T.J. Houshmandzadeh would love to face “shady” Pete Carroll

A Seahawks-Ravens Super Bowl is an extremely unlikely matchup, but T.J. Houshmandzadeh can dream about it.

Houshmandzadeh, who was released by the Seahawks and signed with the Ravens in September, told SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio that he’d love to get a piece of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll because of the way Houshmandzadeh’s departure from Seattle was handled.

“To be honest with you, of course, because I felt like the way it went down -– I don’t really want to get into it –- but the way it went down was shady to me,” Houshmandzadeh said, in quotes circulated by SiriusXM. “But it is what it is. Hopefully they’ll keep winning and we will, too.”

Houshmandzadeh hinted that Carroll kept him on the Seahawks’ roster to be a training camp body even though the coach had already decided to move on and make Mike Williams, whom Carroll had coached at USC, the team’s No. 1 receiver. Houshmandzadeh has a problem with that.

“I just felt the way things were going when I was there, I knew what was happening, and I felt like if you’re gonna do it, you know you were gonna do it months ago, just do it then,” Houshmandzadeh said. “Don’t try to string it out and do it that way where it makes it very tough for me to get with a team and contribute. Luckily I was able to come here [to Baltimore] but it is very hard to come to a team the week prior to the regular season starting and contribute in a way that I’m used to doing.”

Things turned out well for both the Seahawks and Houshmandzadeh. But for things to turn out so well that Houshmandzadeh gets a shot at his old team next month is probably too much to ask.

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  1. Housh didn’t produce in his time in Seattle. Not enough to back up his big talk. Seattle looks around to lots of teams and sees the old guys, like Deion Branch (Baltimore will have their work cut out for them trying to beat the Pats). Branch didn’t do anything with his time in Seattle. Julius Jones just lost to his former teammates when Seattle upset the Saints. It’s just too bad the Seahawks can’t meat them all in the playoffs and show them all. Seahawks in the Superbowl!

  2. This guy is a tool if that is what happened it happens every summer.

    I can see why the bengals cut this fool

  3. Everytime this guy opens his mouth, its to cry like a little girl. (and no im no damn seachicken fan)

  4. Another good athlete with an attitude … he was better than anything the RAvens had … and could be used to take the ability of teams to double cover Boldin, If he ever ends up somewhere else, he’ll be raggin’ on Harbaugh with another boo hoo story … just like Lewis, Carroll, and probably any other coach he had. Hope Ray Lewis gives him a whack and tells him to man up and just catch the damn ball. Another big talker but little to show …

  5. You have to play like a number one reciever to be one. Not just talk about. Go ahead TJ. Keep looking past the Steelers. I remember the last time you did that. Come out on the field, shine your shoes with a Terrible towel and get shut down. We’ve all see this act before. Just another shoe shine boy who like to run his mouth.

  6. If I remember correctly the Bengals didn’t cut Hous, his contract was up & he was a free agent… But if he can’t figure out why Seattle didn’t want him any longer he’s dumber than I thought..

  7. I don’t know why this guy is complaining. It turned out pretty well for him. He’s on a playoff team that is good enough to win the Super Bowl. Why is he even thinking about anything else?

    If he’s part of a trophy ceremony in February is he still going to be grudging about something that was essentially a business decision?

    Dude, go play! Win! Be happy!

  8. But for things to turn out so well that Houshmandzadeh gets a shot at his old team next month is probably too much to ask.



  9. Remember when they played the 9ers a few years ago…4th quarter the bengals are losing the game… this guy and Ochocinco laughing on the bench not a care in the world. Lucky that he has this opportunity with a contender.

  10. There is nothing that players dislike more than having smoke blown their way, only to have the rug pulled out at the last minute.

    And Houshmandzadeh isn’t the first to get the worst of this Carroll tactic either. Taylor Mays also was led to believe one thing by PC, only to hear a completely different story, in the end.

    If I were a Free Agent, I would be very cautious before signing there….

