Jim Caldwell isn’t going anywhere

We’ve heard the question asked from a few different places: Should Colts coach Jim Caldwell be on the hot seat?

It’s a fair question, but it may be beside the point.  There’s no chance Caldwell will lose his job.

“Jim’s done a really good job,” owner Jim Irsay old the Indianapolis Star.  “[People] forget he was on the field less than a year ago while we were hoisting the AFC championship trophy in front of our fans.”

Caldwell’s game management skills failed his team on more than one occasion this year.  Even Peyton Manning couldn’t hide his displeasure at the indefensible timeout called at the end of the loss to the Jets.  Considering Caldwell doesn’t really run the offense or defense, what does he bring to the table?

“People express their opinion, which is great,” Irsay  said.  “As the owner, I’m the one who has to decide who measured up under tough circumstances, who did their job. Our guys did.”

Irsay is in a tough spot.  No matter what the fans or some writers want, the Colts aren’t going to change the offensive or defensive systems that have been in place for so long.  That limits the choices Irsay could make as a head coach.

It also limits Caldwell’s responsibilities, so he needs to dramatically improve his game management skills.

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  1. “Even Peyton Manning couldn’t hide his displeasure?” When does Manning ever “hide his displeasure?” He’s the first guy to make a face, rolll his eyes, yell at a receiver, talk about “problems with protection…” Anything to let the viewing audience know that, hey, it certainly wasn’t HIS fault. Again.

  2. I’m not sure Caldwell is to blame for the early out of my beloved Colts but he surely didn’t help. The timing of the timeout was a bit bizarre. He should be on a short leash. That being said, had not injuries decimated the defensive backfield and the receiving corps (which did thin the special teams ranks a bit), the Colts would have kicked the Jets back to Jersey with little difficulty.

  3. It’s too bad. . . I don’t think he is a very good coach. A good man, but lacking in coaching skills.

    You can blame Manning if you like, but as a Steelers fan, I was hollering at the t.v. when the Colts called that time out.

    I wanted to know who was so stupid to do that. BAD COACHING. . . You went from a 48 yard FG try to a 20 something yard FG try. . .


  4. How can you repeat the same mistake from Jaguars that cost you a game and nearly the playoffs and have your boss say you did a really good job? This time the mistake cost the season. This isn’t HS of College, he is an alleged professional. Everyone knew it was a mistake when it happened…again. This team will be lucky to be 9-7, 8-6 next season and will miss the playoffs. I feel the same steady decline that always seems to take place when a coach in waiting is given the keys. He seems to inspire as much confidence in the Colts as Zorn did for ‘Skins. What exactly does he do but call timeouts at the worst possible moment and throw his red flag when everyone else sees the same thing the ref did…does he watch the games?

  5. that really sucks. i didn’t expect a change though. we love the colts for their consistency and loyalty, but i think they are starting to define “loyal to a fault”.

    someone PLEASE tell me what Jim Caldwell has done to merit becoming Peyton Manning’s boss. It just makes no sense. the worst part is, the clock is ticking.

    We have MAYBE 4 more years of MVP level play from Peyton. If we are going to bring in any help at the coaching level, it must be done now. in 2 years, when we realize how overmatched our coach is, it will be too late

  6. That’s right – Caldwell isn’t going anywhere -just like the Colts are never goung anywhere again. The “curse” has begun. This is what Polian and Caldwell get for “laying down” for the Jets and “Mr. Bluster” last year instead of trying to make NFL history. They are now officially “cursed”.

  7. The good news for Colts fans is that Irsay waited before making a statement, which tells us that he at least thought about firing Caldwell.

  8. This reminds me of the University of Miami when Larry Coker took over. The pieces were all in place when he got there, they win a championship, he’s a nice man that people root for, but the program just went on a slow downhill slide year after year. I see that happening in Indy over the next three to four years.

