Report: Browns could have new coach by Thursday


The Browns’ head coaching search appears to be nearing a conclusion.

Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated is “hearing” that the team could have a new head coach in place by Thursday, and Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur has been the favorite for the position all along.

Browns club president Mike Holmgren has also interviewed Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey. Shurmur interviewed for the job last Friday.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was initially among those expected to be strongly considered by Holmgren, but now looks to be out of luck.

Shurmur called plays for a St. Louis offense in 2010 that ranked 25th in yards per game. Running back Steven Jackson averaged a career-low 3.76 yards per carry, and quarterback Sam Bradford ranked 30th in yards per pass attempt.

35 responses to “Report: Browns could have new coach by Thursday

  1. Hey Browns fans, you still happy you got rid of that horrible Mangini?

    You deserve this. Congrats!

    Just a couple of days until you can start the campaign to run Shurmer out of town!

  2. I wish they’d wait for the Falcons to finish their run and hire Mularkey. He just seems much more confident and assertive.

  3. whoever gets the job will be the new “interim” head coach.. we all know that when this new coach gets fired in 2 years that Holmgren will be ready to return to coaching.

  4. @couldntthinkofaname

    not that many browns fans wanted to get rid of mangini.

    holmgren gets rid of mangini, doesnt even consider hiring rob ryan, and instead hires a guy who didnt utilize one of the best backs in the league.

    another trifecta of fail for browns fans

  5. Wow. Just went you think the Clowns can’t get any worse, it looks like they are going to hire Shurmur. I mean this city is cursed beyond belief. Roll out the red carpet for the next coach for two years….

  6. Shurmer? Maybe not, and for Cleveland’s sake, I hope not. Who’s Big Mike been talking to off the record? Or maybe he will name himself coach.

  7. I can see what Mike is doing. Hes finding a coach who can mold in his image. Shurmur has never coached in a HC spot. But he knows Mikes type of system. Plus he will get him for a lot cheaper than Gruden or someone else. 8 mil a year to prob 500k a year. You also know Mike will be there helping coach, but not with the blame, or the long hours. I think its a good pick. I just hope Shurmur can back up Mikes decision.

  8. I agree with the “what’s the rush” sentiment. There’s lots of guys still active in the playoffs. I don’t want to believe this report, but it’s sure getting alot of play around the media. I for one would be disappointed. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised down the road.

    Has Gruden actually come out and said he’s not interested in the Browns HC position?

    (and browns fans…and you know who you are….ENOUGH with the Cowher thing, okay? HE’S NOT COMING)

  9. New York Jets – Rex Ryan
    Indianapolis – Jim Caldwell
    Baltimore – John Harbaugh
    Kansas City – Todd Haley
    Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Tomlin
    New Orleans – Sean Payton
    Atlanta Falcons – Mike Smith
    Green Bay Packers – Mike McCarthy
    Philadelphia Eagles – Andy Reid
    Chicago Bears – Lovie Smith

    None of these coaches were head coaches in the NFL before they were hired for that said position. All of these coaches made the playoffs this year.

    You don’t hire Mike Shanahan. You hire the next Mike Shanahan.

  10. I don’t know why people are down on Shurmur. The Rams offensive line is pretty awful, and Bradford’s #1 receiver was Danny Amendola…and somehow Bradford threw for 3,500 yards and 18 touchdowns and Jackson ran for 1200 yards. The guy knows how to run an offense, he had extremely limited talent to work with in St.Louis but obviously Holmgren thinks the guy knows what he is doing. People are just upset Holmgren isn’t hiring Gruden or Mornhinweg, not a surprise at all…Holmgren has always preferred a young coaching staff.

  11. I don’t understand this move at all. I Have always been a fan of the underdog team, but it looks like the Browns don’t even want to get better.

  12. Boooooooo, Don’t seee how this could be a major upgrade based on last years stats for the rams offense. Would rather have Mangini or hell even Promote Ryan???? Here we go again!

  13. As a Browns fan, this makes me sick. What a great idea, let’s a hire a guy with no head coaching experience just b/c I coached with him 20 years ago. The only way they shoulda fired Mangini is if they were gonna get Cowher or Gruden. If not, they shoulda just kept Mangini and hired Josh Mcdaniles as the OC. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome your 2014 new Cleveland Browns head coach …….?

  14. @rammmjammm

    Right on! Bring on Josh McDaniels. Bradford will be allowed to throw a pass over 10 yards, and Steven Jackson will carry the rock more than 11 times in a game. Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching Shurmur’s offense. If Josh was good enough for Belichick, then he’s the winner we need. The Rams are back.

  15. These are Browns fans we’re talking about – once they name a head coach they will swear up and down that he’s the best coach in the history of the game.

