Cowher says he’s not ready to coach, yet

In a recent online chat with USA Today, former Steelers coach Bill Cowher dropped his strongest hint yet that he’s ready to return to coaching.

I’m open to listen to opportunities,” Cowher said.

Today, he said that he’s not quite there yet.

“I’m just not ready to jump back into it,” Cowher told Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan of Sirius NFL Radio. “I want to be able to be chomping at the bit and be ready to go.  That was just not the case.  It was not an easy offseason.  And I’ve got a good job at CBS so it was just not the right time.”

Cowher agreed that, in the end, the decision was family over football. “I appreciated Adam Schefter [of ESPN] having the insight to be able to put it the way it was,” Cowher said.

That reference to Schefter is intriguing, given that Cowher not long ago said he was “insulted” by a report that he had a three-team “wish list.”   The report originated with Schefter’s business-suits-and-barstools partner, Chris Mortensen.

While we don’t doubt at all Cowher’s sincerity regarding the decision to wait at least one more year, the reality is that the opportunities simply weren’t there.  His name was connected only to the non-opening in Miami, and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross recently insisted that Jim Harbaugh is the only coach to whom the Dolphins spoke without firing their current head coach.

Moving forward, the question for Cowher may be whether he’s willing to take a job that entails less money and/or control than he envisioned receiving.  As Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated recently pointed out, the trend is moving away from coaches who run the show, and not many coaches are making big money.

44 responses to “Cowher says he’s not ready to coach, yet

  1. He’s not quite ready yet because the only current vacancy is with Oakland…and, let’s be honest, WHO WANTS THAT JOB???

    This is like Bubby Brister saying that he is thinking about coming out of retirement, but that he isn’t quite ready to sign a contract.

  2. One thing for certain is that coaching jobs will always become available. He might as well wait until the one he feels right about opens up.

    Besides, the labor situation could ultimately be a non-factor, but if it does impact the off-season, he comes back behind the eight ball right from the start. Why risk scramble mode?

    He’s waited this long, what’s another year?

  3. nobody is hiring……and let me tell you right now if somebody threw a 5 to 6 million per year deal at him he would jump all over it…the only stupid ones out there right now with work stoppage looming until 2012 are the niners…doo you really want to pay somebody 5 million or so to do nothing for a year.

  4. He’s a great coach. But since he insists on also being his future teams General Managar, a job in which he has no experience, I wouldn’t want him.

  5. Some team is really missing out on this guy. Tons of teams would love to lose at home in the Conference Finals and Cowher fills that role. Put him and Peyton in the same category. Couple of chokers. Can you say Bobby Cox?

  6. Maybe he is saying that, cause nobody called him about a job. Panthers could have called him, broncos, browns, heck even the texans now that they are running a 3-4 defense.

  7. His retirement suddenly made sense when his wife died. Nobody even knew about her cancer. He didn’t publicize it, try to draw attention through it, have an ESPN special about it, etc. He kept it private, which is unusual in this bizarre Twitter age. He’s one of the few people you can actually believe when he talks about the importance of family.

  8. Denver didn’t offer enough. Besides, it would of been too much like work to rebuild a team from the ground up with his reputation on the line.

  9. Of course hes going to say that. The fact is, no teams set his phone on fire with offers. He wants too much money and control. Cowher was lucky he worked for the Rooneys, otherwise he would have been axed along time ago and would probably now be irrelevent. Ya I’m not a big fan of his. Good man, overrated coach.

  10. family over football??? nobody even sat him down for an interview, let alone offered him a job, this guy is so overrated!!!

  11. You find it suspect that Cowher says he appreciates Schefter’s comment because he previously grumbled about Mortensen’s report? So if people complain about one of your articles they can’t like one of Rosenthal’s?

    @radrntn …

    Cowher left Pittsburgh by choice, and has a good broadcasting gig. He has no reason to “jump all over” anything that doesn’t suit him.

  12. He was trash anyway. He doesn’t want to return because he doesn’t want to waste another 15 years of his life trying to win a Superbowl.

  13. As to Coach Chin…F him. This guy is a diva. Hot one day, cold the next. This guy wants to pick and choose his next destination and expect the next team to pay upwards of $7 million so Adam Schitbag says. Unfortunately, you can’t have it all. Do us all a favor and just stay at CBS and focus on your family.

  14. “I want to be able to be chomping at the bit and be ready to go. ” – Bill Cower

    I feel so sorry for that bit when he gets chomping.

  15. How many years in the league and 1 semi-questionable ring?

    Seriously…is the spit worth it??!?

    Bottom line is…you are not that good, so stay in line with the other hasbeens.
    Go ahead and start with the XL bashing…whatevah.

    Fact is, Cowher is OVERrated.