  9. Mack1222 – it’s so much more than a timeout. you must not live in Indy.

    the point is, he isn’t an all-time great coach. he may be average, or even good. but that’s not enough. we are not here to go 10-6 and make the playoffs.

    we have the talent on this team to win the superbowl every year. with a great head coach, we will.

    the Manning/Brady debate is endless. they are 1 and 1A depending on your home area code. the obvious difference in these teams has always been coaching.

    Manning deserves a chance to be coached by an offensive mind. This franchise deserves a defense and special teams that doesn’t need a 21 point lead.

  10. Why would he go anywhere. He seems to be a guy standing on the sidelines with a title. Manning runs the team just watch a repay of any game. They show the sidelines, what do you see Caldwell doing? What do you see Manning doing? Kind of answers that doesn’t it.

  11. This guy is a joke, obviously endorsed by Dungy. You ever watch this guy during a game? What’s he listening to in those headphones? Are they on? He NEVER says anything into that microphone. He’s a boob! He’s made 2 decisions in the last 2 seasons, 1) sit the players and forfeit a historic season and 2) that blunderous timeout. Totally a token appointment having this idiot as an HC

  12. Just another 10 win season. Just another season where Manning somehow threw for more yards then he had done before. Numerous key players on both offense and defense out for the last game. Diem was gone and somehow they still had chance at the end of the game. I desperately wanted them to win but they didn’t have enough players left when the game started. Take those same position players away from the Jets. Start with Revis. Now put those same players back in the Colts line up. How close is the game? Colts fans are used to 10 win seasons. I guess it’s not enough.

  13. Jim Caldwell isn’t going anywhere…yet. But, if he continues to make boneheaded decisions, like that timeout, in important games, Jim Caldwell will be back as a position coach in the college game.

    I always thought there were two factions operating the Colts. One was the Dungy faction that basically ran the defense and the day-to-day administration of the team the past few years. The other was the Tom Moore/Howard Mudd faction that ran the offense and was closer to the players. It seemed like Polian was closer to the Moore/Mudd faction, but with Mudd retiring and Clyde Christiansen taking over Moore’s duties as OC this year, it was apparent Caldwell took more control. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

  14. It wasn’t just the time out. That whole game did not look like a Colts offense to me. I don’t root for them, but do enjoy watching them play.
    The OC did a lousy job. It seemed like they were trying to get a running game to set up the pass, and thats not the Colts.
    During their last drive, Peytons picking them apart passing and its 3rd and seven and they run the ball.
    I don’t know but it just seemed that the Colts were playing to lose that game.

  15. As long as Caldwell is the coach, the Colts aren’t going anywhere.

    It’s amazing to think that a year ago, it was almost Jim Caldwell vs. Brad Childress in the Super Bowl.

  16. Yea, better do it sooner than later because he’s not a good coach. I know he failed at Wake Forest, and it’s Wake Forest, but he was a terrible coach there, not much will change with better players.

    The same deterioration that you’ve seen withl the Chargers under Norv Turner and numerous other examples of the guy following a good coach should serve as an example.

    Peyton doesn’t have long now, so they’d better make the move now rather than later, although realistically the window might already be closed unless you have enough balls to rein him back as he starts to see his skills erode.

  17. 10 wins is not good enough. I don’t understand why it is good enough for other teams.

    There are world class coaches available. Why not hire one?

  18. Maybe the Colts can hire Cowher or Gruden when they are looking for a new HC after next season when they fail to make the playoffs.

  19. I’ve said this over and over again.

    In that division, with Peyton Manning, and a healthy team virtually anyone on this board could coach them into the playoffs. They will win the AFC South next year and probably the year after that. Barring some incredible screw up by Caldwell, he’s staying.

    Besides, only the Raiders fire coaches after good seasons.

  20. If Caldwell is on the hot seat—a year after the super bowl, them perhaps Sean Payton should be on that seat as well. Payton’s team absolutely sucked—and they were playing Seattle.

