Bill Polian preparing four offseason plans

As we mentioned in a post earlier this morning, the uncertainty surrounding this offseason will ultimately reward the best front offices more than usual.   Teams have to be prepared for everything, and ready to move quickly whenever free agency starts.  If it starts.

To that end, Colts president Bill Polian told Mike Chapell of the Indianapolis Star that the Colts are preparing their offseason plan of attack based on four different scenarios:

1. A collective bargaining agreement is worked out before March 4.

2. A short work stoppage.

3. A long work stoppage.

4.  A decision is made to operate under an undefined “set of rules.”

Florio goes over what those rules might be in his 10 things to know about the labor situation.  Polian thinks that last scenario is the least likely.  No matter how the offseason plays out, it’s clear we are entering uncharted territory.

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  1. This is a shame. I read the other post too about Caldwell not going anywhere and how “Irsay” thanks he’s done a great job.

    Caldwell has probably done everything thats asked from Bill Polian, it doesn’t mean neither of them are doing the best for an all great pocket passer like Manning, sometimes “best” isn’t good enough. He has this double talking mumbo jumbo down though like Polian.
    If Peyton Manning re-signs then he has no room to bitch. The Colts just don’t see their mistakes and its sad. I’m absolutley convinced they are not trying to win Super Bowls. It must be JUST division titles their after, seriously. I don’t get it, just don’t get it.

  2. Jason, I would normally call somebody complaining about “JUST division titles” a crybaby.

    However, you are right. Caldwell sucks, and I don’t blame Manning if he doesn’t re-sign with the Colts. It just sucks that Manning has put so many years into that system and is now caught between staying with the Colts and a horrible coach and starting all over with another team.

  3. What is there to plan for? No matter the situation, Polian is not going to do anything in free agency. He is going to draft undersized tight ends, offensive linemen, defensive ends and safeties. And next fall he will again waste one of the final years of an elite QB.

  4. Everybody makes mistakes, that isnt too difficult to figure out. But, until Polian, Caldwell, and anyone else that is in charge of anything in the Colts organization accepts the fact that occasionally they make mistakes, this franchise will be nothing more than a South Division powerhouse that fails miserably when the playoffs start…..

    Every team sets goals, and the first goal is to win the division, the Colts have mastered that one, lets try to reach something a little more difficult to attain next year…..I hate Peyton, the Colts, and their fans, but I actually feel sorry for the fans a little bit. As Jasonculhane said above, accept your mistakes, acknowledge them, learn from them, and become better because of it. It is ok to mess up, trying to convince yourself and everyone else that you didnt mess up, makes you look even dumber…

  5. Uh, hello? Colts fans are a bunch of cry babies. You were in the superbowl last year, and are one of the winningest teams of the last decade. The rest of the fans don’t feel sorry for you.

  6. Colts fan have a right to complain. If Patriot fans complained then that would be ridiculous, theyve been to 4 SB’s and won 3. The Colts only have 1 ring with arguably the best QB in league history. Despite all the winning seasons there has been PLENTY to be disappointed about, and to complain about. Someone needs to be held accountable!!

  7. Peyton needs to give them an ultimatum… “It’s either Caldwell or Me”. I was listening to the radio and anyone that supports Caldwell talks about how the mistakes that he made didn’t necessarily cost the Colts the game.

    Excuse me, but if your best defense is that your coach’s mistakes didn’t cause you to lose a game, that’s a very low bar to set.

    You know Bilicheck is going to have a great game plan in place and get his team pumped and ready to play on Sunday night.

    Caldwell spends all week planning on using the same base 4-3 defense with two deep safties, which is the exact same strategy they’ve used in the previous 16 games, regardless of the opponent. The best is when they instantly transform to a “Prevent” defense once the Colts get a 7-0 lead! At some point, Caldwell needs to be a reason they WIN some games, and not just hope he doesn’t lose them for you with his HORRIBLE game plans and game-management skills.

