Denver Broncos hire John Fox

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John Fox will be the next head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Broncos front office boss John Elway announced on Twitter that Fox has agreed to become the 14th head coach in franchise history.

“Coach Fox is a great fit for us not only with his coaching ability but also with his personality,” Elway said. “He is a dynamic and proven leader who will energize our entire organization. John has coached great defenses, turned teams around and been to Super Bowls.”

Fox coached the Carolina Panthers from 2002 through the end of the 2010 season, finishing with a record of 73-71 in the regular season and 5-3 in the playoffs.

73 responses to “Denver Broncos hire John Fox

  1. They fire a 34 year old coach because he had a 3-9 record to start the season. Then they hire a guy who is twice as old and half as smart who was 2-12 for the season. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

  2. That was quick. Just 8 minutes ago you were reporting that Dennison, Koetter and Fox would all have 2nd interviews, and that Schefter and LaConforta had Dennison the leading candidate. I guess Schefter doesn’t have his head up Elway’s a$$ like he had it up Shanahan’s

  3. Wow. This one surprised me. I didn’t think Fox was as bad as he’s been the last 2 years, but I also didn’t expect him to get a head job so quick.

    Fox’s problems in Carolina partly came about when they made offensive staff changes. I wonder if Elway will “help” in that area and make suggestions on who to hire.

    A bit surprising that Elway’s old friend, Dennison, didn’t get the job.

    Very curious on who the OC will be. Fox preferred conservative-ish offenses in Carolina. The personnel in Denver (namely, Tebow, Moreno, Thomas) needs to be developed, and really, with Tebow there, you need a somewhat creative OC. Unless Fox has been told that Tebow doesn’t have to be the future …

    Defensively, the shift to the 4-3 makes some sense for personnel. McDaniels never got the 3-4 personnel in place. Ayers as a strongside end might work, and Dumervil will be fine in a 40 front again.

    As for the draft, assuming QB won’t be taken, it seems likely they’ll look DL. Peterson and Amukamara are nice and fill needs in the secondary, but they need to get better up front first. With Ayers inconsistencies, can’t rule out DaQuan Bowers, who can play the strongside. Fairley would give them a penetrator that they lack, and Marcel Dareus is scheme-diverse for a DL guy.

  4. Good for Fox AND the Broncos.

    Fox turned around a terrible Panthers team and had them in the Super Bowl two years later. As a Bucs fan, I respected him and am actually glad he’s out of the division. The Broncos made a good hire.

    As for Fox, I thought he got a raw deal from the Panthers, and I’m glad he landed on his feet.

  5. Welp…here we go. Hope he can walk his talk. It’s getting to be more and more of a challenge to put on my Bronco jersey every Sunday. Not sure we improved here.

  6. John Fox will be a great coach for the Denver Broncos. He is one of the most respected coaches in the NFC. Our only complaint in Carolina was he never put enough emphasis on having a great offensive coordinator to match his defensive skills.

  7. Good hire! Congrats Broncos fans, with some smart drafting and personnel moves you’ll be contending again in a couple of years.

    I’m interested as to who Fox brings in as an OC.

  8. Good luck to the bronco’s….live here in charlotte and get ready to hear “it is what it is” til your ears bleed…..also “he picked a bad day to have a bad day”….other than that, he will help turn team around….

  9. Well, as long as he doesn’t trade away a Pro Bowl QB (Cutler), Pro Bowl RB (Hillis), a Pro Bowl receiver (Marshall), and a solid TE (Scheffler) for basically nothing in return, I would say it will be a pretty successful stint in Denver…

  10. A nice guy, great personality and about a .500 record. Is that all it takes to be a ‘dynamic and proven leader’ worth paying the big bucks to these days? Did Matt Millen have a hand in this…sure looks like it.

