Steelers can’t count on Aaron Smith until Super Bowl Sunday

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ decision not to put Aaron Smith on injured reserve when he tore his triceps in Week 7 might still pay off — but only if the Steelers can get to the Super Bowl without him.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that Smith is virtually certain to miss the divisional round game against the Baltimore Ravens and doubtful to play in the AFC Championship Game if the Steelers make it. But with the Super Bowl still close to four weeks out, Smith still has a shot of playing then.

The Super Bowl would probably be the most realistic timetable,” an unnamed source told La Canfora.

Smith made a cameo appearance in full pads at practice last week, and he’s lifting weights, but he’s described as “extremely limited” in practice.

12 responses to “Steelers can’t count on Aaron Smith until Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Love Aaron, but if the Steelers were to make the Super Bowl, it might not be a good idea at that point to screw up the chemistry that got them there. My guess is that even if he were ready to play, he wouldn’t start. It was a much more dramatic comeback, but even Woodson didn’t start in SBXXX.

  2. Can’t believe we let Thad Gibson go for this pipe dream…no one really expectedSmith to be ready.

  3. Aaron would be an instant factor if cleared to play. His MRI Friday will give a clearer time frame for his return…much better resouce than an “unnamed source” (who could be his kid, neighbor, guy at the bar, mortgage broker guy, exc…). In short, this is just webpage filler.

  4. Thad Gibson has done what exactly? Sylvester is a better all around LB’er and he was cheaper by far.

  5. @Patsie fans:

    We get it. The Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl, no sense even playing the games.
    The rest of the playoff teams, however, need to at least keep up the appearances. Y’know, going to practice, dealing with injuries, etc. Just kind of go through the motions if you will. You do not need to remind the rest of PFT planet in each and every thread that doesn’t properly bow it’s head in Brady/Belichick’s direction that the Patriots are this year’s chosen ones.

  6. Gotta tell you Deb, I am damned glad Smith isn’t playing this weekend. Next to Troy P. I believe he is the best player on the D and that includes Harrison. He is probably the most underrated DE in the league. Your team is much better with him than without. Ziggy Hood has been ok as his replacement and Smith is getting long in the tooth, but truth is, I like our chances better when he is on the bench.

    Should be another great Ravens – Steelers matchup. Looking forward to it. I have a feeling this is the game that Flacco gets the Roethlisberger monkey off his back.

  7. Steeler’s Will – the Pats have the best record in the league, they beat your guys IN PITTSBURGH by 13 points and it could have been more, I have no idea how many guys they have on IR but I’m sure they have their share, and the Pats are favored to win and I expect (HOPE) they will and if they do it will be because they EARNED it.

    But if you wish to bow in our direction and utter words of submission which indicate that you recognize our superiority – please by all means feel free to do so.

    Your decision.

    P.S. – if they meet in New England weekend after this one it should be a good one. You open a can of whip-ass on the ravens, we’ll give the jest a whippin’ and send them home with their tails between their legs and then we can settle this thing.

  8. Next best player on the team? We set records this year with our Defense without him. He is 35 and over the hill.

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