Terrell Suggs gets head start on bashing Tom Brady

As if Pats quarterback Tom Brady didn’t have enough to worry about this week, what with Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie saying “f–k him” (and, given Cromartie’s procreational activities, possibly meaning it literally), a possible opponent for the AFC title game has hurled some insults in the soon-to-be 2010 NFL MVP’s direction.

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, who has said more than a few things about Brady this year, dredged up the past during a Thursday spot on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio.  Specifically, Suggs called Brady’s trio of Super Bowl wins “questionable.”

“He’s got the tuck rule incident and you got the videotaping of other teams’ practices,” Suggs said, via Sean Leahy of USA Today. “It’s like “Oh, OK what’s going on here?'”

As to the videotaping of other teams’ practices, Suggs has his facts wrong.  The Boston Herald reported two days before Super Bowl XLII that the Pats videotaped the Rams’ walk-through practice before Super Bowl XXXVI.  The Herald later retracted the story and apologized for the report.

Suggs seems to realize that his criticism of Brady arises from good, old-fashioned envy.  “Man, this guy’s got the world,” Suggs said.  “He’s winning Super Bowls and dating supermodels.  It don’t get much better than that . . . rules made for him.  He gets to tell the referee when to throw the flag.”

If the Ravens beat the Steelers and the Patriots beat the Jets this weekend, Suggs and Brady will get a full week to focus on each other.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

85 responses to “Terrell Suggs gets head start on bashing Tom Brady

  1. It’s quite obvious that even if Suggs was winning Super Bowls (which he won’t), he can forget about the supermodels. Ugliest dude in the NFL, by far.

  2. Would like to see moron Suggs and the Ravens aka Steelers-lite get crushed by the Greatriots, but I doubt they’ll get past their daddies.

    The Steelers-lite can’t win against Pitt when Rapist actually plays.

  3. Suggs may have his facts right and you might have your facts wrong. It’s still believed in some circles that Matt Walsh – the supposed witness of the Rams videotaping – was compensated handsomely to ‘forget’ what he witnessed and just disappear. Goodell was in full ‘destroy and bury evidence’ mode in his attempt to protect the integrity of the NFL. Though this has never been proven, neither has it ever been disproven after Goodell destroyed key videotaping evidence. And what ever happened to Matt Walsh? Probably sailing the world on his private yacht.

  4. Actually, i’m sure the story about taping the walk through is true but the source likely backed out. Seriously, what’s not to believe? They taped teams for over 6 years, including the playoffs. There is physical proof of this. Goodell thought he destroyed it all but thankfully Matt Walsh tossed a little egg on his face with a private stash of tapes. All it takes is one or two plays in the 4th quarter to swing a ball game. 1st half tapes + a known savant in Ernie Adams + halftime and third quarter to analyze = competitive advantage during each game taped. This is all known. Google Ernie Adams and you’ll find a lengthy ESPN piece about him.

    And Suggs is right, we’ve all seen refs toss late flags numerous times after Brandy whined about getting brushed by a defender. And he’s also right that other QB’s get murdered every sunday with no call and Brandy gets flags every time a defender even looks in his general direction. You think there would’ve been rule changes if David Garrard or Trent Edwards got their knee shredded? Didn’t think so. You think Ngata wouldn’t have been flagged if he’d hit Brandy in the face and broken her nose? Didn’t think so. You think Brandy would have played through that game with a broken nose? Didn’t think so. She would’ve been on site with a cosmetic surgeon before halftime.

  5. suggs wants to have sex with tom brady and is very upset brady wont do it, suggs talks about brady on average every two weeks of this entire season despite the fact that they only have played eachother once.

    i actually find it creepy that suggs thinks about brady so much all year long

    suggs how come nobody is talking about u all the time? oh ya thats right u aint a hall of famer.

    classy t-shirt u wore this week, wow u have the character of the average american prisoner, but dont go to prison they wont let you take your tom brady posters with you

  6. You think Tom is worried? I seriously doubt it. I think it amuses him.

    The NFL is full of clowns like Cromartie and Suggs who envy anyone who has good character.

    Hey boys grow up.

