We need more mailbag questions

Last week, we opened the phone lines during the third episode of PFT Live.  And we promptly received five or six calls, easily filling up the segment.

But we were Baba Booeyed by one of the callers, who at least waited until the tail end of a decent question before invoking the nickname of Howard Stern’s long-time producer.  The incident has us concerned that someone will call in and unleash profanity during our live show (or, even worse, ask a question about baseball).

So we’re in the process of building in a seven-second delay.  (You know, like the one ABC used when Green Day was on Good Morning America.)  Until then, we’ll be taping the PFT Live mailbag at 10:00 a.m. ET each Thursday, and then playing it in the 12:20 p.m. ET segment.

We’ll also supplement the process with mailbag questions.  Thus, we need to ask for mailbag questions.

Consider yourself asked.  Now ask the questions.

11 responses to “We need more mailbag questions

  1. Regarding the Eagles: Is it time to wonder if maybe Andy & co should move on? While a number of playoff appearances in 12 years is one thing, is it safe to start assuming that is always where he will plateau, close but never good enough for a championship? Or, should he stay for the next 35 years? Can they really keep running the same offense and defense for 12 years and expect anything different? Do you stay with that and just keep crossing your fingers?When do you move on, or do you never move on?

  2. A profanity delay for an Internet show? I find that to be disgusting. Hang up on the idiot caller and move on, don’t encumber an inherently uncensored medium with FCC-inspired censorship.

  3. Question: What color is your mailbag?

    Is there even a mailbag at all?

    Or is the mailbag some sort of metaphor?

    Isn’t the term “mailbag” phonetically chauvanistic?

    Wouldn’t “person-bag” be more appropriate?

    There you go – that should give you enough questions for a column

  4. serious question:

    Why should the Browns fans feel good about the next head coach?

    (Rams fans seem overwhelming happy to get rid of him, especially with the poor showing week 17 against Seattle. Stats don’t look that good for RB and QB at Rams.

    I can only see Holmgren quiting after two years of Shurm and retire back to Seattle.

    I saw Lerner smiling as he went into a bank the other day.

  5. Dude, how is the Rooney rule racist? All it is is that you have to interview more than one person for the head coaching job of a team.

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