  8. Polian is a personnel genius. Any statement to the contrary is just straight up blasphemy.

  9. The Colts fans who complain about the management of the team are fans that actually watch their games from beginning to end and know their problems. I get that direct tv, so I watch all the games, not just the Colts, I’m not a Colts fan, I’m a Manning fan though. I can tell you the priorities of every team from a 16 game season, like many of you probably could.

    Sure, their are secrets I don’t know about, I’m no coach, coordinator, but I can tell a teams overall philosophy, weaknesses, strengths of each team and week by week see if corrections were made and adjustments were made from the previous game on which they lost, had a horrible turnover, horrible timeout, horrible defense, whatever.

    Out of 32 national football league teams, I can tell you this group here didn’t change a thing week by week…Saints, Bengals, Texans, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Dallas, SanDiego, Titans, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver (under McDaniels) and the Indianapolis Colts. What I’m saying is, everyweek after week 1 these teams changed very little on what they were doing on either offense or defense. They never TRIED to fix the same problems that were burning them. No matter what team they faced the opposing team’s offense or defense did the same EXACT things to them in terms of planning, WEEK by WEEK. Never once did I think that the approach was different or appear different on what those teams planned for via the next game. According to play calling and strategy it was the same every week.

    This next group of teams appeared to ME, to have different strategies planned for each and every team they faced. Baltimore, Jets, Patriots, Pittsburg, Green Bay, Philadelpia, Raiders, Giants, Detroit, Seatle, Buffalo, Atlanta and Tampa Bay. Thats what I observed from this years season. Those teams played each game differently, opposing team differently in terms of philosophy from the naked eye. From right out of the gate you can see the adjustments that were made, the first set of teams, I never saw anykind of “real” adjustment in terms of planning.

    Now check this out:

    The Colts, without the shadow of a doubt were by far the most predictable team on both offense and defense. I knew everytime there was “man coverage” on Austin Collie or Dallas Clark the Colts were looking for him in the middle of the zone, before the safety would get there for around 14 yards on the same skinney post. Collie and Clark ran the same routes during the exact set of circumstances. When Collie got his concussion, came back, then got another concussion. It was the same exact play, during the same exact circumstances in terms of reading coverage, unFRIGGIN believable.

    What was even more unrealistic is that, if your a good coach who has faced the Colts, if you know Dallas Clark’s hot routes you just found out Austin Collie runs the same EXACT hot route….And you know what the Colts would try it again…With Blair White and Jacob Tamme….I couldn’t believe it, talk about getting someone murdered. The Cowboys and Chargers SAW this on tape folks and were WAITING for it.

    This is just my observations but because Austin Collie got hit so many times because of this route, the other wide receivers on the team were afraid to whole heartidly run it, it was just how the other teams were ready for it during the field of play that surprised me. The Colts then were forced to take this particular play or plays out of their playbook the final 3 weeks of the year, resulting in very ho – hum statistical numbers for the offense.

    Off season planning????This team needs an absolute overhaul now, coaching staff first. Going by this direction and just lackadaisical approach on game preperations, I can’t see the Colts ever winning another SuperBowl. Their approach to the draft, free agency, game preperations, coaching and overall team management is just out dated. Sorry for the book here, I think you may find what I say interesting I hope..LOL!

  10. jasonculhane

    i AM a colts fan and do watch everygame in full. i have season tickets and attend every home game, and then go home and watch the DVR’ed broadcast.

    i hate to say this, but you are CORRECT!

    other fans call us spoiled, but the truth is, we just want the most out of what we have. we are not spoiled. quite the opposite. we know what we have WON’T last forever.

    changes must be made now while we can still compete for championships.

    tick, tick, tick…

  11. pubobby2004

    Thanks man, its just what I’ve noticed. I know you guys got a brand new stadium and from a birdseye view it just seems like they do enough to get your guys to go to the games, nothing more. You guys are not spoiled, but I think they use it as leverage because of the overall success they have had during the last 10 years. You and I know what could have been though.

  12. here’s a great example what you are talking about. that new stadium added about 6000 seats. guess how many came off the waiting list when it opened.


    that’s right. i have an email from my season ticket rep confirming it. all additional seats were sold in packages to sponsors before ever being offered to fans who had spent as long as 5 years on the waiting list. i was one of them.

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