About that Mike Nolan-to-Dallas rumor


We’re a little late on this one, but heard from enough of you guys that we thought it was worth addressing.

NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi mentioned more than once early in the week that Mike Nolan and much of his staff in Miami wanted to leave the Dolphins to join Jason Garrett in Dallas.  The partnership makes some sense on paper, but the report apparently came under wrong pretenses.

Jay Glazer of FOX said on Sid Rosenberg’s show on WQAM that the Cowboys wanted Nolan, but once Tony Sparano stayed Nolan didn’t want to go anywhere. The Dolphins confirmed Nolan is under contract and staying put.

It’s possible both reports are true, and that Nolan simply isn’t able to make a lateral move just because he wants to.  Either way, it’s a lot more likely that Nolan’s predecessor in Miami will get the gig.

Cowboys assistant Paul Pasqualoni (the former Dolphins coordinator) may be the leader in the clubhouse for the Cowboys coordinator gig.

The Cowboys have interviewed Vic Fangio and Greg Manusky for the job.   Fangio is expected to land in San Francisco, while Manusky’s best option may be with the Chargers.

16 responses to “About that Mike Nolan-to-Dallas rumor

  1. hnirobert3 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 9:44 AM
    Paul Pasqualoni’s defenses can’t stop a nose bleed. Good luck with that, Big D.

    Let me say this, The Cowboys had five picks in the first half, under Wade. Paul comes in and we end the season with 20 picks. and STILL give up the same amount of points per game. You can have 5 picks a game, if you still give up 30 points, you are going to have a tough time winning.

  2. Essentially the Cowboys swapped Wade for Pasqualoni while Garrett undermined wade to get his HC job…nice.

  3. I am sure Jerry Jones can offer some picks/cash to release Nolan, etc. from their contracts, right?

    Price couldn’t be too high. Herm Edwards was only a 4th round pick to go from the Jets to the Chiefs, but then again….it was for Herm Edwards.

  4. If I was Nolan, I would want the hell out of Miami as well.

    He was the only bright spot on that Miami coaching staff and he has to watch that idiot Sparano get a two year extension as a reward for complete and total failure.

    That’s one quality organization they’re running there.

  5. The fins would have been better off elevating Nolan after the Harbaugh fiasco than bringing back Sparano.

  6. You know what would be nice? If this article mentioned WHAT JOB Nolan was rumored to be taking in Dallas. I mean, sure, I figured it out eventually, but I shouldn’t have had to.

  7. FinFan68 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 10:15 AM
    Essentially the Cowboys swapped Wade for Pasqualoni while Garrett undermined wade to get his HC job…nice.


    Please, explain how Garrett undermined Wade for the HC’s job? Or is that more inane dribble spewing from your finger tips? How in the hell do you undermine the HC and steal his job? The offense did their job, and he was the OC. That’s not undermining, thats the HC getting fired for not doing his job up to par and the OC getting the job because even in the face of how bad this team was, we were still a top 10 offense.

  8. “Please, explain how Garrett undermined Wade for the HC’s job?”

    The theory is that since the Dallas offense was terrible for the first half of the season and better than average in the second half with the only change being that Phillips was gone and Garrett took his spot, that Garrett was intentionally making the offense look bad to get Phillips fired. It’s not a bad theory, IMO.

  9. Nolan took Denver from a horrible D to a top 10. Took miami fr 27th to 6th. This guy is the most valuable asset we have. Loose Nolan and we have a real shot at Andrew Luck.

  10. My translation of the “undermine” theory is that Garrett would not run the ball until he became head coach. Romo threw the ball 50 times in each of the first 2 games. The offensive line was big and slow, better suited to run block than pass block. Go back to the Minn playoff game a year ago…Garrett continued to call long developing pass plays while Romo was getting killed by the pass rush (no screen passes until the 4th quarter). Garrett’s play calling was terrible while he was the OC.

  11. noland opted to stay in miami after he heard sporano wasn’t going anywhere.i believe that says all that needs to be said about how noland feels about working under sporano.and many other asst.coaches wanted to depart as well but that all has changed when sporano was retained.now i still believe steve ross is still a classless jerk for the way he went about that whole situation, i also believe miami is still alot closer to being a real good team than many may think

  12. Nolan didn’t want to leave because Sparano was apparently out. He knew a new head coach might fire him. Maybe not, but it didn’t hurt to be assessing your options if you were to be fired. Same with lower level assistants. You gotta be ready to be fired but if you are under contract you get paid regardless. Nolan could only leave for a head coaching gig.

    And by the way, NOBODY, including the Dolphins has even sniffed Nolan for a head coaching gig (yet).

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