Scott Fujita attacks Jerry Jones’ lockout remarks


In a Tuesday press conference arranged by the NFLPA and featuring two members of its Executive Committee (Browns linebacker Scott Fujita and Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth), Fujita responded to the recent attempt by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to minimize the impact of a lockout.

Asked during a portion of a 60 Minutes interview that CBS inexplicably diverted to an online-only feature, Jones was asked if a lockout would be disastrous to the sport.

“No.  I do not,” Jones said.

“For him to say something like that, to me, is one of the more irresponsible things I’ve heard through this whole process,” Fujita said, per the Associated Press.

In an interview last week on PFT Live, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked whether he agrees with Jones’ assessment of the impact of a lockout.

“I would tell you that I think we need to do everything we can to reasonably avoid a lockout.  It is not good for the fans and for the game itself,” Goodell said.   “I don’t believe it is good for the players or the clubs at the end of the day.  I will do everything I can and work night and day trying to avoid that.”

Former Colts and Bucs coach Tony Dungy, in a separate segment last week on PFT Live, went a step farther than Goodell.

“We’ve got to find a middle ground that’s good for both sides,” Dungy said.  “And my fear is that we don’t have enough Wellington Mara, Dan Rooney, Gene Upshaw-type people, and if that’s the case and if this does come into a full-blown lockout, I think it will be disastrous.  I really do.”

So do we.  And we have a feeling that other owners agree.  In fact, Fujita correctly senses that the owners aren’t as unified as they pretend to be.  Some, like Patriots owner Robert Kraft, seem to want to get a deal done.  Others, like Jones, are pushing for a fight — and hoping that via a fight the players will cave.

The problem is that the players eventually will cave, and owners like Jones know it.

And if that happens, the stage will be set for the players to eventually take a stand in order to level the playing field once again.

The best approach?  Both sides should quit acting like enemies, start acting like partners, and search for a way to create a playing field that will remain level over the long haul.

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  1. Let’s cut to the chase. Since Jerry Jones is one of the proponents of a lock out then the press should be asking him not the negotiators when the football season will start.

  2. The NFLPA must be insane to pass up the money in these times of low risk investing. Act now or the players seemed wish that Jones is wrong could come true, for the long term.

  3. Why would an owner, who as a group are planning a possible lockout, say that he believes a lockout would be disastrous to the game? I would imagine that the owners believe that it would be worse for them to continue under the current system than it would be to get a better one with the use of a lockout.

  4. Jerry Jones can’t even admit that he’s a sorry GM so that should tell everyone about his outlook on the CBA.

  5. “Scott Fujita Attacks Jerry Jones” — maybe if the media stopped fueling the fire, it wouldn’t be (seem) so contentious. Oh well, its all entertainment.

  6. Sounds like a good time for some billionaire to start a new league. Steal all the players and the NFL would be focked. Then when these rich ass fools (owners and players) can get their heads out, they’ll blend the leagues, like they did in the late 60’s and we’ll move on.

  7. Ask the vendors working the stadiums if it’s good for the game. Ask the cities that claim a game brings in millions if it’s good for the game. Ask the fans who are still experiencing a recession if it’s good for the game. Go ahead Jerry, bite the hand that feeds you.

  8. broncobourque – “I would imagine that the owners believe that it would be worse for them to continue under the current system than it would be to get a better one with the use of a lockout”

    It would be worse for them to continue under the current system?

    I hope your joking

    1 billion dollar stadium cost + at least 75,0000 seats (x) 0 fans in attendance = ? (Not exactly a “Who wants to be a millionaire question”)

    Please explain to everyone the type of math you are using ? Do you think Jerry Jones dumped a LARGE majority of his money to became a NFL owner because he thought it was a bad system?

    Please, the man said he was a owner as well as GM because this was his life and that he had nothing else.

  9. shhhhhh…
    lets not say anthing about what Al Davis has done….
    Lets talk about kraft because we dont want to have any good press about Al Davis.

    Like what he did a couple of years ago when he singly handed got a huge thing accomplished that would have been done if it wasnt for him….
    dont talk about that or this or PFT will have a hard time saying he is crazy

  10. It will SUCK if there is no NFL football next year. That being said, I do not believe it will be “disastrous” to the NFL, like it was for MLB. Once a deal is struck and games are being played, the fans will be back in droves. No matter that a bunch of millionaires/billionaires caused us to lose our beloved game, once they kiss and make up all will be forgiven. People don’t just love football, like some do baseball, they absolutely crave it. They’ll be there when the game comes back, I have absolutely no doubt.

  11. I wonder if this will hurt the economy? There will be no point spread gambling for a year, no games, no direct TV…..Maybe the Myans were right 2012 is the end.

  12. Scott Fujita’s comments today are a total embarrassment to the Cleveland Browns
    in my opinion. I was a huge fan of this guy until today. I wonder if he realizes that he not only represents a union (that shouldn’t exist) but a team in a region with crippling economic issues. These guys get paid at league minimum, a
    salary over 100x that of the average American, (lucky enough to have a job)

    These players are drunk with arrogance. It’s not just his comments, but the
    condescending tone of them. So what if the owners are getting rich? Any person
    with a job is most likely working their tail off to get the owner, or ceo rich.
    It’s nothing remarkable. It’s life. Unless Scott Fujita has a billion dollars
    to buy a franchise, he should shut up.

    If any person in society showed up at work and talked to their boss or vice
    president in the tone that this guy did, we would be fired immediately.

