOWL. Word is that Cable tried to bench JaWalrus every chance he got, but Uncle Al was convinced “he was a great playa.” Amazing how once Gradkowski entered the lineup, how the team suddenly had energy. Um, who drafted DHB aka “Dem Hands Bad”? Who put a 1st round tender on Stanford Routt and who signed Chris Johnson to an extension? Both CB’s ought to be nicknamed “Kingsford” for all the times they get burned. Yeah, Cable has his faults, but he didn’t draft the roster he had to play with until this season. Technically, Cable had one full season where he had some semblance of control, and he went 8-8. Like it or not, Jackson’s play-calling is a huge question mark in the San Fran, Pitt, Miami, and Indy games. With better play calling, we win two of those four and make the playoffs. Say what you want about the O-Line and how that was Cable’s baby..Sacks were down, and look at McFadden and Bush’s production. They didn’t suddenly learn to run. That was better blocking on the O-line, coupled with increased patience. Thank Cable for that.

  19. acdrew22 says:
    Jan 11, 2011 4:33 PM
    Yea tom cable bein let go is a set back… yea he’s a horrible coach. But its more than coaching for players. It’s the stability… does anyone realize the raiders have not had one season where everyone from the coaching staff returned? Believe me 2 an a half years wasn’t enough to be in playoff contention… but they should have made it this year. You say…. the division is weak… of course they go undefeated… bottom line… keep cable… keep all your key free agents cause they would rather play for him than anyone else

    To quote Herm Edwards:


    In the end Cable couldn’t WIN THE GAME when it counted.

    Stability? Sorry Cable’s type of stability (two losing seasons and one “non-losing” season) isn’t want the Raiders need. Granted Davis has to hire “up” from Cable otherwise letting Cable will be a set back, but I am convinced that Jackson will be an upgrade at HC and Davis will give Hue the coordinators and players to make the best push possible for playoffs next year.

    In many ways Davis has been a fool this last decade, but NO ONE wants to win more than him. It is obvious that Cable had reached his plateau as a HC and wasn’t able to get in the playoffs despite a golden opportunity.

    Add to that the DISASTER with the QB flip-flopping mid-season and Cable wrote his own obituary. Campbell may NOT be the second coming of Jim Plunkett, but Gratkowski DEFINITELY wasn’t going put the Raiders into the playoffs and by continually putting him in the starting QB roll (a weak armed QB with a sore shoulder) was a pretty dumb move looking back.

  20. I think Hue will be a better coach. His play calling for some games weren’t up to par but the Raiders did get 8 wins this season. 8 more wins than the haters thought they would. They also beat up the Donkeys, DisChargers and Queefs to go undefeated in the AFC West.

    There’s a lot of work to be done but it’s looking better than it has been for a while.

    Win, lose, or tie…Raiders ’til I die!

  21. #
    silverandblack666 says: Jan 11, 2011 3:46 PM

    BBQing raccoon is what dysfunctional southerners do not Bay Area residents you reatard!


    I live in the Bay Area, I would know, 1/2 Raiders fans are missing most their teeth and eat raccoon. It’s a fact of life, don’t get mad at me. Why else are the games never sold out? Trash and Gangsters have low income…

  22. gimme a break….17 and 27, 3rd place out of 4 teams, and only 2 and 6 outside of your division, and cable should stay…what world do you live in

  23. If Cable was that great why didn’t we beat San Fran or Miami and the Cardinal game should of never came down to a field goal! He didn’t always have them ready.Who cares what the players say! They will sign or stay if the money is right. If they don’t, Too bad, see ya ,don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.Thats the whole purpose of having a winning team. They should want to be here!!! Sign Richard Seymour and Bush. Hopefully Gallery. Zach is good but not great. He can be replaced. If Nnamdi goes,use his money for some offensive linemen. Center , right guard, and right tackle.I’m a raider fan, lets not panic till we see what happens.

  24. @tombradyswig First of all you can’t go 9-6 because they play 16 games and 9-6 is only 15 games .. I think you meant 9-7 .. Now I know there is a lot of you that hate Al Davis , but he has a lot of football knowledge and he knows what he is doing , though sometimes it may not look like it .. But he does have 3 super bowl rings which is more than I can say about the other teams in the AFC WEST and other teams in the NFL for that matter .. So I think AL Davis should get the benefit of the doubt here .. I don’t believe that he is making all of the team decisions such as the starting line up , remember Cable pulled Campbell and Campbell was Davis’s guy not Cable’s . He may make some decisions but not ALL I don’t believe anyway , now I have complained about some of the moves that have been made but I have learned to wait and see what happens and not go by everything I hear and read ..

  25. Mr. Davis…If you are reading these posts, I would love to be the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders! I will gladly take the job for $50,000 a year and take this team we have to the playoffs… I will not make the same stupid mistakes that Tom Cable made. Football can only get so difficult and then it becomes a game of creating mismatches and strategy and playing to your teams strengths. In our case, run the ball, play action pass, throw in some screens, and run the ball inside the 5 yard line. No more pass plays on first and goal from the 5. Run the damn ball behind our 2 best lineman and find a lineman with good acceleration to play goal line fullback. 4 run plays in a row. Man to man defense is fine with me as long as we bring pressure at all times. Why waste 2 million on someone like rob ryan or tom cable when I promise you I can do a better job for $50,000?

  26. Raiderredleg says:

    Stability? Sorry Cable’s type of stability (two losing seasons and one “non-losing” season) isn’t want the Raiders need.

    Guarantee the raiders don’t keep half their key free agents… including their best player in nnamdi. That’s ultimately because no one wants yet another HC… look at lechlers comments… in sure many players in that locker room think the same. So when I say stability.. I mean having the free agents come back… having cable equals having your players come back… not having him equals no free agents coming back… so look forward to a horrible season next year… a step back from 8-8

  27. I too think that a lot of the success we had this year was due to Jackson’s new offense. But the only thing Cabes had going for him is that the players loved him and would play hard for him….he had the locker room and Jackson had the plays. Hopefully we can keep it together and pick up some DECENT free agents… Btw I love how all raider posts have the most comments…We get all the attention from “fans” of other teams…i mean you dont see Raider fans posting on Lions, Vikings, or freakin Bills articles do you ?? Thanks Haters!!

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