Unintended humor from Joe Theismann

We initially planned to share this one only with our Twitter followers.  It’s one of the benefits of following us on Twitter.  (If you don’t already follow us on Twitter, you should.  On Twitter.)

But the reaction to it persuaded us to share it here, too.

It’s a clip from a reader, featuring a verbal blunder from Joe Theismann regarding a certain member of the New England Patriots.  And a priceless (over)reaction from Deion Sanders.

UPDATE:  Here’s an even better clip, from our friends at NFL Network.

42 responses to “Unintended humor from Joe Theismann

  1. Wow. Glad to see that Theismann’s “unintentional humor” is just as bad as his regular humor.

    Judging by Deion’s reaction, Michael Irvin must have spiked the coffee.

  2. Where would any of us be without the hilarious dumbassery of Joe Theismann? I’m actually shocked that the NFL Network aired any of that.

  3. @johntonioholmes: c’mon dude, seriously? chill out already. it’s funny man. get a sense of humour already.

  4. It’s nice that one of the five people watching NFLN decided to pass the clip along. Would have been funnier if they tried to move on while stifling laughter. Acting like frat boys kills the humor.

  5. I wonder how many of you actually saw this show. There may have been a little bit of an overreaction, but nowhere near as bad as some of you seem to think. Like in most cases, it’s all about context. The guys didn’t lose it just because of one messed up name. What the video in the link doesn’t show is the build up to that moment. The other hosts were messing with Theisman pretty good, with Mayock making a reference to Theisman’s love of attention with his “enough about me, what do you think about me” comment. So, the humor had already been building up amongst the hosts, and it simply boiled over when Theisman messed up Woodhead’s name (not exactly the first time he’s done it either). So, while the reactions may seem a bit over the top, they’re not as out of place as the clip make them seem.

    @johtonioholmes, well, looks like you win the first dbag response to the article award. It’s racist the way Sanders laughed? If you want to attack the guy for something, are you really telling me that’s the best you can come up with? Since when is it the stereotype that only black guys laugh hard at things? I’ve laughed so hard before that I had trouble breathing. Besides, even if it were the stereotype, is he supposed to avoid doing anything that someone might consider a justification of any random stereotype? Can he never eat fried chicken the rest of his life simply because that’s a stereotype, despite the fact that my friends and I all grew up eating it too? There are enough real issues in the world that deserve negative responses. There’s absolutely no reason to try and artificially create them where they don’t exist, and certainly not over anything so dumb.

  6. I knew he had penis on the mind. I think he might be hiding in the closet. Seriously though if he was gay he might be more interesting. Second worst announcer ever (Dierdorf).

  7. Wow Deion nice reaction. It was funny to a point where I cracked a smile but it quickly changed to a look of shock after Deion made it seem like the funniest thing he ever heard. Way to get attention dork.

  8. Thats on par for what he usually says. At least this was mildly entertaining as opposed to being just his normal stupid comment. He makes Matt Millen look smart!!

  9. It was chuckle-funny, but not fall-in-the-floor funny.

    I’m still laughing about Deion’s Hot Dog machine, now THAT was funny.

  10. johntonioholmes says:
    Jan 13, 2011 10:47 PM

    Sanders’ reaction was actually racist.
    Please explain?
    I fail to see that, and consider myself properly conscious of that very serious issue.
    What am I missing?

    What it indicates to me is that Joe is:
    1)Not watching the games
    2)perhaps making an err….,
    alternative association?

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.
    Note: I am old enough to have been alive when someone snapped Joe’s leg in two, in game.
    I still have purposely Not seen the film.

    Some things cannot be unseen.

  11. O_0 I’m trying to figure out why Sanders is being spotlighted, when clearly someone else (Theisman or Coach) was laying on the ground laughing as well.

  12. It wasn’t that damned funny. Would that room full of idiots have reacted the same way if there weren’t cameras rolling? Doubt it. Play to your audience, Neon, it’s all about you.

  13. It’s not that funny. Hard to believe professional sportscasters would lose their cool to that extent over such a slip. Sanders overreacts like Sammy Davis, Jr. to a bad joke on the old Mike Douglas show.

  14. I agree with rhythmfish.

    While the accidental play on words was funny,
    the slip was mildly amusing. Like where you would expect the others to smirk and say “What was his name?” And maybe chuckle a little at the accidental slip before they got back to the segment.

    But they turn into a bunch of idiots laughing like they were drunk Junior high kids.

    It really did not justify rolling around on the floor laughing. Not very professional or mature.

  15. THIS will come off as racist, but it’s not and it’s true.

    When Sanders was on the floor, all I could see was his teeth.

  16. Wow, what a bunch of negative Nancies around here. That clip is pretty hilarious, and while some of the guys might have seemed to be stretching it out, it is hard to appreciate just how funny something is at the time when it actually happens. There’s a reason why ‘You had to have been there…’ is a cliche.

  17. Funny! Nice bunch of SB rings in that group…they know what they are talking about even if the delivery system is not the best sometimes. They are under the lights, running their mouths, mistakes happen. Ever seen the youtube outtakes for unknown News folk? Locker room humor does not stop because the guys clear out their lockers. Also, NOT racist. I agree with my fried chicken-eating buddy above. If Deion and the others want to roll on the floor…that is their Constitutional right…I believe that’s what I’m supposed to say now to avoid being TEAbagged…and yes, I DO know it’s alternate connotation…:) . If you chuckled, you understand why Joe, et al, were cracking up!

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