Cushing doesn’t want a new deal, yet

When word emerged on Monday that Texans linebacker Brian Cushing had made an agent change from CAA to Rosenhaus Sports, we commenced the process of sniffing around to obtain information regarding the reason for the change, especially since the maneuver often suggests that the player wants a raise.  But with Cushing only two years into his rookie contract and coming off a disappointing second season, now isn’t the time for him to try to enhance the slotted deal he received in 2009.

The other potential explanation was that Cushing believed that CAA didn’t sufficiently support him last year, when reports emerged of his four-game suspension for violation of the steroids policy.

We’re hearing that Cushing and his family simply didn’t believe that the player was receiving enough “personal attention” from Tom Condon.  That’s not a knock on Condon or CAA; every client is different, and the perceptions and expectations of a player and his family members will vary greatly.  (Indeed, it’s possible that CAA greeted the decision with quiet relief.)

Based on the information we’ve gathered, Rosenhaus ended up being the pick because:  (1) Rosenhaus Sports was the runner-up to represent Cushing when he came out of USC; (2) the firm represents some of his best friends; and (3) RSR has negotiated long-term deals for other Texans players like tackle Eric Winston and defensive lineman Antonio Smith.

So rest easy, Texans fans.  Your rookie star who had a sophomore slump isn’t looking for more money.


6 responses to “Cushing doesn’t want a new deal, yet

  1. “We’re hearing that Cushing and his family simply didn’t believe that the player was receiving enough “personal attention” from Tom Condon.”

    Cushing bent over and told Condon to shoot to thrill, but Condon refused.

  2. Cushing just needs to be happy that he has a job. If Demeco makes that much of a difference to the defense, then we definitely need better support at the OLB positions. Of course, this may not be as much of an issue if we switch to a 3-4. Cushing looked horrible this year. His pursuit routes to the ball were horrible and allowed for some big gains against the D. There is no question that the front 7 of the D will be the focus this offseason. It really doesn’t matter who you have in the secondary if the front 7 isn’t getting pressure on the QB. And actually, Cushing only seemed worth anything when he was blitzing because otherwise he struggled playing zone defense.

  3. Of course he doesn’t after last year’s performance. This way he can get back on cycle, roid out and get a big contract.

  4. Wtf, why do most of my posts never make it up? Makes it kind of pointless to try when someone censors everything……

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