    So your risk injury? Big deal. So does the 12 year old in Thailand who works in
    slave conditions to weave your fresh new jersey you wear every game rather than

    So your career is on average short, with limited time to earn money. Well you
    know what pal? 90% of you went to college for free. How many people would kill
    for that opportunity? Exactly whose fault is it if along the way you chose to
    focus only on football, and never learn a thing or two in the classroom? Point
    being, when your career ends, GO GET A JOB.


  13. The Buffalo Bills under this current system make about $10 million a year and that is with Toronto and the stadium basically being sold out. If it wasn’t for the stadium being paid off and no ownership fees the Bills would be losing a ton of money. The current system is crap and even though the NFL is the largest sport in America no team is immune from losing money.

  14. The more the Real Football Men Owners like Al Davis, Mora and others are replaced by Non Football Business men type owners the more Greed and money become the only point that matters.

    It is a shame you had these GREAT men build the NFL into what it is today only to have these greedy guys with deep pockets destroy it.

  15. I’m not a fan of the players always thinking that they deserve more than they already get. There isn’t anywhere else in the world where thier athletic skills will pay them millions of dollars for being strong & fast…so, they need to suit thier arses up & go to work (like the rest of America), glad they have that opportunity.

  16. I’m sure there are more despicable human beings than Jerry Jones alive. But with Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot gone, I can’t think of any.

  17. the players won’t cave. the owners have much more to lose. the players own expensive houses, the owners own expensive stadiums.

  18. Many years ago, (being from Canada) I was a
    HUGE hockey fan, also I was a HUGE baseball fan, long before I was a football fan. I became a football fan in the early ’70s and this too grew.
    When Baseball went on strike, I went away, never to return. (and I have not in what? 17 years now?)
    When Hockey went on strike, I went away, never to return.
    When Football goes on strike, perhaps I will start following Golf or wrestling or some other real sport, and nobody will notice.
    But I (and I suspect a great many others) will just be gone.

  19. The only thing Al Davis has done was help Dan Snyder fill the “Crazy Owner” quota and go on his yearly dive for top draft picks. Oh, and sue every other owner in the NFL for things like using the color silver in their uniforms. PLEASE don’t come here and put Al Davis up on a pedestal for anything. The man is only half lucid most of the time. The rest of the time he is totally insane.

  20. Let’s be honest here because I guess it is hard for PFT to do. NFL fans do not really care about the players. I mean yeah of course we all have guys we are fans of, but who in the NFL is such a great presence that we absolutely have to have them? I for one enjoy going to random highschool football games and watching them because it is football. I enjoy turning on a division 3 college game because it is football. I occasionally watch the UFL and Arena Football (when it was on) and even tune in to an occasional CFL game when possible. The fact is, these players are already over paid. They cry about their millions while us fans break the bank on tickets, merchandise and sunday ticket. We all know that the owners are beyond rich or else they wouldn’t own the team. But they are business owners. I’d love to tell my CEO to give me more money or I am sitting outside all day but I am smart enough to know if I did that, I would be canned.

    Go ahead and have a lockout players, if the owners are bright they will load up their rosters with UFL and CFL guys because they know we are fans of the team and more importantly the game. Not fans of a bunch of overpaid cry babies.

  21. I know this will never happen but you fans need to remind the owners and players who pays their salaries


    vote with your feet – if they go on strike BOYCOTT THE FIRST GAME WHEN THEY COME BACK.

    I know it will never happen but it sure would send a message and to see the embarrassed looks on the faces of the commentators, the players, the owners, would be priceless

  22. pakasprz says:
    Jan 11, 2011 11:38 PM
    The Buffalo Bills under this current system make about $10 million a year and that is with Toronto and the stadium basically being sold out. If it wasn’t for the stadium being paid off and no ownership fees the Bills would be losing a ton of money. The current system is crap and even though the NFL is the largest sport in America no team is immune from losing money.

    Pretty bad example, since they, you know, LIVE IN BUFFALO. I heard Buffalo only has an Applebee’s for night time entertainment.

    What the NFL should actually do is shut down 2 franchises (Buffalo and Jax jump to mind, since they are the two owners always claiming poverty), and realign back to 6 divisions, 5 teams per. The talent pool won’t be so watered down, the two crappiest markets will be out of the way, and everyone will be happy.

  23. I can guarantee you Mike Brown is right there with Jerry Jones in wanting to fight the players for all they can get out of them. He and Jerry Jones are the epitamy of greedy, a$$hole owners who don’t know $hit about running a football team when they think they do. At least Jones has had some success in the past compared to Mike Brown’s 20 years of ignorance. But these guys are 2 peas in a pod. The NFL would be much better off w/o owners like this.

  24. @rs389521

    Look, I hope there isn’t a lockout since I as a fan I would like to have a full season and even a full offseason of football. The fact is that the owners aren’t making nearly enough off of an investment that costs billions. If you went to any investor and asked him to invest in something that is currently getting less than a 1% return for some of these owners, you would get laughed out of the room. Right now, a lot of the employees are making more money than the owners, in any business that is a problem from an ownership perspective.

    The other thing you seem to be missing is that most of the owners have other sources of revenue and can afford a lockout. Most of the players don’t and can’t. If there is a lockout it is the equivalent of a sports car playing chicken with a transport truck and the players are the sports car.

  25. You better hope that Pro Football does something quick Michael, cuz you are about ready to be kicked to the curb, by me AND the nine other people that view this site!
    Step Your Game Up

  26. The owners will receive the TV revenue next year even if there are no games. Think the players have that kind of leverage?? Since the TV money accounts for approx. 75% of annual revenues per team, I think the owners are sitting pretty in this scenario. You may hate Jerry Jones, but he’s right, whether you like it or not.

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