Let the Matt Hasselbeck speculation begin

With one vintage performance, Matt Hasselbeck pushed himself to the front of the veteran quarterback-for-hire list of potential free agents in the offseason.

The Seahawks quarterback has said he wants to retire in Seattle and he still has plenty of work to do in the postseason.  But Charlie Whitehurst is in place there and its quite possible another team will value Hasselbeck more this offseason.

Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune makes the case for the Vikings as a logical fit for Hasselbeck.   We’d throw out Cleveland (Mike Holmgren), San Francisco, Washington, and Arizona as other decent fits.  Teams like the Dolphins and Titans could make sense depending on the coordinator there.

Seahawks fans are probably thinking: Are we talking about the same guy that threw44 interceptions to 34 touchdowns the last three regular seasons?

Just remember that Jake Delhomme got $7 million last offseason from Holmgren.   Hasselbeck’s stock is higher.   Kurt Warner’s stock was certainly lower when he signed with the Giants and Cardinals.  This is a quarterback desperate league and the free agent crop doesn’t look inspiring.

In one game, Hasselbeck made the case to Seattle that he’s worth keeping around a little longer.

He also made it tougher for them to keep him.

33 responses to “Let the Matt Hasselbeck speculation begin

  1. well thats not happening…
    I would love to see the seahakws havew a miracle and do it but theres no way… If they got lucky enough to make the superbowl theres no way they would beat the patriots.

    Pats got the camera rollin this year.
    Theres no doubt about that.
    Players like resheed caldwell cant find a UFL job but with the pats he was a top WR…. come on now pats knew extactly where the safteys would be so it would be so easy like playing a video game on easy mode.
    The reason why players like caldwell never speak out about what goes on there is because pats give these players a large sum of money to keep quiet,…. thats why nobody has seen caldwell in years

  2. Do the vikings ever think about drafting and developing qbs or is it mandatory that to be a qb for them you must be a FA over 35? Moon, Cunningham, George, Favre, Salisbury, Brad Johnson, etc.. Sure Culpepper and Jackson snuck in there somehow but what’s the deal? Lets not forget it seems like they might want McNabb.

  3. I like Hasselbeck and believe he probably does have another couple years left in his tank, but please, no more stop-gap solutions at QB in MN. Bring in a young guy and look towards the future…the long-term future.

  4. matt’s a good guy, and id love to see him get a ring, but i dont see it happening in seattle. he’s probably got 4 years left at most (including this one) to get that ring. i think minny is the perfect spot for him to go after it.

  5. With one vintage performance, Matt Hasselbeck pushed himself to the front of the veteran quarterback-for-hire list of potential free agents in the offseason.

    Nothing against the guy, but I would wait until after the next game to determine that. He had an outstanding game, but against a defense that didn’t show up. Let’s just see how he does next weekend first.

  6. As a Seahawks fan, this one is hard, but for the long-term success of the team, it’s probably best to let him go. He’s been consistently inconsistent for the past three years, and while he made a few great throws against the Saints (most notably the deep TD pass to Williams), three of his TD passes were set up by simply awful coverage by the Saints’ defense.

    While Saturday was a great game for him, one doesn’t have to look too far back to see games where he wasn’t that great. Against the Falcons, he turned the ball over on three consecutive possessions which led to 17 Falcon points, and was benched. Against the 49ers, he threw four picks. Throw in the fact he’s missed at least one full game due to injury in each of the past three seasons, and having him as a mid-to-long range solution becomes quite problematic.

  7. I think teams will understand that Hasselbeck won’t be playing against Roman Harper every Sunday.

    Seriously though…I think he needs to ride this season into the sunset and possibly move into a QB coach/mentor position instead. He could stay in Seattle where he’ll be much loved and respected. No sense playing a season too long like #4 and ruining your reputation. His back & hip are already issues.

  8. I have a feeling Hasselbeck will prove to be Hasselbeck this week facing a tough D in the cold……….a very inconsistent QB these days. As fast as he drove up his FA stock last week, he will send it flaming back down to Earth this weekend.

  9. Ah yes, TEAMS! Express your interest now in the sub-par quarterback whose team couldn’t even produce a .500 record this year! Doesn’t matter! His loser team won a playoff game, a game that should have never happened! This guy could make your team as mediocre as the Seahawks!

    Get him while he’s hot! Well, get him now that his team is only ONE game under .500!!! Hurry!

  10. Despite the small fortune the Seahawks dropped on him, the consensus in Seattle is that Charlie Whitehurst is NOT the successor or long-term QB answer the Seahawks had hoped he’d be.

    Best bet for all involved is for Hasselbeck to sign a short deal and stay in Seattle to groom his replacement over the next 1-2 years. If the Seahawks can pass protect – not always a sure thing – Hasselbeck is a more than capable QB.

  11. Gbturdforever: you do realize that Salisbury and Johnson were drafted by the Vikngs, right? Johnson lost his job to Fumblepepper then was brought back to back him up. Shaun Hill was also on the Vikngs roster for awhile. Green brought in vets that had great seasons. Duante had a few good years. Chilly is gone. Webb, although showing flashes, is not ready yet. They need a guy to bridge the gap. They ARE developing Webb. Rosencopter should have been the stopgap. Chilly is a tool. BTW, shouldn’t you be concerned more about your teams upcoming loss than the Vikes qb? Getcha excuses ready……..