  7. At a certain point Suggs just needs to STFU instead of getting strippers pregnant around Baltimore’s Block.

  8. Suggs is on a roll this week with his “Hey Pittsburgh, F–k you” t-shirt and now his trash talk about Marsha Brady!

    I would have to agree with him about Marsha though! Marsha is a product of the NE cheating system! Even Matt Cassel, a completely worthless QB, won 11 games when Marsha was hurt! Without getting all the rules made for him, the refs building a barbwire fence around him every game so he can’t be touched and all the video/audio taping, that I’m sure went on since Bellicheat got to NE, he wouldn’t have any Super Bowl rings! Look what happened when they couldn’t cheat anymore.. They lost the Bowl to a weak team that got on a lucky streak in the playoffs! 18-1 doesn’t mean jack s–t if the one game you lose is the Bowl!

  9. Suggs won’t talk about the Tom Brady Fathead he’s got stuck on the ceiling over his bed that he yanks it to every night.

  10. Wahhhhhh!!! What a big fat baby!!! Hes just pissed because he knows that 10 years from now no one will remember Suggs, but everyone will still know who Brady is………

  11. I think at this point it is safe to say that Suggs really has a disturbing interest in this man. I get having issues with someone, but when all your points keep turning to a man your not even playing, there is some underlying issues there.

    Suggs is a really god player, I don’t get why he is obsessed with New England’s QB. Love or hate, it’s a fine line.

  12. Brady’s dating Supermodels???? Does his wife know this???

    The Patriots must be LOVING this – they thrive on disrespect, rattling off a perfect regular season just to show anyone who thought that their previous accomplishments had anything to do with Spygate and breaking just about every offensive record in the process.

    The list of players who have openly mocked and disrespected the Patriots is a long one – I’d list them all here but those losers like Freddie Mitchell are usually forgotten, just like Suggs probably will be

    Here’s hoping all the jealous players and fans out there keep this stuff coming right through the Super Bowl!

  13. It’s become such a familiar refrain. Most of us know it by heart….

    “Blah, blah, … Brady-Bunchden…..”

  14. Suggs is a carbon copy of Joey Porter & his mouth…though a better player…but still, dumb as a bag of rocks.

  15. Suggs is a beast and he’s having a monster year. I’ll wait for his t-shirt.

    I’d love to see the Ravens play the Patriots. Gotta get past the Jets first. Work to do. No point looking any farther ahead than 4:30 pm Sunday.

  16. Dude (Suggs)

    Excuse me, but the last time I looked you LOST to New England. Scoreboard man. You can bump your gums all you want, but in the end your opinion doesn’t mean jack, if you don’t post a W.

    If I were you I’b be concentrating on your good buddies in Pittsburgh who don’t seem to flinch when they play your “dreaded” defense. I bet Mike Wallace isn’t “scared” to play you guys at all. In fact, he might even be (OMG) looking forward to it.

    Why don’t you get back us all after you’ve won this week end. Hows that?

  17. Sizzz is just saying what everyone already knows. There are a set of rules for guys like Manning and Brady and then a set of rules for everyone else. We have all seen Brady get knocked down look at the ref, cry and whine and then see the late flag. It can not be denied.

    That being said, Brady is in the top 3 QB’s of this football generation. And Suggs, in his kind of weird way, acknowledged it. In any case, we are more focused on beating the Steelers than worrying whether the Jets are going to get a bunch of personal fouls for hitting the QB who wears a dress.

    Suggs is a top player in his own right. He is a complete defensive football player who generates pass rush and plays the run and pass well. He just happens to talk a bunch. Most of what he says is funny and much of it is true once you get past the fluff.

  18. If Terrell wants to play on the Patriots so bad why doesn’t he just ask for a tade ?

  19. vikesfansteve says:
    Jan 13, 2011 7:26 PM
    Yeah the Raiders got hosed. That was a fumble.

    Hmmm. Actually, it was an incomplete pass. Just like the ref called that day. Just like has been called countless times since.

  20. @alltee actually at the rate he’s going Suggs DOES have a pretty good shot at the Hall of Fame. Impressive knowledge though! Suggs was the youngest player in the league when he was drafted- he had 12 sacks and won Defensive Rookie of the Year and has been playing well ever since. Again, props for knowing your stuff!

