Brad Childress to interview with Dolphins

Brad Childress could choose to sit out the 2011 season and collect $3 million from the Vikings.  Like many football coaches, he’d rather get back to work even if its essentially working for free.

Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Childress will interview with the Dolphins Saturday about their open offensive coordinator position.  Childress has also been mentioned as a possible candidate in St. Louis if Pat Shurmur leave for Cleveland, as expected.

The Dolphins have already interviewed four candidates, so it’s no guarantee Childress will get the job.  If he does, the Vikings would owe him less money for next season.  There just aren’t many other industries where men take a step down the corporate ladder to work long stressful hours, essentially for free.

“I really don’t know what I want to do,” Childress said. “I may just sit out this year and maybe two years. But I’ve coached for 33 straight years and if the right position comes up, I’m going to give it strong consideration. I’m a football coach.”

That kind of dedication is impressive, and speaks to how addictive being around football becomes for coaches.  Childress surely wants to be a “lifer” in the business, so he may as well get back to work because you never know if those job offers will keep coming in.

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  1. Childress is a decent OC; he just wasn’t a good HC in Minny. This guy is hands down betterthan the TE coach candidates the team is looking at. I would look at Childress, McD or Mike Leach.

  2. Childress = Offensive Coordinator, talk about an oxymoron. Any team that wants to win needs to keep Chilly away from the offense…..period!

  3. Does Chilly fall under the new Wilf Rule? Where teams have to give at least one clueless idiot a shot at a coaching job?

  4. So does that mean McNabb is coming too?

    Here’s what we know. Regardless of the two year extension, if Miami doesn’t win in 2011 Sparano and Ireland are out on the street.

    Doesn’t it seem unlikely that Sparano would instill an entirely new offensive scheme when there’s no time for a learning curve? It’s not like the west coast offense is just picked up overnight by the entire team……………..and oh by the way, the Dolphins don’t have any quarterbacks, let alone one that that is versed in the west coast offense.

    Seems more logical that Sparano will hire another stiff more along the lines of himself and just ride it out with another year of complete futility and over the top cheering after every field goal. Dan Carpenter better rest his leg.

  5. As a GB fan, I’ve watched Childress’ offensive schemes for the last four years. He is unimaginative and stubbornly sticks to something, even when it’s not working. I thought MIA wanted an “attacking” offense that is unpredictable? That’s not gonna happen with Chilly.

  6. “how addictive being around football becomes for coaches”

    Fo coaches? have you looked at the mirror latley? Its not coaches that are addicted to football

  7. As a Rams fan, continually hearing that guys like McDaniels and Chilly could be the next Rams OC worries the crap out of me. Stan, just say NO!

  8. Tough sell. He was the OC in Philly, But Reid called all of the plays. Any player that had played for a different team prior to joining the Vikes was astonished by Chilly’s simple and obvious Offensive mind. He could be a good college coach. He treats all of his players like kids anyway

  9. If hired, Chilly would have to make a stop in Philly to pick up his “kick-ass offense” kit as he surely didn’t leave it in Minny!

  10. I think Childress is fine with the X’s and O’s as an offensive coordinator. He’s not fine as a head coach. I would not let him near a head NFL coaching job. He’s a decent football man. If he works under someone else he will be fine. I think the Fins should hire the man if they feel he is the best option they have. He screwed up the Vikes. His love-hate relationship with that dork of a quarterback ruined him in Minnesota. He’s human. He has feelings just like we all do. It’s just that he is a terrible NFL head coach.

  11. Hahahaha. He is one of the worst offensive coordinators ever. His lack of a killer instinct to put teams away made every Viking fan cringe. He allowed other teams to get back into the games with his highly predictable Up the Gut runs and short dump passes. This clown will drown your franchise.

    Enjoy fin fans, enjoy. I predict if he gets hired he will lobby for Tarvaris Jackson. You will find alot of jump passes for pick 6s.

  12. txbearmeat said it best — Klink is an okay guy, but he’s not an aggressive or imaginitve OC. Besides, Miami doesn’t run the WC offense anyhow, and Henning stunk enough running the one they have. Klink will go back to Philly with his buddy Reid when someone is stupid enough to hire Marty “my IQ is the same as my waist size” Morningwig as their next HC.

  13. “Hahahaha. He is one of the worst offensive coordinators ever. His lack of a killer instinct to put teams away made every Viking fan cringe. He allowed other teams to get back into the games with his highly predictable Up the Gut runs and short dump passes. This clown will drown your franchise.”
    I don’t know how they do it up in Canada, but in the NFL, you’re generally best served by safe throws and running the ball when you are leading in a game. Especially when you have one of the best backs in the league, and a slot receiver who can pick up a lot of yards after the catch.

