Rob Ryan on the outs in Cleveland

After the Browns upset the Saints in New Orleans, we declared defensive coordinator Rob Ryan to be on the short list of potential head-coaching hires for 2011.

A 20-point win over the Patriots fueled that possibility, but then a collapse by the team caused Ryan’s name to lose some of its sizzle.  Coupled with some of the issues that have arisen over the past couple of months, Rob Ryan has not made his way onto the “A” list.  Or the “B” list.  Or the “D” list, which is both the “Denver” list and, you know, the “D” list.

Now, with Pat Shurmur hired as the next head coach, Ryan apparently will be out of a job in Cleveland.  Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Ryan “does not appear to be staying.”  He remains under contract, but he has not been in the office.

Ryan runs a 3-4 defense, and vacancies currently exist in San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Arizona, and possibly Oakland.

Also, don’t rule out a Ryan reunion in New York.  Rex tried to hire Rob after replacing Eric Mangini in New York, but Mangini already had hired Rob to run the Cleveland defense.  Though Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine presumably is safe, Rex could be interested in trying to bring his brother to town.

Though Rob Ryan is at least a year away, if not longer, from being an NFL head coach, he should get another opportunity to serve as a defensive coordinator, somewhere.

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  1. @nesuperfan I agree with you. Even without the foot fetish stuff, there aren’t a lot of owners that would want a guy like Rex Ryan and his “personality.”

  2. This wont sit well with Browns fans. Kick the one coach out that everybody liked, and hire some no name guy who was a part of the crappy Rams franchise. I’m sure this guy is a good coach but the reality is, the fans aren’t happy.

  3. i posted on here weeks ago when the foot fetish thing come out… there goes any chance for him. Owners want ‘professional’ antics… not public relations fiascos… and he got tied to it. I think he was a ‘good’ defense coach, and I don’t agree with Holmgren so I think Holmgren wanted them to fail so he could bring in ‘yes’ men.

    It probably didn’t help that the Steelers in week 17 had Randle El to Hines Ward TD pass (a play out of the SuperBowl against Holmgren Seahawks (with the same two steelers !)… Holmgren had to poop himself when he saw that..

    take that ..b#$%& the Stillers said. Mangini was their only hope and they let him go because of Holmgren. It took a 4-12 Herm Edwards team to 10-6 AND the playoffs the NEXT year. add Darrelle Revis as #1 draft pick and he’s ProBowl.

    We’ll be discussing this in 2014. Write that down. (Holmgren retires, Shurm is let go, new GM search, new HC search, QB Colt traded to Arizona

  4. He’s come a long ways and is a very good DC. Not a good fit with the Jets but someone will get him.

  5. OAKLAND???? Why would he go back there?
    SD or Dallas would be a good choice. He’s just like his twin, great DC not HC material. I hope for his sake he realizes that.
    I wonder what’s happening with Bryan Cox? He’s my choice for DL coach if Pepper Johnson ever leaves the Pats (which I hope he doesn’t).

  6. Eagles could use a new DC. Although they don’t have the personnel to move to a 3-4, and I don’t think Reid would want a 3-4.

  7. yea nesuperfan his brother is a real embarrassment. .. a second year coach with 3 playoff wins. what losing team/fanbase would want that

  8. If I were Rex I’d pay him to stand next to me so I wouldn’t be the most disgusting looking man in every room I entered.

  9. Any NFL team would be hesitant to jump in feet first to hire Rob Ryan. Any HC should take his time to make sure Ryan was willing to toe the line.

  10. Rex and Rob are just two apples who didn’t fall far from the tree. Their father, Buddy, was an a-hole of the highest order. Actually, Rex and Rob are funnier than dad. Buddy was just a mean-spirited jerk. Good defensive coordinator, yes, good guy, no.

  11. If Denver hires an offensive coach, Rob Ryan would one of the first guys I would call to fill the D coordinator position. The Browns defense had a pretty good year this past season and there wasn’t a lot of talent on that D.

  12. nesuperfan, you’re the embarrassment. In two seasons, Rex has 2 playoff berths & 3 playoff wins on the road. Nobody cares as long as you keep gettin the W’s. Rob should absolutely get a fair shot.

  13. Holmgren is nothing special, but Rob had a really good D for Cleveland. I doubt they match that next year. nesuperfan is right, thanks to his bag of hot air brother, most owners can see what they will get if they hire. Only the Jest franchise and fans would embrace Rex. Ok, maybe Oakland too…

  14. I like Rob much more than Rex. That being said his defense was inconsistant. Injuries did not help his D either. Between his brothers antics and his slobby weight I am sure GM’s question his leadership ability. Yes he is a players coach. But I feel players rather win and then respect their coach. Rather than love their coach like a buddy and be a loser.

  15. commoncents,

    “Bag of hot air” implies someone can’t back it up. Rex has backed up all of his talk. Therefore, you’re dumb.

  16. I have to admit, the idea of Rob and Rex in eachothers face, screaming at eachother after Brady throws another TD really does appeal to me.

  17. “Bag of hot air” implies someone can’t back it up. Rex has backed up all of his talk.”
    I completely disagree.

    -How many times has Rexy Poo mentioned the words “Super Bowl”?
    -How many Super Bowls has he taken his team to?
    -How many has he won?

    Granted, the Jests may shock the world, myself included, and beat the Patriots this weekend… meaning they would have to go to Baltimore or Pittsbugh and win to even GET to the Super Bowl, where they quite possibly would play Green Bay, a team which totally shut them down in the regular season, or Chicago, another team which beat them, or Atlanta…but let’s be real here, chances are very, very slim they walk out of Foxboro with a win.

    So, no, he has not backed up any of his talk to date.

