Reggie Bush faces reality

Last year, Saints running back Reggie Bush reportedly wasn’t inclined to reduce his $8 million base salary in the wake of a Super Bowl season.  And the Saints opted to pay him that much money for 2010.

They’d probably like to have a Mulligan.  Bush suffered a fractured fibula after muffing a punt in Week Two against the 49ers, and he ultimately appeared in only eight games.  He rushed for 150 yards and generated 208 receiving.

That’ $22,346.36 for each yard from scrimmage.

This year, Bush’s salary skyrockets to $11.8 million.  And he realizes that the team can’t justify paying him that much money.

Common sense would tell you probably not,” Bush told reporters on Tuesday, per Bradley Handwerger of WWL-TV.  “But most likely not.  We’ll see what happens.”

Unlike 2010, he’s willing to take less money to stay.

“I’m open to whatever is going to help me stay here,” Bush said.  “Obviously, with that said, you have to be fair to yourself.  You have to be fair to whatever the market sets.  I’m not stupid or dumb.  I know that obviously there’s going to have to be some type of restructuring going on here.  With that said, you’ve just got to kind of hash it out as best as you can.  Negotiations, things can go a million different ways.

“My No. 1 goal is to be back here, be a New Orleans Saint and hopefully be able to play my career out here.”

It makes sense for both sides.  And unless the Saints are hoping to recoup some of that $22,346.36-per-yard-from-scrimmage, the team and the player should be able to work out a deal that keeps him fairly compensated, perhaps by paying him extra based on his ability to suit up for games and his performances once he does.

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  1. This is where the players all need to realize that vast pay differences cause such grief all around. 20% of the players make ~85% of the money. Looking at the NFL owners as a greedy individuals when the player standing right next to you / that does no more than you, earns so much more than you is not right.

    The players need to find a cap amongst themselves as to how much more they’re going to be paid versus a teammate versus the owners. In a normal business situation and based on having a similiar position, your salaries are within a certain % of each other. This 1000% difference in most cases is a gross misconduct & needs to be adjusted accordingly.

    In most major sports events, the winners make the most money and play at a individual level. This is a team event & the players need to be paid more like a team. This type of scenario will also assure a more competitive league with no team amassing a much larger talent base. Smaller market teams can have a chance to succeed & the league will grow even more generating that much more for the players.

    Kick the lawyers out, all the sports agents & let the players make huge extra money on endorsements at will. That should be enough money to secure a majority of them after vested pensions are set up.

  2. Reggie Bush is a stiff, and so am I for picking him up for the 1st round playoff game. I’m not saying that I have any knowledge of Bush taking PED’s, he just fits all the criteria. His body seems to completely lack flexibility, which leads to him getting injured ALL THE TIME. Plus, the guy can’t make a play to save his life. His dropped TD pass cost the Saints the game in my opinion, it would have put them up by 2 TD’s in the 1st Quarter and completely taken the crowd out of the game.

  3. I like Reggie Bush, but he definitely gives you the impression that he lacks the toughness and guts to be a full time RB. It just seems that when he’s handed the ball in the backfield he tends to make a 90 degree turn and head for the sidelines. Plus, he seems fumble prone. On the positive side, he can make you miss and he gives the opponent problems in preparing a game plan.

    If I’m remembering this correctly, a couple of years ago Sean Payton gave up a large portion of his salary to get Gregg Williams. Result: Super bowl. Perhaps Bush should allow a major reconstruction of his contract to help the Saints get a genuine stud pass rusher ( or two ) because that’s really what they need most.

  4. Reggie was certainly drafted too high for what he is, but no way the team has the superbowl winning year without him. A situational player, but he fit into their offense perfectly and made big plays in big games. Not enough to justify his present salary, but it sounds like both parties understand this.

  5. The sad part about all this is we don’t want Reggie back, we should have traded him before the whole league realized he was a bust and now were stuck with a player who sucks at his own position and is a burden to the team. Reggie realizes that if he does go to another team and does play up to expectations his days of relevancy in the NFL will be over…..

  6. @skoobyfl

    You sound like a communist.
    Everybody should make the same amount no matter what they do and how they perform blah, blah, blah.

  7. I’ve always felt Bush would be more effective as a WR. Not that I have watched a ton of game tape but most of his big plays seem to come in the passing game. He is essentially a 3rd down back now after proving he just doesnt have the toughness to run between the tackles. A move out to WR may put him on the field for more snaps and teams might feel he is better value for his high salary.

  8. Actually, this should be titled “Saints face reality.”

    We all know that the trend in media is to beat up on individuals and suck the collective appendages of big olecorporate entities…but not everyone is buying this crap.

    The Saints willingly paid Bush last year. Nobody forced them to. Get what you can, Reggie. Its called ‘capitalism’….but maybe thats only when we’re talking about people like Limbaugh, or Beck, or Palin. Not sure it applies to people with actual talent, like Bush.

