Mangini joins ESPN, for a weekend

Eric Mangini is going home.  Sort of.

The Connecticut native will return on Sunday to participate in Bristol-based ESPN’s coverage of the Jets-Patriots division-round showdown.

Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News (via SportsBusiness Daily) reports that Mangini will join ESPN on a short-term basis, with the assignment of providing analysis in advance of Sunday’s Brouhaha in Foxbora.   (We took poetic license with the spelling to make it rhyme.)

Mangini also is in pretty good position to provide analysis of Saturday’s Ravens-Steelers game, given that he coached the Browns for two years after leading the Jets for three.  But given the whole Belichick and Spygate angle, it’ll be far sexier for Mangini to talk Jets-Pats.

It remains to be seen whether word of Mangini’s hiring prompted Adam Schefter and Hannah Storm to share another high five.

18 responses to “Mangini joins ESPN, for a weekend

  1. Mangini can show his coaching savvy during the game by telling viewers that they should go for the FG when facing a 4 and goal from the one down 14 points.

  2. Oh boy… I can’t wait to see what he says about the Pats.
    This oughta be good.
    I am guessing we Pats fans will be amused.

  3. How this weasel continues to get work is beyond me. Lets review his resume:

    – waterboy/ballboy for the Browns under Bill Belichick in the early 90’s.
    – D Coordinater for one year in NE (2005). This was easily the worst defense, by far, of any Belichick coached Patriots team (ranking somewhere around 28th in the league)
    – Confirmed liar, backstabber and hypocrite for his actions pre and post Camera Hunt 2007
    – At the helm for one of the most remarkable late season collapses in league history (Jets 2008), resulting in his firing
    – Two very unremarkable 5-11 seasons in Cleveland, resulting in his firing
    – Desperately and unsuccessfully tring to emulate
    his stabbed-in-the-back hero Bill Belichick.

    Why anybody cares what this scum bag has to say is utterly confounding.

  4. So bspn brings in a commentator loathed by both the Pats fans and the Jets fans. bspn continues to be the worldwide joke of sportscasting.

  5. pastabelly says:
    Jan 11, 2011 3:29 PM
    Hopefully, he will be the last coach this season to beat Belichick.
    I did think of that earlier. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Belichick gets creamed by the last guy in the world he’d want to lose to and then wins ’em all after that?

    I’ll bet that pounding in Cleveland still motivates BB…and Brady. If the Patriots pull if off, I may have to send Mangini a card.

  6. giablommi – I wonder if you have the cajones to say any of that trash to either Mangini or anyone of his friends. My guess is… huh… you don’t.

  7. Too bad Cleveland could not trade him to ESPN for Jon Gruden and a cameraman to be named later! I am personally waiting for the “Penguini Knows Football” commericals that show him running to the ESPN Employee Cafeteria for mac and cheese in between updates.

  8. @ lordodysseus

    What “trash” do you refer do?

    Rather than bringing your weak straw man arguments, why don’t you feel free to refute any one of my points?

    What the hell has Eric Mangini ever done in a positive sense other than failing at every level and trying to destroy the man who is the only reason he ever became anything to begin with?

  9. cardiovascularendurance says:
    Jan 11, 2011 1:55 PM
    You lost me (and I’m sure many others) at “far sexier for Mangini.”


    No, pretty sure they only lost you.

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