  12. Reality awaits Hasselbeck in Chicago, shorty. Don’t get your panties in a wad over one single game. Hasselbeck is what his record over the past three years says it is.

  13. Matts a respectable dude that doesnt shoot his mouth off and probably has a couple years left….

    Daddy wore the Silver & Black, I’m sure he has a soft spot for the Raiders….

    Welcome to the East Bay, Matt!!

  14. pervyharvin says:
    Jan 11, 2011 11:31 AM
    Not needed since I see the Vikings drafting Blaine Gabbert.
    You must listen to PA too much from 9-noon.

    Gabbert will be gone by pick 12. Sorry…

  15. Best fit seems to be Arizona. With Minnesota, you have to wait and see how the FA pieces fall. It’s possible a lot of veterans could be gone … at which point, it might simply be better for them to find a younger guy to groom with Peterson, Rice, and Harvin.

    With Arizona, you’ve got a team that needs to convince Larry Fitz to stick around. It’s a veteran club that needs a QB to get back on its feet.

    Another fit might be San Francisco, where the offensive style would seem to fit and this would allow Jim Harbaugh to spend year 1 focusing on rebuilding/revamping that defense. Offensively, the Niners are a solid QB away, as they have the 2 WR’s (Crabtree and Morgan), good seam stretching TE, decent OL (when healthy), and 2 backs. At best, skill wise, maybe you look for a 3rd down back and maybe another slot receiver, but really, add a QB, and they could be much better.

  16. @guy with the lame username from The Big Lebowski

    Yes I realize those guys were drafted but does it change the fact they were brought back in old age? That was my point.

  17. No, please- not Cleveland. Hopefully, Holmgren has more sense than to take a washed up old QB *again* after the Delhomme debacle. I’d say yes to Hasselbeck as a back-up, maybe- but not at the attached price tag, so no thanks. Plus, his wife is a total moron. Hot, but a moron.

  18. stfudonny: Brad Johnson did not lose his job to Crappepper, he lost it to Randall “one year wonder” Cunningham. Brad was traded to the Redskins for their 1st rounder(which happened to be Crappepper). And SalisburySteak was not drafted, the Vikings picked him up from the CFL. He replaced Rich Gannon, who happened to be drafted by the Vikings(to play WR just like Joe Webb) and was 8-2 or 8-3 as a starter. Thank you Denny Green for getting rid of two young QB’s right when they were starter worthy. I’m getting a little tired of the “Cocoon” retreads they keep bring to Minnesota.

  19. Hasselbeck has one of the most under-rated careers in football.

    His past couple years have been bad, but he’s been surrounded by slop. Given the right situation, he could put on a Kurt Warner-esque finish to his career.

  20. The Seahawks missed their opportunity with Hasselbeck. They could have added one year on his deal last offseason, but instead traded for Charlie Whitehurst.

    Now, Hasselbeck is going to get at least a 3 year deal from some team, with a bunch of guaranteed money. And the Seahawks options going forward are very limited with the 25th or higher pick.

    And those that say that Hasselbeck will sign to become a “mentor” to the Seahawks new QB are simply dreaming on that one…..

  21. If the hawks don’t resign him for a couple years, we will be screwed.

    MH has had 3 different systems in the last 3 years, and having Ruskell as the GM tearing apart the team since 05 sure as hell didn’t help.

    I think he has at least another couple good years, Hawks need to bring in a true rookie (or at least someone with only a year or two exp) to tutor under him.

  22. Bottom Line Reality: The man is always banged up and not getting any younger. The Seahawks SHOULD make a play for QB Mike Kafka of the EAGLES and just move forward with the Rebuilding effort.

  23. gbfanforever says:
    Jan 11, 2011 1:10 PM
    @guy with the lame username from The Big Lebowski

    Yes I realize those guys were drafted but does it change the fact they were brought back in old age? That was my point.

    Out of the “old guys” only Johnson was brought back, he was on the roster as a backup for Fumblepepper.

    The other old guys: George, Moon, Cunningham all had great years in that QB freindly system.
    Listing a bunch of old guys and not listing thier stats is the way turds like you operate.

    The only reason “old” Brad Johnson played is 1 Culpeeper got hurt. We then had to have Gus because Chilly was an idiot with the QB situation.

    You know, they just can’t win. They try to develop Jackson, and they are idiots. Then they go out and get Favre and they are idots for that.

    I cannot wait for the swan dive Saturday night. Expectations are so high that the fall of the Pack will be that much sweeter.
    DMO84: I stand corrected.

  24. And this is why those same very teams that may covet Hassleback are perpetual losers. The guy has a 73 passer rating this year (one of the worst in the league), and hasn’t put together a decent year in recent memory. I mean, does anyone learn from the Jake Delhomme fiasco?

    Getting a washed up QB only delays the inevitable, a top pick in the following years NFL draft. For every Kurt Warner, there are a dozen Jeff Georges, Jeff Garcias, Jake Delhommes,, Donavon McNabbs, etc., etc.

    I seems like you only need a 2 cent head to be a NFL GM these days.

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