    At least the Colts lost to a legitimate playoff team. But no, you just gotta find a way to run negative things about Caldwell.

    That’s because you know the majority of your readers absolutely HATE Caldwell..and Lovie Smith, and Raheem Morris, and Tony Dungy.

    Hey, I wonder why that is?

  21. Caldwell isn’t the coach you have alongside a Peyton Manning. Its a shame to him and to his greatness that this organization thinks its good enough. It makes me question if they even know what their doing.

    The above brought up Dungy…Dungy would have never called that “timeout”…Why don’t you ask him if ITS ok.

    I can’t make anything out of this organization but if Manning stays and re-signs with the same coaches, same inept team, he’s to blame too, and he’s just as senile. If he re-signs I never want to see him “raise his arms” for no reason ever again to question a coaching call, throw his kicker under the bus, offensive line or anything. He should just shut up because he sold his soul to millions and mediocrity.

  22. pubobby2004

    I live in Indy and I can tell you if what you say is true then you have never had a head coach worth anything in this town! Dungey won 1 Superbowl with all that talent and the other two coaches since the 1999 draft have done less. The time out was not the reason the Colts lost the game, the way they played the game is the reason.

  23. Jim Caldwell: Proving to the world that anyone can be an NFL head coach. Qualifications are unnecessary.

    If I’m Peyton Manning’s agent (and damn wouldn’t that be nice) I insist that Manning receives the title of “head coach” since that’s basically what he is anyway. And this way he can officially overrule Caldwell when he makes one of his boneheaded decisions.

  24. Jim Caldwell is the Bill Stewart of the NFL. A guy who has no business being a head coach who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

  25. footballfan

    i think you’re on to something. we haven’t had a great coach. sorry everyone, but Dungy’s great Tampa-2 was built on the idea that Peyton can keep a lead. He created a great atmoshere and winning culture. but, truth be told, and i’m sure you’ll remember this, he WAS on the hot seat before winning the superbowl.

    but that wasn’t my point. this offense needs an offensive mind to run it. peyton shouldn’t have to do the job of a QB and a HC.

    read Jason Whitlock’s article…

  26. Why this is so surprising is that you would think the big fat GM would want to bring in coaches that were great to coach a great quarterback. I guess not, then?

    Unproven coaches are the way to go I guess. Its not going to get any better. It should just keep getting worse. When you don’t fix your mistakes people will just keep running the football, know that have atleast “4” timeouts to start the second half if its close, and average starting field position will be the 40 yardline.

    I mean hell, if the game is close you know Jim Caldwell will call a timeout if your in Colts territory, you can pretty much count on it every time. Its like playing a game with artificial intelligence, it makes the same mistakes over and over again.

    From time to time I get on this site called Stampede Blue, its a decent site. They seem to hold Bill Polian responsible for his deliberate neglect of responsibilities. I’m no Colts fan, but I’m so intrigued by how this team runs its organization away from everything else that seems normal. I will say I enjoy watching Peyton Manning play, Tom Brady play football. They are greats, but their roads are entirely different when it comes to management of the team. IF Tom Brady played for this Colts team, I think he would get hurt every year, he needs alot of time to pass the ball. If Manning played for the Patriots, he would have won atleast 2 more super bowls and put up the same numbers.

    The simple thing is, Patriots philosophy is 5 strengths every year seem to be quarterback, offensive line, linebacking core, safety and atleast ONE shut down corner. The Colts strengths are all one sided…Quarterback, Tight End, WideReceiver, 2 Defensive Ends…..There’s not enough talent spread out.

    Am I wrong here?

  27. LOL, this guy took over a championship caliber team with one of the top five QBs to ever play the game, and hes barely making it to the playoffs, and yet hes got people convinced that the colts are going to the super bowl…. Come on now, im not a colts fan but i will admit the colts are still a force to be reckoned with if they can get their stuff together. It starts with the coach, and i say if they barely make it to the playoffs next year and lost in the wild card, then fire him!!!!

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