  9. I’m surprised it took as many comments as it did to make a reference to what allegedly happened at USC. lol

  10. Reggie Bush is the most overrated player in the NFL, plain and simple. I would say he’s also the most overpaid but Fat Albert is still snacking on twinkies at home collecting that 100 million dollar paycheck

  11. All that talk last week about how Reggie was going to put a ton of yards on the Seahawks… man, it sure highlights how some players just get way over-rated and can stay that way their entire careers, even though they’ve never done anything to earn it. Let’s hope Reggie gets healed up so maybe the Seahawks can play against him in a future playoff game.

  12. In an era of neanderthal athletes, instead of the usual garbage about “being disrespected”, “I’m a competitor”, “they owe me”, etc., its refreshing to hear one who understands the reality of his own level of performance and market conditions. Good for you, Reggie.

  13. Too bad, just a couple dazzling moments, but he hasn’t amounted to too much. Maybe he’ll end up back with Pete at USC North in Seattle.

    I watched him through college, and let me tell you, he was AWESOME and never should have given back that Heisman.

    Could have done without that lateral / fumble against Texas in the Rose Bowl though. Dammit.

  14. Wow that’s a lot of dough for what the team actually gets. He’s exciting all but 11 Mil? Oh wait I think Al Davis might be able to pick him up, he doesn’t seem to mind paying huge jack for under/non performers.

  15. Yeah, I’m amazed they kept him last year (though in hindsight it seems to have worked out ok for the Saints), but $11.8 million for a non-feature back who has trouble getting the hard yards between the tackles is too much, as the team then has to invest significant money in a North-South runner. Bush is, at best, a committee running back who has shown flashes of brilliance in kick returns and as a receiver. The game against Seattle shows just how much the Saints miss Pierre Thomas, who is more of an every down back. I think that the post-SB hysteria has now died down so that NO should look for a potential trade partner or, if Bush won’t accept a sufficiently low, though perhaps incentive-laden, contract, cut him loose.

  16. The guy definitely didn’t live up to his draft status but everyone here knocking him would probably love to have him on their team, at the right price of course.

  17. Bush has made enough money and he has realized that he’s not the player he thought he was going to be so now for him its about winning and being comfortable. Besides this is what happens when unproven players get huge contracts coming out of college. You think the 49ers got their money’s worth out of Alex smith? Now that Bush is realizing what he is maybe he’ll become even more productive for us. we want him to stay with the saints….

  18. I agree with the consensus of opinion that Reggie has a talent, but is limited in its application to the NFL. He does have worth in an offense, and you want him on your team, but alas his salary is not commensurate with his production on the field. It would be the same analogy as a long snapper. He is used sparingly only in certain situations, and is important to the team, but in the overall scheme of things his production is not comparable to the star QB.

    In college Reggie benefited from playing in a conference that allowed him to maximize his ability, but it just doesn’t translate over to the big boy NFL. He is not durable and suffers injuries frequently. He is almost fragile-like.

    All that said, I have always carried the impression he is basically a good kid though.

  19. I’m still laughing at anyone who thought of Bush as anything more than a dynamic change-of-pace back going into the NFL draft.

  20. Anyone that has any doubt as to why the Saints drafted him needs to look at the game when the Falcons went to the Dome after Katrina.

    You can’t put all the blame on Bush. Due to unfortunate injuries both to him and their other running backs, Bush has had to be used in situations that he should have never been in.

    I think that Bush should be used as a 3rd down back and sometimes as a slot receiver in addition to the punt & kick-off returns. That way you put him in conditions to where he can succeed.

  21. My opinion only, but NO athlete is worth the money they make. However, we as fans pay what is asked for tickets,merchandise etc. so the money is out there. I would love to see ( knowing it will never happen ) a system where they are paid on performance alone. Base salary, pay for time on field (or court, diamond,ice whatever) and then they get bonus for production. All teams spend X amount on salaries and there are plenty of accountants to figure out how to spread the wealth. Talk about incentive laden contracts! Then we wouldn’t have our favorite team paying 100 mil to someone that acts like the red got licked off his candy because of the scheme that the coaches want to use. Comments ???

  22. I’m still a Reggie fan but hasn’t yet proven to me (or anyone else for that matter I would assume) that he’s worth the “market rate” for his position. Seems like he’s NOW ready to “settle” for less pay next year, let’s hope he proves he’s WORTH that investment (whatever ridiculous amount it happens to be).

    Saints back in it in 2012!

  23. People on this site are MORONS. Reggie’s value is NOT in his numbers. Its in what he makes opposing defenses do. Sean Payton’s entire offense revolves around the Bush threat. When Bush is out, Lance Moore takes his place (albeit in a more limited way). People keep looking at Bush’s numbers and saying he’s not worth the money, but without him the Saints are all dink and dunk. That’s why Sean Payton is a NFL coach and the rest of you are pushing a broom or working at Subway.

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