Dick Jauron may wind up in Cleveland

After years of running a 3-4 defense under Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini, it looks like the team is headed for a major scheme change.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that Dick Jauron is being considered for the defensive coordinator position in Cleveland under Pat Shurmur.  Jauron spent last season in Philadelphia as a secondary coach after his run as Bills head coach.

Jauron would be a nice hire for Shurmur.  He’s proven he can run a defense and will also be another experienced voice for Shurmur to lean on as he learns the ropes as a head coach.  Jauron has run a 4-3 scheme throughout his career.

11 responses to “Dick Jauron may wind up in Cleveland

  1. Kinda wish the Eagles would fire Sean McDermott and promote Jauron to D-Coord. Or that Stewart Bradley could stay healthy.

  2. He deserves it after what he did to the Eagles secondary.

    OK, I don’t really mean that. There were a lot of injuries that aren’t his fault. And no one deserves getting sent to Cleveland…

  3. Also, he kind of looks like the 40 year old virgin in that head shot. Who can stay mad at the 40 year old virgin?

  4. Proven to run a defense? He had Perry Fewell in Buffalo as his DC. Don’t do Mike he over his head here.

  5. I know some Cleveland fans are hoping to stay in the 3-4, but the thing is, 3-4 or 4-3, they simply need a lot of defensive talent. For all the talk about the need at WR, that isn’t as glaring as their needs on defense, where they could use help in the front 7.

    Ahtyba Rubin can probably make a transition to a 4-3 NT/2-gap role with relative ease. If they go 4-3, the biggest need would seem to be either a 3-technique type or a top edge guy. In Buffalo, Jauron hired Perry Fewell and run a Tampa 2-ish defense. In Chicago, he ran more of an old school 4-3, 2-gap defense (remember the DL was Bryan Robinson (now the Cardinals NT) at end, with Keith Traylor, Ted Washington, and Phillip Daniels).

    There’s a solid chance that one of Dareus, Fairley, or Quinn should be there when they pick at 6, and I think all three make much more sense for the team than a Julio Jones. Only WR that I would take would prioritize would be AJ Green, but I think there’s very little chance Green gets by Cincinnati.

  6. To bad the Eagles don’t realize that he is a far better def. coach then what they have. no escuses for 80 plus% success in the red zone none.

  7. McDermott definitely needs to go. JJ is rolling over in his grave after watching the defense this year

  8. wow he really does look like the 40 year old virgin..

    No one but andy reid should be blamed for the Defense’s troubles this year / or past..
    How can a coach lead a great D that is comprised of 5th round or worse talent. Andy has kept the D undersized and undertalented because he feels his draft knowledge surpases the entire NFL.. NO TALENT = NO CHANCE at a superbowl. . thanx for the heartache Andy.

  9. Jauron did OK for Buffalo and the Bears, but he isn’t a great coach overall. I don’t think he’d be a bad Def. Coordinator, but he has very little success to hang his hat on.

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