  11. As a separate discussion point, if Fox is convinced that Tebow can play in the NFL, and he likes Thomas at WR and believes in Moreno at RB, this would be a great situation to go to. Sure, Tebow will need time to develop, but they have 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. They potentially could get another pick or two in a Kyle Orton trade.

    DB value is arguably better in the 2nd-3rd round range, so they could address DL early in round 1, focus on the secondary after that.

    If Fox believes in the core offensive players and is willing to develop them, he could have a nice little run there with all the young assets that could be in place.

  12. hobartbaker says:
    Jan 13, 2011 3:55 PM
    They fire a 34 year old coach because he had a 3-9 record to start the season. Then they hire a guy who is twice as old and half as smart who was 2-12 for the season. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    You are right, Fox may be half as smart, but what does that make you then? Last time I checked, he could not have gone 2-12 unless he was coaching in 1977, the last year of a 14 game season. Fox was 22 then, must have been the youngest coach ever.

  13. patm:

    If the Broncos attain mediocrity, it will be an improvement. You have to get back to mediocrity from terrible if you want to get back to greatness.

  14. Clivus, Cowher lives 170 miles from Charlotte.

    Congrats coach Fox, good guy and good coach but I don’t think you can win with his “run the ball, stop the run” philosophy anymore.

  15. Was fox throwing the ball? running the ball? missing tackles?
    The guy took a crap team to the SB with a crappy QB.
    Give him a break – good hire Denver.

  16. You folks who are criticizing this hire based on Fox’s last two years at Carolina don’t know anything about football.

    Look at what Fox did when he had talent (and he never had a top shelf QB) The Panthers were a perennial playoff team and he nearly won a Super Bowl over an excellent Patriots team.

    Fox took over a 1-15 team and went 7-9 the following season, then to the Super Bowl the next and the Broncos are in much better shape than the Panthers were coming off the 2001 season.

    I’m betting Broncos fans would be happy to be contending for a playoff spot in 2012, that is not an unreasonable expectation.

    As a Pats fan I can look at this objectively, it is an excellent hire.

  17. So we are shifting back to the 4-3? Maybe a modified version that keeps Doom on his feet? That is obviously where he plays his best…

  18. johnjay1178 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 3:57 PM
    Glad we went with a proven name.

    He’s proven alright. I wish you alot of luck.
    He really won big with the Panthers.
    What a dope!!!

  19. umm — 2 games over 500 in eleven years — That just screams out — VERY AVERAGE — But what do I care

  20. @ nfl4ever says

    Hence my point about the Panthers nucleus being built by Seifert, nobody seems to want to remeber that fact. Once age eroded that team Fox has been dog doo……

  21. He’ll like Denver alot more than Charlotte! John has better talent there as well. The fan base there is alot better than in Charlotte, who normally leave at half time or arrive late for the game.

  22. Give me Josh Mcdaniels any day of the week and twice on Sundays over John “over the hill never won anything” Fox!

  23. herokravon says: Jan 13, 2011 4:26 PM

    The Chiefs and Raiders live by running the ball. John Foxs defense will put an end to that.

    Panther vs the run 2007 18th – 2008 20th – 2009 22nd – 2010 23rd. Not sure if “The end to that” will come.

    toonsterwu says: Jan 13, 2011 4:33 PM

    They potentially could get another pick or two in a Kyle Orton trade.

    Not saying they can get a pick or two for Orton or not, but did anyone notice how far Ortons’ numbers dropped off AFTER the taping scandal broke.

  24. Fox is a hell of a coach, and his players won’t ever quit on him.

    Denver made a smart move.

  25. Any idea about OC for the Broncos? I have heard several names mentioned. I would like to see someone like Bevell from the Vikings since he is similar in philosophy McDaniels offense.

  26. Wow, surprised to see all the John Fox love. He has a .506 winning percentage and only been to the playoffs three times in nine seasons. Those three seasons are also the only seasons he’s had a winning record in the last nine years.

