Report: Chargers set to name Greg Manusky defensive coordinator

The most popular coordinator name still on the coaching market is about to be snapped up.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Greg Manusky is set to be named Chargers defensive coordinator, although he cautions the deal isn’t done quite yet.

Manusky did a solid job in San Francisco over the last four years and is well regarded in league circles.  He also interviewed in Dallas, Arizona, and Carolina.  (His Panthers interview was for the head coaching job.)    Manusky runs a 3-4 defense, which has been in place in San Diego since Wade Phillips was in town.

If this move goes through, the Cowboys will have to start their defensive coordinator search over.

Paul Pasqualoni surprisingly was awarded the head coaching job at UConn Thursday.  Mike Nolan is staying in Miami.   Another interviewee Vic Fangio is expected to end up in San Francisco.

15 responses to “Report: Chargers set to name Greg Manusky defensive coordinator

  1. I hope this works well for SD. I just don’t think anything is going to help as long as AJ and Norv are still there. Oh well.

  2. Yes! If it goes thru and hopefully it does, this mean we most likely have a slump in our defense next year from this year. There’s alot of talent on the SD defense and I’m sure he will get the job done! Go Chargers!

  3. Who? LOL…I’m pretty sure San Francisco’s defensive coordinator was Mike Singletary. Whether he was given the title of head coach or not. Take away that beast of a middle linebacker they have and Singletary and I’m sure Mr. Manusky’s defense would be one of the worst in the league. Also, If there is any way you guys can keep Norv around for another 3 or 4 years that would be fantastic! Man…I can’t believe you guys got rid of LT…He absolutely destroyed us every year. Thank you AJ Smith.

  4. Damn it Jerry Jones….can you not close the damn deal…oh wait you’re holding out for Rob Ryan or Mangini….or better yet you are so smart you are going to promote clown Campo to D Coordinator and watch this team continue to regress from the Parcells era……

  5. not going to lie, im happy to see Manusky walk. i am sure his play calling was hamstrung a little bit by Singletary but i never was overly impressed with Manusky under either coach. his secondary was bad his entire time in SF. i wouldnt be thrilled if i were a Chargers fan. be prepared for a conservative play caller.

  6. Although most respondents were unfamiliar with any of the candidates, the name of Manusky was the most popular by a wide margin over Pasqualoni and Fangio combined.

  7. The Niners defense under Manusky was SOFT! Guys not flying to the ball,letting other teammates “attempt” a tackle.As a Niner Fan,my suggesion is that he watch the upcoming Ravens/Steelers game and take a few damn notes.He’ll see how successful defenses are run!

  8. As a Chargers fan, this sounds acceptable to me. Might he a step back from Rivera, but who knows, maybe he’s just as good, or possibly better…? Time will tell…

    He has a decent squad to work with in the Chargers. He’s got Stephen Cooper there in the middle to cover his butt with the audible. Antonio Garay at nose, Shaun Phillips and Kevin Burnett at linebacker, Jammer and Cason at corner and Weddle at safety should keep up their play from Rivera to Manusky seamlessly. We have quite a few good 2nd stringers at linebacker too. As always, it’s what happens to our secondary when our starters are injured or catching a breather, that I’m most worried about. Not a huge liability, but also not a huge asset at 2nd string in the secondary. I wonder if a DC with safety or cornerback experience might have been valuable to us in that regard.

    Either way, I’m satisfied with this pick up.

  9. Manusky is an over rated coordinator. he calls so many plays that keeps his players out of position it’s sickening. Don’t be surprised to see Phillips sack production drop off, as well as seeing every member of the SD defense being rotated in on every other down. This guy loves playing these soft coverages that allow big plays to happen across the middle on damn near every 3rd down!!! Even when the SF d was good last year, it was evident to me that this coordinator was not the “big dog” some may say he is. So i can gladly say go ahead San Diego live it up with this over protective play caller who SUCKS!

  10. @tombradyfumbled

    Getting rid of LT was probably one of the best decisions they’ve made. Sure, he’s played decently in NY, but he’s not the feature back, so he’s able to stay fresh. If he had been getting 25 carries a game, he probably wouldn’t have finished out the season.

  11. Yep, it’s amazing that now that he’s leaving, his reputation is somehow gotten better. I didn’t see anything in the units he coached that would make me want to hire him. It’s ridiculous how desperate this league has become when it considers someone’s performance to be ‘solid’ after so many mediocre rankings and losing seasons.

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