Dave Wannstedt meets with Bills defensive staff

Amid rumors and reports that multiple NFL teams are interested in giving former Bears and Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt a job at the NFL level, the Buffalo Bills apparently are the first team to get him into the building.

The Bills disclosed via their official website that Wannstedt met Thursday with the team’s defensive coaching staff.

It’s not me that he needs to meet with,” coach Chan Gailey said.  “He’s meeting with the defensive staff which is the biggest meeting.  He and I have known each other a long time and I have a great deal of respect for Dave.”

Gailey is indeed interested in Wannstedt; the question is whether Wannstedt is interested in the Bills.

“I think he would be a very good fit, but it remains to be seen if this is something he would like to do or not,” Gailey said.  “So he’ll have to think about it and see what direction he wants to go.”

The Bills currently have no inside linebackers coach, but in light of Wannstedt’s experience he could be taking on a bigger role than that.

“We would talk about what exactly those duties would be,” said Gailey.

Wannstedt recently resigned from the head-coaching job at Pitt after six years on the job.  He rose to prominence in the early 1990s as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator in the 1992 Super Bowl season.  He then was hired to succeed fellow Pitt alum Mike Ditka as coach of the Bears.

14 responses to “Dave Wannstedt meets with Bills defensive staff

  1. Sign a contract Dave, they need you.The D hasn’t had any impact in years. Once Edwards gets fired its all yours.

  2. This is really good news. I wish I could remember the 2000 and 2001 seasons better but the phins went 11-5 taking 1st and 2nd in the division and had decent drafts SIGN HIM!

  3. Yep, Wanny reached the Peter Principle, very good DC, terrible head coach, and a real nice guy.

  4. “I believe Chan was Wannys OC in miami when wannystache was coach.”

    Correct. Back scratching going on in Buffalo. Always a good sign…

  5. Bills need an experienced coach in there involved in the D. Edwards is in over his head, Gaily knows it. Bills need to sign Stephen Cooper from San Diego and go D with the #3 pick. They can improve quickly as the secondary is already pretty good.

  6. Wannstedt + Bills = page hits.
    Hopefully nobody says anything about Brady so we can all focus our attention and comments on this development.

  7. AlanSaysYo says: Jan 13, 2011 6:33 PM

    “I believe Chan was Wannys OC in miami when wannystache was coach.”

    Correct. Back scratching going on in Buffalo. Always a good sign…

    I agree, that if this all goes sour, you can blame it on comradery and soft souls loving each other and not thinking business first, but they worked well together in Miami, Jimmy Jones put these guys together there, I THINK then they found foundation. This Front Office is too young to label just yet. I still haven’t seen any evidence that the Saints offered a 3rd round pick for Marshawn, I also haven’t seen any notes from Nix refuting the rumor.

  8. This actually has a chance to be very good. If Wanny and Bob Sanders get more of a say and George Edwards can be diminshed, the Bills will improve on defense. Wannstedt & Sanders are two very good defensive minds with tons of experience.

  9. The Bills needed to cut bait with 3 “Edwards”, they’re batting.333 which is higher than their record this season.

  10. While he would definitely provide much needed guidance for the defense, there is no way anyone can say that the secondary is, “pretty good.”

    Yes, the pass defense finished with the #2 ranking in the league. No, they are not that good. Yes, I am a Bills fan.

    Their pass defense ranking is greatly skewed bc teams get up on the Bills and just end up running the ball the majority of the game. They give up just over 169 yards a game (worst in the league) and they had the 2nd fewest passes attempted on them. Of course their passing yardage is going to be low.

    All of which ultimately equate to giving up just over 26 points a game (28th in the league).

  11. YES!!!!!!!!! Pick um up Bills! Please! Nothing like keeping you losers at the bottom of the division for years to come:)

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