Mark Cuban lawsuit launches UFL death watch

As if the failure of the UFL to issue final paychecks to its players on a timely basis (as of New Year’s Day many players still hadn’t been paid) and the abrupt announcement that the Florida Tuskers would be going the way of the dodo bird weren’t enough to signal that the UFL may not be around to take advantage of the extra attention that would arise from an NFL work stoppage in 2011, here’s the clearest sign yet that the two-year-old league is in trouble.

The UFL has stiffed Mark Cuban out of $5 million.

According to the Dallas Observer, Cuban loaned the league that amount last year, with an understanding that it would be paid back by October 6.  The due date later was shifted to December 1, 2010.

December 1 came and went, and Cuban promptly demanded full payment.  He hasn’t gotten it, so Cuban has filed a federal lawsuit aimed at recovering his money.

The four-page legal filing, perhaps one of the shortest and simplest civil complaints ever filed, explains that Cuban’s HDnet (which televises UFL games . . . or maybe that should be in the past tense) loaned $5 million to the UFL on April 7.  The suit was filed against UFL co-owner William Hambrecht and his revocable trust, which guaranteed the loan.

17 responses to “Mark Cuban lawsuit launches UFL death watch

  1. Mark Cuban getting screwed out of millions of dollars?

    Suddenly, I’m interested in the UFL!

  2. Yup.

    If Cuban has given up on them, they’re finished. His continued interest was the only hope that league ever had.

  3. I hope UFL does not go away, I love it.
    I like it cause its not players who are really terrible who should be playing flag football.
    These players are better than arena leauge players and can play with any NFL team.
    Culpepper is alot better than than most qbs in the NFL

  4. shagsny says:
    Jan 13, 2011 11:55 AM
    Invest in RUGBY!!!
    Yes!! Unlike Soccer, it has enough action to catch on in America.

  5. Buying a rugby team in the US today would be like buying the Pittsburgh Steelers in the early 1900’s… paid approx. $10K which quantified into BILLION$

  6. Well Am. Football is a spin-off from Rugby anyway so that wouldnt be a bad idea.
    Alltough no forward pass would be weird for Americans. They like their hero QB’s.

  7. @freedomispopular – Culpepper isn’t starting in the NFL because his agent sucks (he’s his own agent). I think he could still be a serviceable QB in the NFL. Or at the very least a more than competent backup.

  8. No league can survive without impactful television revenue.

    I was hopeful for the league, but most of the games were on something I didn’t have access to.

    They need someone like ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, TNT, TBS or whomever, to take an interest and televise all of their games.

    It was a good try.

  9. I watched about 10 minutes of the UFL and thought it was worse than college football. Never again.

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