Jason Whitlock thinks Charlie Weis’ replacement will be green, literally

Jason Whitlock of FOXSports.com joined PFT Live today, and Big Sexy brought the high heat regarding Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Chiefs coach Todd Haley.

We’ll post the whole segment later.

For now, here are Whitlock’s takes on Haley generally, and then on the qualities that Haley likely wants in his next offensive coordinator.

Meanwhile, hopefully Whitlock has since figured out the name of the “green muppet.”

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12 responses to “Jason Whitlock thinks Charlie Weis’ replacement will be green, literally

  1. Man, that Jason Whitlock doesn’t hold anything back. It doesn’t matter if it is as a guest on PFT Live or dining at Golden Corral. He gives it 110%.

  2. We know the green Muppet isn’t Statler or Waldorf. They were on PFTLive trashing anything and everything at the time.

  3. youboettcha says:
    Jan 11, 2011 2:57 PM
    So you’re saying that T.O. was right in that argument vs. Haley in Dallas?

    The more and more time that passes, the more and more things that TO said seem to be true. The McNabb situation, Haley, etc. I don’t know or think that Jeff Garcia is gay, but thats neither here nor there. The bottom line is, TO doesn’t lie, people just don’t like to hear what he says at the time he says it. He may not go about it the right way, but it seems so far that just about every ‘cancerous’ thing he’s said has turned out to be correct in hindsight.

  4. A 400+ lb man off the street would give you more reliable information than Whitlock.

    Whitlock cried like a baby live on air when the KC Star ran his lying ass out of town.

  5. Whitlock is a fun read, but he always overexagerates(sp?) for shock value. He doesn’t always say things that he believes. He just says them to get a rise out of readers. Again, not reliable, but fun fiction to read. Having said that you are once again quoting a currrent or former radio host from a certain radio station in KC. Haven’t you learned by now that the particular station you keep using as a source is not reliable? Once you learn what people here in KC know, you will be embarrassed and quit using their leads as truth.

  6. Whitlock wasn’t relevant, entertaining, or correct when he was at the KC Star. Not sure why he gets any credibility now.

  7. This is simply terrible commentary. The stuff that is on this site these days is just a joke.

  8. Whitlock openly stated that he wouldn’t give Todd Haley credit if his team won the Super Bowl, and you’re taking his opinion seriously?

  9. Jason Whitlock is an idiot. Did anyone see him on Inside the NFL dressed up in his little clown costume? Warren Sapp told him that he looked like Cedric the Entertainer in his little outfit. Normally I don’t like Sapp, but that line literally had me rolling on the floor. Whitlock had to be completely humiliated. Good!

  10. Whitlock is a fun read, but he always overexagerates(sp?)

    @kcfanatic: There’s no correct spelling, since there’s no such word. “Exaggerates” is the word you are looking for.

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