    Maybe you can blame that all on lack of talent, but I’m not sure that Denver will be much of an upgrade in that department.

    His winning percentages by season starting in 2002:
    .438, .688, .438, .688, .500, .438, .750, .500, .125

  27. 2 hrs and 28 minutes since this story was posted. If Tebow saw how Fox did his QB’s in Carolina, (especially Tebow-like Armanti Edwards) he may be packed by now. Fox wants his QB to be tough, stand there like a statue and take all the sacks he can. Edwards and Tony Pike never got a fair shot in Carolina, and Tebow may well be done the same because he likes to run. Tebow needs to run as fast as he can for another team now.

  28. I wanna know who’d going to rebuild that dumpster fire of a team.

    Thats not Fox’ forte.

    Elway has NO experience, and Xanders is the worst “GM” in the league.

    Looks like it’s back to 8-8 at best for these donkeys.


  29. hobartbaker says:Jan 13, 2011 3:55 PM They fire a 34 year old coach because he had a 3-9 record to start the season. Then they hire a guy who is twice as old and half as smart who was 2-12 for the season. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Funny… I thought they canned McDaniels for gutting their team of talent and being caught cheating…

  30. While I’m clearly not a Panthers fan, anyone who thinks Fox got a raw deal in Carolina wasn’t paying attention. The Panthers haven’t always been cheap but they have always made poor personnel decisions. Something that Fox always claimed he was part of, until this year.

    If Elway believes Fox is “dynamic” he must live a very boring life. Broncos fans can anticipate a lot of 4th and 1 punts.

    Standard Fox answer to any question: “It is what it is”.

    Hello 8-8 seasons.

  31. hebephrenic says: Not saying they can get a pick or two for Orton or not, but did anyone notice how far Ortons’ numbers dropped off AFTER the taping scandal broke.

    He was nursing injuries before he was basically benched for Tebow in Week 15. Interesting thought, but whatever they were taping obviously wasn’t working for the defense. It would be a stretch to think it would work on the other side of the ball.

    John Fox made the most sense and with the personnel decisions going through Xanders/Elway, hopefully he’ll have more time to fix the multiple question marks Denver still has. Good hire for what was out there, let’s wait and see how smart the Denver brass really is with this draft.

    Cheers to football next year and every year after that.

  32. This is a great hire. How else can the Donkeys have the worst record in the NFL next year? That way they’ll be able to draft Luck with the number one pick.

  33. @aldavisisthenfl

    Siefert coached the Panthers for 3 years and they got progressively worse over that time. He had 1 good draft out of the 3 he was there and the team that went to the Super Bowl had 4 starters who were drafted by Siefert. Fox also wasn’t the GM in Carolina and won’t be in Denver so his ability to assemble a roster is irrelevant. Fox was the guy who COACHED that Panthers team to the Super Bowl and if he can do the same in Denver this will be a great hire.

    As for the hire in general;

    Fox consistently had good to great defenses over his time in Carolina, ranking as high as 3rd and no lower than 20th in his time there. Even over the last 2 years where management stripped the team of most of their talent his defenses were rankend 8th and 18th. If he can get a good offensive coordinator to help that side of the ball the Broncos should be in good shape moving forward.

  34. Just to add to my previous post and correct one part. Carolina’s D actually ranked as high as #2 and that was in Fox’s first year with the team after being the worst defense in the league the previous year. So he obviously has experience in turning arround a terrible defense in a hurry. He has also said that he would be fine with keeping a 3-4 defense if that is what the Broncos want to and should do based on personel, so his hiring doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be changing to the 4-3.

  35. O.K., have it your way. Fox was 2-14 last year. At least they didn’t hire any of the coachs who had worse records last season.

  36. slickster35 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 6:32 PM
    I wanna know who’d going to rebuild that dumpster fire of a team.
    Thats not Fox’ forte.

    He took over a 1-15 team and coached them to a Super Bowl after two years. C’mon maaaaaan

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