Jets-Pats takes center stage, and screen

With the New York Jets heading to Foxboro for a rubber match against the Patriots, the Sunday afternoon contest is overshadowing all other division-round showdowns.

Even though we think Ravens-Steelers will be a better game.

The New York Post has crafted an impressive Star Wars-themed montage for the occasion, featuring among others Jets center Nick Mangold as an Ewok.

Mangold will appear as a human on today’s ProFootballTalk Live, along with fellow humans Rich Eisen of NFL Network and Gregg Rosenthal of PFT, who’ll try miserably to defend game picks that dramatically differ from mine.

17 responses to “Jets-Pats takes center stage, and screen

  1. Perfect cover since the Jets fans are living in thier fantasy world that their team might win.

    Looking forward to ending the noise from NY/NJ region when the mantra on Monday will be :

    Same Old Jets.

    42 years of futility !

  2. Spectacularly hilarious poke in the jet-eye.
    Woody, (head, not Rooster) returns.

    As The Iceman famously answered Adipose Rex:
    “This guy was in football because of the New York Jets.”
    …And the New York Jets are soon to be out of football because of Danny Woodhead.

    Nick Mangold as an Ewok?
    (Obtained to handle Mr Wilfork)

    Potentially Big clue on merits of aquisition:
    Jets run tricky triple-reverse.

  3. Kindof ironic to see the Jets framed as the “good guys” from Star Wars. I don’t seem to recall Luke or Han engaging in trash talk before taking on the Empire…

    Oh look! There’s Obi-Cro-Martie – fathering 7 children with 5 different women. The Force is strong with him, but not strong enough to avoid a paternity suit

  4. Belichick as Darth Vader eh? I can live with that.

    When the game’s over, we’ll have similar dialogue…

    “Rex, I am your daddy!”
    “No, nooooooo.”

    Cromartie the Jawa will be collecting space trash on Tatooine, similar to the fictional place he lives in his head. Barren, rocky, desert.

  5. That’s a real good look for Namath! I bet he’s been that green before too! Well, maybe just his liver???

  6. The BENEFIT..of Rexy’s mouth…is that for historically being …ALSO RANS. The jets get their name included in top tier teams…

    Ain’t nothing til you do it….Though must give them first place for TALK & BS

  7. Evil Empire (State), and The Big Lie.
    Will not work this time.
    Upcoming epic.

    Short form list of Evil Empire (state) brutality:
    Parcells, announcing the week of the SB
    that he had gone to the dark side, providing
    the only victory for the pervert posing as Good Old Boy,
    and Worse, far worse,
    leading our beloved Curtis Martin,
    to aid in stabbing us in the back.

    Mangini. Treason and treachery, became a spy,
    now at long last, paying the cost.

    Force, with us:
    BB recognizes the presence of evil in the Empire (state)
    and promptly exits.

    Our thanks to Lord Kraft.
    To whom we owe a debt we cannot pay.

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