  21. tdl8 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 7:05 PM
    Suggs is on a roll this week with his “Hey Pittsburgh, F–k you” t-shirt and now his trash talk about Marsha Brady!

    I would have to agree with him about Marsha though! Marsha is a product of the NE cheating system! Even Matt Cassel, a completely worthless QB, won 11 games when Marsha was hurt! Without getting all the rules made for him, the refs building a barbwire fence around him every game so he can’t be touched and all the video/audio taping, that I’m sure went on since Bellicheat got to NE, he wouldn’t have any Super Bowl rings! Look what happened when they couldn’t cheat anymore.. They lost the Bowl to a weak team that got on a lucky streak in the playoffs! 18-1 doesn’t mean jack s–t if the one game you lose is the Bowl!



    Yet another dumbass post by a HATER.
    Or should I say “good old-fashion envy”

  22. I wasn’t sure who to cheer for this weekend in the AFC but Cromartie & Suggs made it easy for me.. This pains me in a way but: Go Pats & Steelers…

    btw: Marshawn Lynch is the ugliest dude in the NFL…Although Suggs is close..

  23. Oh and Matt Cassel, a completely worthless QB as you called him
    Was the 5th highest rated QB in the NFL and took his team to the playoffs.

    Hate on hater , hate on……

  24. Why hasn’t the league stepped in and investigated this obvious cheating? 71 wins and 15 losses since “Spygate” cannot be done legally right? But how are they doing it? Does anybody have any ideas? This needs to be dealt with before its too late.

  25. Hey, I though the Ravens were playing…wait, let me check…the Steelers. Someone should tell Terrell.

  26. Don’t you think Terrell Suggs should be a little more worried about the Steelers on Saturday? If memory serves me correct, and I’m pretty sure it does, the Ravens don’t beat the Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger in the lineup, and he’s playing on Saturday. This is exactly why the Ravens are going to lose, and its because they’re more worried about running their mouths, than they are just focused on the game. Had Suggs not started running his mouth, the Ravens would win, but I think he’s only digging his own grave. Worry about Ben, and the Steelers first and stop overlooking them as it appears he’s doing just that; and if you’re fortunate enough to win, then go after Brady.

  27. seriously?why is Terrell Suggs so worried about Tom Brady? Can u say man-crush?I also am very jealous of Tom’s phenomenal lifestyle but to question the Super Bowls he has won is just jealousy being shown by Suggs….worry about the steelers first dude

  28. @tdl8—-
    yea the giants were terrible that year winning three playoff road games and then the 18-0 “greatest team ever”new england patriots…..they must have really been lucky huh? ugh….

  29. @xstaticonradio

    I wonder how good the Pats would be without Brady. I wonder how good the Colts would be without Manning. I wonder how good Philly would be without Vick. I wonder how good the Steelers would be without Polamalu.

    the point of all that?
    It’s dumb to wonder about stuff that doesn’t matter.

  30. This guy is aware that Tom Brady beat his team already this year… right? How about you win a game against one of the next two teams you’re going to play before you start trash talking.

  31. So he said they video taped other teams practices you say he has his facts wrong and then you say they video taped the rams walk through PRACTICE so who how is that having his facts wrong walk through or not ok it wasn’t full pad but a walk through is still a practice I played football we used to run formations in walk throughs and use them in games

  32. What is it with Pats fans talking about Suggs yanking it to Brady? There must be something in the Chowder up there.

    By the way, Suggs loves getting this kind of reaction from people. He is a multi, multi millionaire and loves playing football this year. Completely different from last year when he was out of shape and seemed depressed.

    If you don’t understand a guy for having fun while playing a GAME, I feel sorry for your sorry life.

  33. This just in the league loves brady so much he gets to wear a flag so he doesnt gettackled this week,all i hope is they dont video tape the jets practices this week we all know the pats are cheaters!

  34. Maybe I missed something but everybody has the PATS already playing Pittsburgh or Baltimore next week. Look to far ahead and you end up watching somebody play NY

  35. T-Fizzles only motivation to sack Brady is so he can put his facemask up in Tom’s junk or smell his fingers. Sexy Rexy isn’t the only guy in the NFL with fetishes. Rumor has it he asked Brady to autograph one of Tom’s used man thongs after the last meeting. It’s true man! Go Pats. Go Ravens! just to see the love fest come to fruition.

