John Fox makes his case to save the Broncos

The Denver Broncos need a coach like John Fox.  And, given his record in 2010 coupled with the absence of a demand for his services outside of Denver, Fox needs the Broncos, too.

Fox, who spent nine seasons as head coach in Carolina, interviewed with the team on Wednesday.  Executive V.P. of football operations John Elway called it a “good meeting” on Twitter, which may or may not be a step down from his assessment of the “great presentations” made by Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

So what separates Fox from Dennison and Koetter?

I’ve been doing it,” Fox told the Associated Press.  “I have a plan, whether it’s a bye week schedule, a training camp schedule. It’s not my first rodeo, so to speak,” Fox said. “So, I think I do have a blueprint to do it.  We’ve had success, some years more than others. But you know the full body of work I think holds a blueprint for success.”

He probably should have stopped there, before anyone  became tempted to point out that a “blueprint for success” shouldn’t result in the construction of a dilapidated house.

“When I went into the Panthers we were 1-15 and it was very similar, a second [overall] pick, much the same situation,” Fox said.  Technically, Fox can say that he left the Panthers in better shape than how he found them, given that the team was 1-15 when he arrived, and it’s 2-14 when he’s leaving.

The mere fact that Fox provided fairly extensive remarks to the media about his candidacy could be viewed as a red flag by the Broncos.  Then again, the standing of G.M. Brian Xanders apparently wasn’t affected by his decision to make a public pitch for his job via an interview with the AP.

For the Broncos, experience as a head coach may not be as important as Fox thinks it should be.  Whether he’ll admit it or not, Elway wants someone who’ll know his place in an organization that the Hall of Fame quarterback is running like an offense.  If Elway senses that Fox won’t accept the fact that he’d be second fiddle in the signal-caller’s latest two-minute drill, that two-win record in his final season on the job in Carolina will take on great significance when it’s time to sift through the candidates.

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  1. Elway has been so public you have to think that Fox’s talking to the media was an attempt to separate himself from other candidates and show the Broncos he can do things the El-Way.

  2. Oh John don’t you worry, John Elway and all of his GM knowledge will save the Broncos (see Matt Millen)

  3. never will happen – it think he’s around .500 lifetime – Elway won’t accept that.

    Real quick: who was the best QB during Foxs tenure?

    See what I’m sayin?

  4. Scraping the bottom of the current coaching barrel, Elway needs a real name in the house. I think Fox is Denver’s new coach.

  5. Is he godly enough? But maybe with McDaniels gone that doesn’t matter as much. And they still have Jesus Tebow to balance off any evil.

  6. It is not Fox’s style to talk like this to the media, at least it wasn’t during his tenure with the Panthers. His comments give the impression that he might be a little desperate, which which is unfortunate based on what he did for us here in Charlotte. People outside of Charlotte may not realize just how backed into a corner Fox has been with the personnel decisions that were forced on him by Richardson and Hurney. It is a shame the 2-14 record will stick with him, because many of us here in Charlotte don’t believe this year should be blamed on Fox. He had his limitations in certain areas as all coaches do, but overall he has been great for the Panthers. We’ll miss him here.

  7. @gmhiii – Yes he was stripped of his decision making abilities this past year but he brought it on himself. 8 previous years of the same game plan, no adjusting and a distinct lack of ability to judge talent caused this. It was his last year and everybody knew it, that is why his hands were tied.

    It is what it is.

  8. I don’t blame Fox. He lost his best defensive player (Peppers) to the bears, Delhomme decided to start throwing to the other team in 2009 season, and his top wideout (Smith) IIRC has been injured a lot.
    I mean the 2008/2009 seasons were completely blown up by Delhomme just throwing pick after pick. 2010 they go with an unproven QB after unproven QB. What did you expect? The Playoffs?

  9. I dont see an Elway/Fox match. Wont explain why in detail because its too boring and just a hunch really.

  10. one word…boring. Fox is a predictable coach and don’t think he’d offer much. It would be a safe hire, but nothing that’s going to give them a huge advantage over anyone.

  11. I think Denver would like Fewell and the heart/soul he brings to the table. Not to mention a pretty good defensive scheme that has and can lead the league in turnovers. Then ya bring in Dennison to run the offense, etc.

    I’m a Giants fan and hope Fewell sticks around a couple more years. The players really seem to like him ( had the meltdown against the birds and got destroyed by the pack but overall, the giants defense was strong this season)

    I could see Fewell getting the gig and Fox coming back to run Giants defense too.

  12. Your constant attacking of Elway is both childish and unfounded. You drop a “whether he’ll admit it or not” disclaimer and then you proceed to put thoughts into Elway’s head. The guy hasn’t made one roster move or coaching change so far. I expect this garbage from the commenters but aren’t you supposed to be some kind of journalist/reporter? I guess its a blog and everything, but I seriously can’t believe NBC puts their name on this rag of a site.

  13. Naaaaaaa. Bronco fans should hope Elway is smarter than a Fox, lest his first hire leave tail between legs.

    If so, Denver will need to get used that puzzled look in the pic above… “clip board clip board in my hands, why can’t I win to please the fans?”

    Just changing brands won’t improve his results.

  14. I have always thought J. Fox was one of the better headcoaches in the NFL but I am having second thoughts now, why would he want to sabotage his career by going from one losing team to another? In Carolina, he had an owner who wouldn’t spend a nickel to improve the team and an owner who thought he knew more about player personnel that the headcoach (see Jake Delhomme). Headcoaches are normally given 3-4 years to show success and this Bronco’s team is much further away than that and now with an inexperienced guy running the team in Elway (can you say Matt Millen), it’s no small wonder why several coordinators who would otherwise jump at the chance to be a headcoach have refused to even interview for denver’s HC job. Fox would be making a big mistake….

