At draft time, Fox liked Tebow

One of the big questions facing the Denver Broncos this offseason was whether their new coach, whoever it was, would be a good fit for quarterback Tim Tebow.

Now we know that the new coach is John Fox, and the early indications are that he likes Tebow’s potential, and has for a year.

The Denver Post reports that Fox and Tebow got along well during the pre-draft process a year ago when the Panthers were considering drafting Tebow, and that some of Fox’s friends around the league think Fox liked Tebow better than Jimmy Clausen, whom the Panthers took in the second round of the draft.

Tebow said he expects to work well with Fox.

I had a great relationship with Coach Fox throughout the entire draft process and got to know him quite a bit,” Tebow said. “I’m very excited for him to be my head coach, and I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Fox does, however, seem to agree with his boss, John Elway, that Tebow has plenty of work to do.

“He’s got a lot of intangibles I look for,” Fox said of Tebow. “Where that goes it’s hard to predict.”

But all indications are that Fox looks forward to finding out.

17 responses to “At draft time, Fox liked Tebow

  1. Wait, Denver hired John Fox as their head coach? Ok, so Denver doesn’t really want to win, do they?

  2. With a QB who can run like Tebow, Fox should now be able to fully implement that wishbone offense he’s been pining for. The forward pass has now become a thing of the past Denver – enjoy!

  3. Sounds like there’s a lot of juice out in Denver! Everyone all kinds of jacked and there’s just juice everywhere!

  4. Tebow may have liked Fox but, was he jacked leaving that room? Did he not want to visit another room? Were they excited? Were they enthusiastic? Was there passion? Was it intense? Was it ball? And was it juice? Was the juice level in that room high? And was it awesome?

    But in all seriousness, I think getting Fox was a good move.

  5. haha since when does Fox look for intangibles?
    Clausen? Beason? Steve Smith? Jarrett?
    Not really in the poster-boy format.

  6. woah o woah watch out for denver… to be bronco fans watching their team throw themselves back to the bottom of the NFL

  7. whether you like him or not, you’re stuck with him….Denver has more invested in Tebow than they do in Fox.

    Coaches are hired to win, not to be honest. Fox would have made these comments even if he thought that Denver was absolutely out of their mind to trade their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round draft picks for Tebow.

  8. Tebow should be a good fit with Fox. Fox likes to have a power running offense with a defensive oriented team and having a QB who can make plays with his legs should help that offense succeed. From what I have read Fox also seems to be pretty open minded coming into Denver and will try to design his offense and defense arround the personel they have on the team now and whomever they can get in the draft.

  9. As a Chiefs fan, I can only hope that denver builds their franchise around Tim Tebow.

    Two games a year against the wildcat will help our defensive stats.

  10. What a convenient thing to say now – he likes Tebow and not Clausen, who was picked by his buddies in the Carolina personnel department.

  11. This board is becoming a joke. We hate everyone that is succussful!

    Tim Tewbow–
    Steelers (and their qb)—both PROVEN winners
    Patroits (and QB, again proven WINNER)
    and on and on

    If they win, they are overated. If others lose, then its the refs fault, its fixed,etc. Buch of whiny babies oin this board anymore.

  12. that some of Fox’s friends around the league think Fox liked Tebow better than Jimmy Clausen, whom the Panthers took in the second round of the draft.
    Fox probably likes expired milk more than he likes Jimmy Clausen.

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