  36. One year, the Pats won a SB, they had not made a playoffs if they have one more loss. They used videotapes that year. There was division game, they lost badly the first time, won the second time.

  37. C’mon! Does anyone really think the Pats never cheated? and does anyone really agree with the tuck rule? yeah it’s a rule and it’s being called right, but should it really be a rule? C’mon Pats fans you guys got caught, you can’t deny it now. I mean the Pats are still great and Brady is still the bets QB in the NFL but C’mon. nothing Suggs said is completely false. And that shirt, that shirt was hilarious. I know plenty of Steelers fans personally and they all thought it was hilarious. Now what Cromartie said, well, that was…that was funny too hahaha at least he was honest. I mean he didn’t spit a bunch of BS he answered honestly so give him props for that hahaha

  38. jerrycolatrella says:
    Jan 13, 2011 10:53 PM
    If Suggs and Ryan had a talking contest, I don’t think either one of them would win.

    Makes you wonder how they co-existed in Baltimore, what a madhouse those defensive meetings must’ve been.

  39. laxer37 says: Jan 13, 2011 8:42 PM

    Hard to tell Rex Ryan was the one who molded this guy as a rookie.
    Praying for a Jets-Raven AFC Championship Game , so we can remove the glam factor.

  40. A) Non-story since Ravens will lose to the Steelers.
    B) Brady and Belicheat cheated those first three rings, but this upcoming 4th ring will be legitimate. Patriots over Falcons by at least two TD’s in the Superbowl.

  41. Might want to focus on the game this week dummy. Of course you may not get another chance to trash talk brady (lower case b on purpose). After you lose to Pittsburgh, no one will care what u think!!

  42. iamthefootballjerk says: Jan 13, 2011 9:23 PM

    By the way, Suggs loves getting this kind of reaction from people. He is a multi, multi millionaire and loves playing football this year.


    If I had to look like Suggs to have his money, I would stay poor old me…

    Dude looks like the Southbound end of a Northbound mule…

    Good thing that he has that money though so he can still get himself a date with someone beside Brady’s picture…

    Squealers by 10

  43. Suggs and Cromartie both need to realize how bad their “trash talking” is making them look. Suggs wasn’t talking a whole lot of trash until after Brady led the Pats to a comeback win by taking advantage of Suggs and the Ravens defense. Every so often since, Suggs has to make another Brady comment, like the whole “I’m not voting for Brady to go to the pro-bowl” bit. Guess what Suggs, Brady was still the top vote-getter, and you come off looking like a spoiled little child. Seriously, Suggs needs to realize that sometimes you get beat, and then move on to the next game. Cromatrie looks even worse with his trash talking, as he’s one of the CBs that Brady really took advantage of in that 45-3 whooping. These guys really need to learn that you talk trash about someone after you’ve beaten them, not after they embarrass you. In the first case you’re just strutting. In the second, you’re just a buffoon.

  44. BleedingSilverAndBlack says:
    Jan 13, 2011 6:36 PM
    Lousy tuck rule…

    Waaaah! Didn’t the Raiders have an opportunity to win that game anyway?

  45. @Wisconsin77 says:
    Jan 13, 2011 6:36 PM
    He’s right about the Patriots. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
    Patriots did what many teams did and like other teams did not stop. It was wrong, they were caught and paid a price. Get over it. Give an example of when they ‘cheated’ since or STFU.

  46. I’ve found that when people compare things such as a place to live or a restaurant to another, it is almost never as nice. Same type of thing when they insult someone. The other person is better than they are. No need to do so when you are better. It is known. Jealousy.

  47. I can’t argue with Suggs on this one. That said Suggs why don’t you stretch that bottom lip of yours over your ugly face and go away.

  48. Don’t hate Brady because he’s beautiful, ( he is! ) hate him because he’s going to beat you and the rest of your “thug life” team like he usually does. Seriously, Brady might want to think about taking out a restraining order against T-Sizzle, Blo-martie, Sexy Rexy and all the rest.

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