    Holmgren doesn’t need or want an established head coach with an ego to challenge his own, nor does he need to shell out that money – the players will know the coach and GM are on the same page (they weren’t before) – and if anyone gets out of line or doesn’t buy into the system, cut or trade them

  16. couldthinkof – Most of us Browns fans were not wanting to see Mangini fired. MH made this call and he is the one who should get the criticism. You must not be from this area or you would have known Mangini had fan support but not media support.

  17. The selection will be finalized Thursday. The Browns are waiting for the Ravens to announce their new swimming coach before they announce their new HC!

  18. whats the stats on the Rams offense:

    oh.. then that qualifies for a HC for Cleveland.

    The other thing Holmgren will do after two years is quit and go back to Seattle and retire.

    And Lerner will smile as he counts his money again for another year…

    and poor Colt will be sent off to Arizona or Denver…

    and fans will glamor for another HC…

    buy their tickets and ‘bark’.

    How long did New Orleans fans wear bags over their heads?

  19. oh… and (in two years).. they’ll immediately hire Rex Ryan day after he gets fired in NY Jets,

    who will hire Ryan back as defensive co-ord..

    then we’ll have the Ryan Brothers…

    and they’ll bring in Sanchez

  20. As long as Heckert keeps drafting for us, I don’t care who the coach is because they’ll get booed out of town anyways. (I hate browns fans’ impatience)

  21. couldntthinkofaname says:
    Jan 11, 2011 10:08 PM
    Hey Browns fans, you still happy you got rid of that horrible Mangini?

    You deserve this. Congrats!

    Just a couple of days until you can start the campaign to run Shurmer out of town!

    —My neighbor is a Browns’ fan (he realizes the futility). I talked to him about Mangini. He was happy to see him go, mostly because his feeling was that he was too conservative on offense and didn’t play to win. It’s as if he was convinced they couldn’t win because they were in rebuilding mode.

    My opinion is that Mangini is good coach with a flawed philosophy on rebuilding.

  22. Lets see, being a mediocre OC for a non-playoff team makes one qualified to be a HC? Nice “logic”! You go Cleveland!

  23. What the hell is so impressive about Shurmer’s resume’ that makes him the front runner ? Is he really the best option as opposed to dumpster diving for recycled losers?

  24. ninerfan94954 says:
    Jan 12, 2011 12:24 AM
    Shurmur’s dad was one of Holmgren’s co-ordinators when Holmgren was at Green Bay.

    Actually…Fritz was Pat Shurmur’s uncle.

    Regardless….I think he’s got the job and a good fit. These old has been’s that have been given chances (fair shakes or not), are not the proto-typical mode that these GM are looking for.

    As for another guy’s response on Holmgren. His window will close up shortly if this team goes backwards from this point, and he won’t get to sniff the HC job. They’re paying him God-like money to win NOW. If they falter from here forward, he’ll suffer the same fate as Mangini and the rest.

  25. Holmgren…forget these NFL retreads…let’s give URBAN MEYER or another successful college coach a try! It couldn’t hurt to bring Auburn’s coach in for an interview…if he can bring them to a championship after a 50+ year hiatus…why not the Browns?

  26. lol, so much Browns hate. nice to see my Brownies are still relevant despite 11 years (and counting) of terrible football.

    you people bagging on shurmur are probably the same fools who ripped on the the following other “no name” hires:

    – jon harbaugh in baltimore
    – mike tomlin in pittsburgh
    – raheem morris in tampa
    – mike smith in atlanta
    – mike mccarthy in green bay
    – todd haley in kansas city
    – sean payton in new orleans
    – andy reid in philly

    so i guess you anti-shurmur folks don’t think the offense had a thing to do with the rams improving by five wins this year?

    or that pat shurmur didn’t have a thing to do with sam bradford having the most successful year by a rookie QB in 20 years, despite having a terrible OL and a team littered with 4th and 5th WRs to go with one quality RB?

    hiring coaching has-beens is soooooo old news. we’ll let the rest of you pine for the grudens and cowhers of the world (and the total control they will demand to go someplace).

  27. I really think the Browns fans need to pull their heads out of their butts and look down the road about a 120 miles. Hiring a head coach with experience means nothing really. The Steelers have had 3 head coaches since 1969 and none of them were head coaches before the job in Pitt. Get some young fireball in there who might motivate some people and turn the franchise around! Stop begging to hire someone else’s trash (Gruden), or the huge ego (Cowher), and try hiring a winner.

  28. Holmgren also sought an opinion from Philadelphia’s Reid. He gave Shurmur a big thumbs up.
    With Holmgren’s experience and Reid’s experience, and both eyeing Shurmur as a coaching talent, I’m going to give way to their expertise. Holmgren and Reid have seen a lot of coaches.
    I think if Shurmur is the choice, Browns fans should get behind him instead of already complaining.
    If he wins, you complainers will jump on the band wagon and act as if you had kept your mouths shut all along!
    Get real! I’m not sure if I was a coach I’d even consider Cleveland. The frustration level is quite understandable. But, don’t tear a guy down before he even gets started!

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