  15. Its probably going to be Dennison, although Fox would legitimize the defensive thing…11 of the last Super Bowl champs have come from defensive backgrounds

  16. “his top wideout (Smith) IIRC has been injured a lot.”

    Um, no. In the last 6 years, he’s missed 6 games due to injury.

  17. I dont understand why everyone compares Elway to Millen. Elway ran a successful Indoor football team the Crush. Elway knows exactly how we the fan’s are, I believed in him when he won us back to back super bowl titles, I believe in him now. He will pick the head coach who will do us proud. so relax, sit back and get ready for some FOOTBALL!

  18. #
    herokravon says: Jan 13, 2011 9:32 AM

    Have you seen the office the Broncos use for interviewing? It looks straight out of 1975.

    Cmon Broncos.

    Give Bowen some credit…. I’d say 1982ish on the decor.

  19. I don’t know where you people get the notion that Jerry Richardson micromanages the Panthers organization or that he’s cheap. The personnel decisions made on this team until this season included John Fox and Carolina has consistently been tight on the salary cap.

    One of the reasons Richardson let Fox go was his unwillingness to play young players and consequently the lack of development thereof. Fox’s disdain for playing young players is obvious to anyone who has followed this team and anyone who thinks that Jerry Richardson forced Fox to play Jake Delhomme is delusional.

    As I have stated before, look at Fox’s record in Carolina in context and some things become clear. John fox never had back to back winning seasons and all of his winning seasons took place against last place schedules.

    He’s a good defensive coordinator and mediocre head coach.

  20. hey Mike why don’t you invite Elway on your show so you can tell him how much he does not know and how he will ruin the franchise. better yet why not invite all your targets to the show so you can attack them face to face and show them up with your superior knowledge of the game? it’s just easier to hide behind a keyboard right?

  21. pukey60 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 8:19 AM
    never will happen – it think he’s around .500 lifetime – Elway won’t accept that.

    Real quick: who was the best QB during Foxs tenure?

    John Fox
    Overall Record: 71 – 57
    Playoff Record: 5 – 3

    And Kerry Collins/Jake Delhomme

  22. Kerry Collins never played for Fox.

    Rodney Peete
    Jake Delhomme
    Vinny Testaverde
    Matt Moore
    Jimmy Clausen

    It’s not an exhaustive list but I think it covers about 90% of his quarterbacks anyone has ever heard of.

  23. Why do you guys insist on making Fox out to be such a terrible coach? He did pretty well with a total lack of talent during his entire term. No qb, no star rb, no star defenders (except for Peppers), etc. Laying all the blame for this season on him is pretty unfair. The panthers have a terrible front office.

  24. I think people are forgetting something here…

    John Fox took helm of the Panthers in 2002, in two years he had the team in the Super Bowl (2004 against Patriots) and lost via a last minute Viniteri field goal (score was 32-29)…

    He took a team that was 1-15, got them to a good record his first year, then took them to the Super Bowl his second year and lost only by a field goal to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots… and you think he’s a bad coach? Seriously?

    And it wasn’t the last time the Panthers were a power house team, flash back about two or three years ago when Panthers were the second seed going into the playoffs that year…

    Fox has coached in the roughest division in the NFL for the past 9 years, I think coaching in the weak AFC west would be a winning formula for the Broncos… So take that into consideration before you count him out… sheesh.

  25. Those of you who continue to insist that Fox had a total lack of talent need to review the following:

    These were the First Round Picks during the Fox/Hurney tenure in order:
    Julius Peppers, Jordan Gross, Chris Gamble, Thomas Davis, DeAngelo Williams, John Beeson
    Jonathan Stewart, Jeff Otah

    Other successful draft picks include in the 2-3 rounnds include:
    Will Witherspoon, Ricky Manning, Travelle Wharton, Richard Marshall, Ryan Kalil, Charles Johnson and James Anderson.

    He also inherited a team that had:
    Dan Morgan (1), Kris Jenkins(2), Steve Smith(3), Mike Rucker(2), Mike Minter(2) and Mushin Muhammed(2)

    The cupboard in Carolina was never bare and it isn’t now. He had a pretty darn good core of players they drafted not to mention free agent additions. Did he have a true “Franchise Quarterback” in the Manning, Brady, Rodgers mold? No. But let’s not kid ourselves, there are a lot of other teams in the NFL that consistently are competitive with less talent on their roster. The difference is coaching – out scheming their opponents and being able to make adjustments – 2 things that are not hallmarks of Fox coaching.

  26. How many of those players were there this past season? He did good when he had the talent, last year was his worst season ever by a longshot and it was the first season that he didn’t have most of that talent.

    So yeah, seriously… I just think it’s totally ludacrous to think that he couldn’t have any form of success in Denver… I mean its the AFC West! The second worst division in the NFL (behind the West… god those west coast teams suck don’t they?). It’s a division where even if he could only win 8 or 9 games a season he could still win the division and consistently get the Broncos in a shot to win some playoff games. When he’s got talent, he never does worse than 7 or 8 win seasons, imagine how that’ll translate in Denver.

    So I seriously think they should consider him, his experience does give them a better shot at a playoff spot this coming year, more of a shot than anyone else can offer… one of the highest scoring offenses meets one of the best defensive minded coachs in the past twenty years… it’s a winning combo.

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