  16. He says he’s not ready because he’s not being offered a tier 1 job. He one of the most overrated coaches in history. 1 SB @ PIT in 14 years? that says it all. And that 1 was ref aided in DET

  17. He’s a BUM anyways! The only Supebowl he won was because the officials screwed teh Seahawks! Hellooooooo!!! The Rooneys obviously own the officials! How many calls have you seen the Steelers get? A gazillion! Cowher sucks!

  18. “I appreciated Adam Schefter [of ESPN] having the insight to be able to put it the way it was,” Cowher said.

    Why anybody listens to Schefter is beyond me. He throws tons of crap at the wall and then celebrates when something sticks.

  19. Don’t forget that Cowher only won the SB after Lebau came back.

    He’s really not that great a HC on his own device’s!

  20. The comments about Cowher being overrated are ridiculous. The guy had them in the hunt virtually every year, with Bubbie Brister, Neil O’Donnell, and Kordell Stewart as his quarterbacks. A strong running game and defense will carry you a long way, but he found out over the years that it’s very tough to win it all without a franchise quarterback.

    He’ll most likely take a job next year, but he’s not going anywhere with an unsettled QB situation. The Chargers job would make a lot of sense if they have their typical season next year.

  21. I heard the interview on MTC with Pat Kirwan & Tim Ryan (love those guys on Sirius Radio). I can understand, because after his wife died that is some hard stuff to deal with. I hope I never have to deal with anything like that. With his wife gone there is not the constant fire that there needs to be, and until that chin come back as it should he won’t coach.

  22. He’s watching what happened to Shanahan and wants no part of a similar situation. High hopes that he’s the saviour on a terrible team.

  23. cowher has lost his passion for coaching and he’ll never find it again.

    he can be a Sunday morning fat cat and drink pina coladas Sunday evening.

    read the sports section Monday morning and take a nap Monday afternoon.

    Cowher’s done coaching.

  24. I think that the biggest thing Cowher is looking for when he comes back is to go to a team with a stable quarterback. If you look at the job openings/potential openings that were talked about this offseason, I’d say only 2 had quarterbacks that were in the top half of the starters in the league and that’s Houston and NY Giants. Cowher is a real good football coach, and a great leader but not a great QB groomer.

    If the Kubiak/Phillips match doesn’t work in Houston, I could see Cowher there with Schaub. If Coughlin coughs up another year I could see him in NY.

    I don’t quite get all of this talk about Cowher being a bum coach either. Got to 2 super bowls in 14 years, won one and the other was given away by O’Donnell. Lost a few AFC championships, but let’s face facts there. The quarterbacks on those teams were outmatched. Kordell Stewart against Elway in 1998, Brady/Bledsoe in 02, Brady in 05. All 3 of these teams went on to win the Super Bowl. The only loss I say is bad is to the Chargers in 94. They stunk.

    He’s a good football coach and a great leader. Just needs a legitmate QB to build around.

  25. Who cares? The guy was a fine coach in Pittsburgh, but he has to be the most overrated coaching prospect of the last 5 years. Historically, he isn’t even the Steelers’ greatest coach.

    Every team that needs a new coach has this collection of fans who want Cowher to come in and be the saving grace of their football team. Like hiring Cowher will guarantee 5 Super Bowl titles.

    His window of opportunity has come and gone. I don’t think we’ll see him coach again for a LONG, long time if ever. He’s a great coach, but he’s not Vince Lombardi. Dan Reeves or Dick Vermeil maybe…but not a Lombardi or Walsh.

  26. the team he wanted to coach for must not have become available. or the brinks truck just hasnt backed up on his front lawn yet.

  27. Cowher’s lone SB win was the biggest joke of a game in NFL history. It was so fixed it wasnt even funny. Tim Donaghy even thought the officiating was fishy!!

    Stay at CBS Bill, no one wants you…

  28. Cowher is a good coach but it will take time to build whatever team he joins back up. I’d take Arians/LeBeau over Cowher….ANYDAY.

  29. steelers0wn0hio says:
    Jan 14, 2011 11:05 AM
    Cowher is a good coach but it will take time to build whatever team he joins back up. I’d take Arians/LeBeau over Cowher….ANYDAY.
    LeBeau is a great DC, but don’t forget that time he tried being a HC.

  30. coach cowher overrated,10 playoff 15 years,5 afc championship app.2 superbowl app,1 sb win,the most wins in the 1990s,always had a great defense and running game.he never had a qb.niel odonnel was his best qb.look where that got him a sb app.yes we lost ,but was your team there?you cant win the sb every many good coaches do you see better than cowher?i see one billacheat.other coaches that are pretty good would be jeff fisher,mike shanahan,andy reid. these coaches are in the playoffs year in and year out,just lke cowher was!

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