Third plaintiff could be joining case against Favre

Two massage therapists are suing the Jets and quarterback Brett Favre for sexual harassment and retaliation.

A third could be joining the party.

Lawyer David Jaraslowicz, who represents Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, said during a Wednesday appearance on ProFootballTalk Live that the unnamed massage therapist to whom the alleged advances were directly made could be joining the lawsuit.

“As a matter of fact, I’ve been contacted by her,” Jaraslowicz said, “but I’m not free to give any information at this point.”

“So what you’re saying is it’s possible she’ll be joining the lawsuit at some point in the future?” said the Internet hack who hosts the show.

“Possible,” Jaraslowicz said.

Scavo claims that Favre sent text messages to the unnamed massage therapist inviting her to Favre’s hotel room, and asking her to bring along Scavo.  Jaraslowicz acknowledged that Favre made no direct communications with Scavo or O’Toole.

We’ll post the entire segment with Jaroslowicz later today.  At one point, he accuses me of not being a lawyer.  Which is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

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31 responses to “Third plaintiff could be joining case against Favre

  1. Not saying that Favre did or didn’t do it but wouldn’t it be much more believable on the ladies part if they were only suing for about $30-50k each plus attorney fees? That would be more realistic in terms of wages lost and give the story more credibility.

  2. I didn’t even notice all of the cover from the Daily News shown at the top of this article. How appropriate having “Play Mega Millions” in big print below the Favre picture and story title.

  3. Please, please go-away Brett Favre talk…

    Does anyone really care if he’s sued, goes to jail, nothing happens, rides off into the sunset, or any combination of…

    He’s not expected to be on an active roster ever again and doesn’t impact any team anymore. So who really cares.

    Chalk it up in the ‘I want to kiss you Suzie Colber’ column of things that really don’t matter.

  4. This is probably more posturing to squeeze a settlement out of Favre. Their case would go from absurd to respectable if the individual that the advances were actually made to joined the case. Currently we have “someone told me that someone else told them that I was invited to the pants party too”.

  5. Wait … who is this dude Jaraslowicz? Thought a Gloria Allred wannabe was representing the massage therapists?

  6. I didn’t even notice all of the cover from the Daily News shown at the top of this article. How appropriate having “Play Mega Millions” in big print below the Favre picture and story title.


    Nice catch! Hilarious

  7. Appropriate plaintiff names huh?

    As in…
    Favre was a real Scavo for allegedly texting his O’Toole to O’Toole and Scavo.

    Let’s all hope party #3 isn’t named DeBagg.

  8. Wow…….a lot of women reject Favre. I guess they’re just not into the inbred cracker thing he’s got going on.

  9. While there was no sign of staph infection at the Jet complex, medical experts detected a nasty infestation of plaintiffs which could break out any moment.

  10. Did your new talk show really go from having Roger Goodell and Tony Dungy last week to this stiff? Granted Dungy and Goodell were boring as hell and didn’t have anything interesting to say but at least they are relevant. Thanks for keeping this story going Flo. At least on your pages. Without Favre stories, your hits go down faster than Jenn Sterger in the Jets lockerroom…..alledgedly!!!

  11. Obviously this is a attempt at a settlement. If this is the best ammo he has on the case it sounds very sketchy. But all it takes is a jury or judge to believe them more than Farve, and they win. Remember in civil cases, it is preponderance of evidence (which side is more believable) not proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

  12. I hate Brett Favre, respect the s*** out of him though. These women are rediculous, why doesn’t the entire female population of New York just come out and claim Brett Favre made advances on all of them.

    Female, “Hello Mr. Favre would you care for a massage?”

    Favre, “No thanks.”

    Female, “Rape! Sexual Assault! Sexual Pictures! Where’s my attorney?”

    These goofs make it hard for actual female victims to come forth.

  13. so when do we start throwing all the pro athletes under the bus for personal transgressions? Favre is fading into the sunset, can’t we just let him go and focus on an active athlete so we can destroy another franchise and their personas?

    How interesting will it be to see your favorite players’ taste in women (or if you’re a Braylon fan, in MEN)? Also can’t wait to see all these good Christian family guys run for cover…

    If sports media types are going to go all Enquirer-esque then do it right damn-it, stop pretending to be real sports journalists.

  14. Detroit needs to take caution when trying to talk him into being their starter for next season… sure, his desire to stick it to the Vikings and Packers makes him seem like a good choice. And, he might even lead them all the way to the NFC Championship game before choking. But, with their economy Detroit is full of desperate, litigation-happy “massage therapists” who would be willing to entertain the “gun slinger.”

  15. hnirobert3 & tombradyswig,
    Have either of you ever seen the Cosby show? Dr. Huxtable’s sweaters were nothing like that.
    Now let’s get back to the topic at hand………why women hate the ol’ gunslinger. Is it because he’s old or because he’s an illiterate redneck?

  16. Wow! could Brett really be that stupid to send a text message asking for two therapists. One therapist being able to corroborate the other.
    Anything is possible but out of the New York area Gold digging is a well respected profession.

  17. Four accusations now. That’s quite a shame. Goodell is probably calling him right now and begging him to stay retired. We all know how Goodell feels about accusations–they are far worse than actually being arrested, charged and/or convicted….oh wait, I’m sorry. This is Favre we’re talking about. Never mind.

  18. “Jaraslowicz acknowledged that Favre made no direct communications with Scavo or O’Toole.”

    wow.. its like a class action law suit.. let’s everyone jump in and get a piece!
    If there was no direct communication what the hell can they sue for?

  19. Okay, I don’t know why you wouldn’t post this, but the complaint is supposedly that Favre texted the third woman and asked her to come over and bring Scavo along. So what is O’Toole’s complaint??? Guess you didn’t like my little joke asking if she’s complaining about being left out. Sorry, but do not expect me to treat these women as though they are legitimate victims. As canadianvikingfaniii said, they are opportunists who make life more difficult for real victims. I’m showing restraint by referring to them with a little levity instead of saying what I really think.

  20. I created an account for this one request from all of us to you … please do not honor this story any longer with updates from it just let us know how the court case comes out if you will I don’t care if he did this or not (and by this I mean had relations with any of these women ) but one thing is for certain it was consensual so who cares about some after the fact gold diggers. News flash if someone Sexually harasses you turn them in immediately do not wait until others come forward if you do wait you could be putting others in danger do the right thing don’t let others get harassed like you did … or in this case did not… take a vote if you like but you will see the large majority does not care about this at all.

  21. Now that the season is over, and Favre is possibly retired for real this time, does anyone truly give a damn about this case anymore? I’m going ot have to agree with 4lovofthegame.

  22. Favre’s career is like a tallow tree, if you just cut it down it will grow back… you have to kill the roots or it will never go away!

    I don’t think the lawsuits will successfully poison the roots unless some actual punishment comes from them.

    If I knew Favruh was gone for good I could easily let this news story go. But, the massive loopholes he left in this year’s annual retirement speech and his history of being a big fat liar give me reason to doubt he’s really gone and make me still want to try to keep the lawsuits in the conversation.

    The scandal is the small glimmer of hope most of us are clinging to that the era of Favruh owning the sports media in the off season and being in the league but immune from it’s rules has truly come to a close…

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