  18. Bad move if he gets rid of Ryan! He has been solid as he can with what players he has had here.The D was gettin better this yr with the addition of the youngsters

  19. It’s weird how people are blinded by a likeable personality to the point where they don’t see that person is not particularly effective in their job.

    The Cleveland defense collapsed like a house of cards in nearly every second half this year. That’s because Rob Ryan apparently can’t instill a sense of discipline to play for 60 minutes, nor is he any good at halftime adjustments. Yeah, yeah, there were a couple injuries. Not enough to *really* change the entire direction of the D, though.

    Also, the Browns D gets the award this year for letting the other team back in the game. The Browns blew several 3rd and 4th quarter leads. Ryan’s defense just plain does not know how to play with a lead. They fell apart nearly every time they had one. Even in a couple games the Browns won, they basically got lucky with either an offensive penalty that killed the opposition’s go-ahead drive- or the other team just ran out of time. If the games were 5 minutes longer, the Browns probably would have finished 3-13.

    The only reason the Browns D finished around the middle of the pack, stat wise, is because they did tend to play well in the first half of many games. But if they’d played D in the 2nd half the same way, they might’ve been right up their in the top 5. If I’m gonna have a D that only plays for a half, I’d rather it be the 2nd half!

    Bottom line: Rob Ryan is nothing special. He’s gotten as far as he has by having a personality and being related to another personality. His actually coaching accomplishments, when you look closely, are no better than mediocre.

  20. He will land somewhere. My sleeper call is the 49ers, although they seem to be interested in Vic Fangio, but I think Fangio will stay at Stanford.

  21. Those thinking that Rex is to blame for him not getting a job in his first season on the list of candidates are idiots. Rex’s name was on the list of “next” coaches for three years and he coached some of the top defenses. Rob will get one when he proves himself some more.

    It”s almost as retarded and the Bengals having Jordan Palmer on the team because Carson is their starting quarterback.

  22. In that picture they look like Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

    Or should I say Tweedledee and TweedleFoot.

  23. Yeah, why would Cleveland want a coach who understands football when they can get Mike Holmgren’s ball washer to coach the D? God there are a lot of idiots who probably never played a down of football in their lives on this site…and, unfortunately, in the hierarchy of too many NFL teams.

    There wasn’t a lot of talent on that Cleveland defense (Gocong and the two rookies, Haden and Ward are the only guys I see starting for most team), yet the defense was respectable just about every week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan wound up back in New England. Bellichick knows who the good coaches are and how to use them.

  24. I hope the Eagles hire him then the Eagles could get a great defense like it was when Buddy was there.

  25. Browns are officially the joke of the league

    They fire a coach who the players play hard for all year and some of their games could’ve gone either way, with the exception of that embarassing game of the season finale against the steelers. The browns are competitive team that never quit on their coach. It’s my personal opinion you should only fire a coach if players aren’t responding to that coach. The browns lost games because other teams made more plays then they did, or lack of offensive talent.

    Now they go ahead and fire rob ryan? Even more of a joke. Homlgren is a fool.

  26. He has a good defensive scheme. Bring him to my Chargers! He has a lot of talent to work with there and keep us at the No. 1 defense next year! All I can do is hope for good things with our GM we have.

  27. Alot of the Browns fanbase I sense is starting to question the “big show’s” moves. Interviewing only 3 or 4 candidates not reaching out to proven former head coaches etc. Hiring a Oc. with the 26th ranked Offense this season, nephew of Holmys former coordinator. they share and agent. Getting rid of a fan favorite in Ryan. We’ll see, they say trust in Holmgren, I just don’t think the fans want to wait for a first time Hc. to get his feet wet. Can’t wait till next season, let the drama unfold!-

  28. I am trusting Holmgren until he proves I shouldn’t.

    I liked Mangini, and I wouldn’t have fired him myself, but he wasn’t Holmgren’s guy. So, bring on Shurmur.

    I like Rob Ryan too. Stay? Go? Best of luck to him regardless, and heres hoping the Browns never have to face his D if he isn’t with our team.

  29. The Dolphins should hire Rob as their HC…. Imagine Rex and Rob going against each other twice a year….

    Then we will have 2 Ryans running their mouth about Belichek and the patriots every season!

  30. Rob Ryan is the worst defensive coach in football. Once again, him and his 4th quarter prevent defense can stay the hell away from Oakland…It’s simple logic to defensive strategy. If your defense worked for 3 and a half quarters, why change and rush 3 down linemen and let someone like Peyton Manning pick you apart? I’ve never seen anyone blow more 4th quarter leads than him… In no way should this guy be paid millions of dollars to coach professional football.

  31. What next ? Introducing the new Defensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns : Mary Kay Cabot ?!? Heckert trades the 6th pick in the 2011 draft for Donovan Mcnabb ? First we tried to become the Cleveland Patriots and now we are Cleve-adelphia Eagles? I ‘d take a watered down concession beer for Josh Cribbs at this point.

  32. @tombradyfumbled….nearly EVERY DC in the NFL runs some form of the prevent defense when up in the 4th quarter…it drives me nuts…but they all do it.

    Rob Ryan did more with this mismatched defense than any other coach has since the Browns have been back. The Browns have no consistent pass rush, they have no playmakers at LB, and their defensive backs (as a group) are slightly above average at best. Retain him at DC for a season, get a pass rusher via free agency, pick up a solid LB or 2 in the first 3 rounds of the draft (the 1st pick should be a WR…or trade down to get more picks, but still take a WR first), and find another CB or 2 via either the draft or free agency.

  33. browniebuck….trust me. You guys can do better. He refuses to blitz. He will do just enough right on D to keep you guys in the game and then go prevent when it matters most

  34. I was hoping to keep the consistancy of the D-coordinator. I think Ryan is above average, even if he does seem to be socially incompetant.

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