    Chilly may be a terrible head coach, but he is a decent offensive mind. The Vikings offensive woes were the result of dropping $32 Million on an interception machine and traded draft picks that could have been used on building a decent offensive line.

  14. umrguy42 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 10:23 AM
    As a Rams fan, continually hearing that guys like McDaniels and Chilly could be the next Rams OC worries the crap out of me. Stan, just say No!

    Honesty man, as a DIE HARD Bronco’s fan, you should beg for MacD to come in there as the O.C.

    He was a flop as a head coach (Although I feel like he should have been given more time), but the guy is an offensive genius. He would work wonders with the extremely talented Bradford.

  15. This guy should be kryptonite to any team, basically because he let Brett Favre play him for an idiot for two years, and thus totally ruined the Vikings.

    Expect the same kind of behavior wherever he would go.

  16. i love Chuck Nolls words… get on with your lifes work.

    in this case… maybe time is ‘retirement’…

    then again, if a ‘company’ wants your services… do it.

    Me… can’t wait to retire because getting up everyday…. is hindering my playing golf, my racing of my car at Nelson Ledges and other road tracks… restoring other ‘muscle cars like my 70 Javelin, just sold my 70 GTO.

    Bottom line… everyone needs hobbies.. because even like Brett Favre.. time to MOVE ON

  17. It’s also one of the few professions where abject failure will not prevent you from getting another terrific job.

  18. Ok all you Viking and Dolphins fans. Didn’t he get the team into a position to go to the Super Bowl two years ago, only to be thwarted by the stupidity of Brett Farve throwing an ill conceived pass? If Childress is a bad coach, and all the car vandals in Philly hate Andy Reid, just who, besides Belichick, is that much better? Even Bill Cowher took most of my adult life to win his Super Bowl. Maybe the Fins should coax Jimmy Johnson out of retirement.

  19. pervyharvin says:
    Jan 13, 2011 10:16 AM
    Does Chilly fall under the new Wilf Rule? Where teams have to give at least one clueless idiot a shot at a coaching job?


    Smartest and funniest thing pervy has ever said.

  20. I’m utterly shocked to see that JimmySmith has not commented here. Jimmy is the Be-All, Maximum, Emperor of all things Brad Childress. Jimmy knows more about Chilly than Chilly’s wife knows. Jimmy has proven it relentlessly over several years. O Jimmy, wherefore art thou? Our day just isn’t complete knowing that you have left us bereft of your entitled, superior, prescient cerebral halitosis.

  21. ruvelligwebuike, that interception machine threw 33tds vs. 7 Int’s and took them to the championship game. You’re a clueless idiot. If you blame Favre for this year, then you haven’t been watching the games. The entire fricken team was awful.

  22. I don’t get what any team would see in Col Klink. Only the Vikings were dumb enough to hire him and there aren’t that many inept teams in the NFL. His reputation precedes him, he was reported to be anal retentive a$$hole who threw players under the bus and his smirky, swarmy attitude and unfounded remarks about his vast football intelligence didn’t endear himself to the press but the Viking fans seemed to love him but there is no accounting for their taste. Or their lack of football intelligence.

    As we have seen in recent weeks, Miami treats their coaches horribly so maybe its just karma that Klink could end up down there. Come to think of it, they don’t have a QB either so maybe all the time Klink spent on his knees servicing Favre might get him to come out of retirement once last time. Then Favre could go out 3 for 3 in getting his head coach fired.

  23. Childress is a strange guy. He is a terrific evaluator of coaches and players and does a good job picking people. He uses a pretty time tested and proven West Coast offense. He knows the West Coast, knows how to coach it, and knows it can work.

    He believes that you do NOT adapt to you opponents. He believes that you execute what you do at a very high level and let your opponents adapt to you. Make them play Vikings football as he’d always say.

    That is what frustrates some about him. They hate that when a team passes nonstop we still play zone and stop the run. Or when an opponent has a depleted secondary we still use mostly 2 or 3 WR sets. Stuff like that. Because that is Vikings football.

    But you know what, there are a lot of very good teams that do just that. It is an old school approach. But it can work. Hell, it almost did work. Childress’s teams here were better than league average and they came close to winning, and absolutely should have won if not for some fluke calls and fumbles.

    You probably haven’t seen the last of this guy.

  24. If the Dolphins are interested in a Childress type offense, they should go after Bevell instead. Childress turned over the playcalling to Bevell after his first season with the Vikings. I don’t think Childress has ever called plays in the NFL.

  25. josh mcdainels wont work in miami.with nolan & marshall there -no way miami hires this jackwagon.btw didn’t the 2009 vikings have a pretty darn good offense?but 2010 fell apart in minny mainly because of chilly’s lack of being a real head coach and putting his foot down when he should have-bottom line i would take chilly as an oc but no way a hc

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