  11. Guy was always a whiner…can’t say I was very psyched when we signed him. In comparison to how a lot of other free agents have been received in Bmore over the years, I would have to say that his acceptance here has been distant & lukewarm at best. Glad for his contributions to the team…but don’t really care if he returns or not. Don’t think it would have much of an effect either way, either…

  12. First, neither Carroll or anyone else knew if Williams would play his way on to the team after being out of football for two seasons. Then, Williams outplayed Housh. Carroll couldn’t trade Housh with his 7M contract, so the Hawks had to just cut him and eat the contract. Of course, Housh’s legendary lockerroom cancer attitude didn’t endear him to Carroll’s ‘ All In’ philosophy – Housh is a man who is only aware of his own stats. No one in Seattle cried when he left. Seattle fans did cry when Josh Wilson was traded to the Ravens, tho…

  13. The guy is the fourth best receiver on the Ravens. He thinks he is the #1 receiver in the league. When has he ever done anything meaningful in a meaningful game?

  14. More tough talk from a guy that regularly runs out of bounds or drops to the ground to avoid contact instead of picking up extra yardage.

    This guy has no heart and even less class.

    Rex Ryan thinks this guy talks too much.

  15. I dont even care what this guy has to say I mean who says theyre not gonna play madden anymore because a 91 overall rating isnt high enough? If u ask me he shouldve quit playing madden because they even gave this scrub a 91.

  16. Houshmandzadeh is like one of those bitchy, insecure girls that gets dumped and just can’t let it go. She just keeps bitching, even though the guy that dumped her isn’t listening, and doesn’t care.

  17. I forgot to mention when he was released by the seahawks he said he wanted to go back to cincy and marvin lewis said no thanks so what does that say about this guy I mean,the bengals will sign just about anyone. Except douchemanzadeh.

  18. First off, I don’t think it’s T.J. Houche’s attitude that is the problem, from what I’ve read he is not a sore in the locker room. To me it’s his production on the field, aside from a few seasons in Cincinatti, he hasn’t really been that productive. Maybe Pete was the smart one not the shady one. I’m not pete carrol fan by any stretch of the imagination either

  19. The really bad thing is, not only did Houshmandzadeh make too much money this season (around $7M), but the Seahawks actually paid most of that, while TJ was playing for the Ravens.

    Bad signing for the Seahawks from the start, and the situation keeps getting worse….

  20. The funniest part of this story is the douch-bag seahag fans are big on Mike Williams. The Raiders, the team that smoked seattle, cut his fat lazy arse along with the Lions wouldn’t dream of moving ahead with a clown like that for a number 1 WR. Good luck with Petey boy!

  21. ” it is very hard to come to a team the week prior to the regular season starting and contribute in a way that I’m used to doing.”

    You mean doing absolutely nothing? Because that’s all you did here in Seattle. Oh, that and ask to be interviewed after each and every 2 yard reception.

    I’m so glad the Douchemandzadeh is bye-bye.

  22. I registered simply to say this.

    Pete’s mantra dictates that if there is a better player available you are at risk. Regardless what he told you. He runs a competing machine. You vie for a specific role if you dont fit or fail to produce. You’re outa here. Earl Thomas was a better player. Sorry Mays. No ones job is assured. And now that he’s settled in I dont think there will be many that wont know the way he does tings. I actually think it will attract free agents for the challenge in the premise and promise. The promise being. If you’re the best you’ll play.

  23. Also if you ever want to know what its like to see a piece of lumber catch a pass give Housh a look. Dude is stiff as a board. The only reach he has is jumping up for the ball. He will not dive or slide to make the play. His upside is very sure hands. But Pete wants play makers not over qualified possession receivers.

  24. Great. Now we have the TOchohoush show. These 3 guys are all the same. Prima Donnas who destroy teams. Keep yapping. The train wreck in coming.

  25. Sour grapes Housh! Be happy where you’re at and stop the complaining! The Seahawks are still paying you.

  26. I’m a die hard Ravens fan…I love having Housh, but I have to admit, he is extremely whiny, and annoying. I can’t see Ozzie re-signing him for next year, it was purely a sign based on value…800 grand for a solid number two receiver, not too bad.

  27. The bigger question is, why is a radio station interviewing a guy who averages one catch and 9 yards a game.

  28. Maybe next August TJ. Otherwise the #5 AFC seed shouldn’t be expecting to face the 7-9 NFC team in the Super Bowl.

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