Mangold fires back at Welker

On Thursday, Pats receiver Wes Welker poked fun at Jets coach Rex Ryan with a press conference that contained repeated references to feet.

On Friday, Jets center Nick Mangold answered Welker, Twitter style.

“Wes Welker is a great player,” Mangold said.  “He’s really taken advantage of watching film.  If we don’t keep a Spy on him, he could really open the Gate.”

Well played, Mr. Mangold.  Well played.

But don’t read too much into any of it.  Mangold told PFT Live on Friday that he enjoys trash talk for the humor and entertainment value.  “Once the game gets started on Sunday, I don’t really think it makes that much of a difference,” Mangold said.

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129 responses to “Mangold fires back at Welker

  1. Welker’s subtle answer: “Did Rex Ryan really let some dude touch his wife? I could never respect a man who would do such a sick thing!”

  2. Agree, well played.
    As a Jet fan, what Wanker, I mean Welker did was funny, but Nick came back with a good one…

  3. Mrs. Ryan’s feet looked great on the video. I can only imagine how nice they’d look if Belichek’s cameraman was doing the filming

  4. Q: Name the one only team in the league to be caught and fined, not only for cheating but also for lying in 2010??

  5. Yeah, that half a game of Jet’s film he did not get to see in his first game as a Patriot has definitely made a huge difference. Well played? FAIL

  6. It’s subtle, he left it obscured so it’s not as though he’s whining “cheaters! cheaters! cheaters!”, and I personally think it’s in the same spirit.

    Overall, I think it’s a fair response to Welker’s antics.

  7. I wonder what Damien Woody thinks of his teammate mocking the ring he worked hard for and deserved. A knock on spygate is knock on any player who played for New England from 2000-2007.

    FYI Welker was involved for 1 game. Woody, 3+ years.

    Overall though, unoriginal retort

  8. That was weeeeak!! Wiz-zeak!! Not much of a comeback. Especially considering that Wes Welker himself wasn’t responsible for “spy-gate”.


  9. Not really well played at all.

    1. Welker played one half of one game during the years the pats taped.

    2. His was not clever like Welker’s. Wes never mentions Rex Ryans name and was not forced like this.

  10. I hope the jets break bradys leg.
    I dont know how anybody could be rooting for the pats. They are a bunch of cheaters.
    People always use to say the raiders cheat but they never actually cheated they just played more physical and made players and coaches scared to step on the field because they were gone get smacked around. The diffrence is coaches are scare to play the patriots is because they dont know if somebody is video taping them..
    And Trust me pats have people video taping I have video of a guy with a camera taping who sat right next to me then in the 4th quarter the same guy was on the pats sidelines

  11. Ughh it’s not aimed at Welker it’s aimed at the cheating coach! And mangold is just having fun with it. I heard him on ESPN radio and he thought what welker did was funny.

  12. Exceedingly lame. He spent all night thinking about it and came up with THAT?

    Before this week, I might have rooted for the Jets (I’m a Giants fan), but I just want them to shut the hell up now. I’ll hold my nose and root for the Pats in this one.

    Reggie said it best, “shut up and play football”.

  13. Weak. If mangold wants about on field stuff how about talk having guys on the sideline tripping players.

  14. Corny. Looks like the Patriots are going to win the battle of wits as well as the football game. Jets fans must be really disappointed.

  15. Some of you Patriots fans are making your fanbase look like people who can dish it out but can’t take it.

    It was just a joke, just as what Welker did was just a joke.

    Man up and chill out. It’s just sports.

  16. Welker responded: “That’s foot-ball. He’s a big guy. I’m glad he wasn’t pumping his fist when he said it or I might have to swap places with somebody.”

  17. Weak. Imagine rex sitting on the sidelines watching his wife and some dude from the shoe store. That’s another HBO special in the making. If I’m welker I’d rather steal signs.

    Lets go get a effing snack!

  18. For those of you who don’t recall all the cheating in this rivalry, I’ll update you.
    Ryan hired his wife to stand along the sideline and stick out her sexy foot to trip one of Belichick’s cameramen who was running past taping her feet for Youtube.
    However, Cam Newton’s father, working without pay, uncovered the dastardly deed.
    The gambit failed when Rex ate the cameraman.

  19. Man, I wish this was the first game played this weekend, so there would be fewer asinine “stories” like this one.
    Nice attempt by Mangold, but not quite there…

  20. Nice try Nick but it needs to flow a little better like this:
    Its important the Jets get a good start. It would take a SPECIAL TEAM effort to comeback if they got TRIPPED UP out of the GATE. Either way everything needs to ALIGN RIGHT for them to TRIP UP this Pats team. I see Brady taking a KNEE at the end of this one.

  21. When Rex was originally hired I was happy for the Jets fans and for the organization. But the more he opens his mouth the closer he appears to be the TO of coaching. Yes he’s good and I’ll give Jets fans that, but he is also the most annoying SOB next to TO, maybe worse. Rex is a perfect example why Southerners can’t stand Yankees.

  22. “If we don’t keep a spy on him, he could really open up the gate”

    Not if the Jets line up properly. Then he’ll just take a knee.

  23. The best line of all was when Rex was taping his wife’s stinky feet and said…”CAN I SMELL ‘EM?”


  24. Someone needs to remind Mangled that Steve Scannacchia worked for the Jets for 5 years prior to moving to Denver.

    At best I’d give him a 3 out of 10 for cleverness, but the toque in the accompanying photo cuts that score in half.

  25. The jets have successfully made sure nobody mentions any actual pregame analysis. All every media outlet has done is to discuss trash talk that will have no role in the outcome of the game.

  26. I’m sure Welker cares about something that happened before he was even on the team. What next? Mangold going to bash Devin McCourty for Rodney Harrison being caught for PEDs?

  27. Wow, he really “knee”ded to make a lame joke there. Mine took 30 seconds and it shows.

    How about a Like/Dislike button for the ARTICLES.

  28. “fanofschill says:
    Jan 14, 2011 10:01 PM
    I wonder what Damien Woody thinks of his teammate mocking the ring he worked hard for and deserved. A knock on spygate is knock on any player who played for New England from 2000-2007.”

    You’re not very bright… Woody played for Pats ’99-2003, lions 2004-2007. If you want to comment, get your facts straight smart guy!

  29. That was absolutely terrible! These Jets dudes just keep looking dumber and dumber! It’s as if they’re trying to look like douche-bags… they make it impossible to like the underdog. And coming back with a weak ass spy-gate joke… hmmmm… embarrassing.

  30. A chuckle worthy and appropriate response. Like Welker, Mangold is a class clown type. This is how I like my smack talk. A little bit of wit is definitely better than some schmucks just cursing at each other.

  31. profootballwalk says: Welker’s subtle answer:

    would be silence b/c welker proved he doesn’t do subtle. reminded me of the child who says something and the adults laugh so he repeats it 10 times and each time it’s less effective. at least mangold knew when the joked was played and to move on.

  32. Hope that the next round is Pats’ cheerbabes transmitting pics of their er, bits via mobile phone to Mangold. Yeah, that will even the score!

  33. Pats fans really compare trip to spygate? Commish covered up for Bellicheat because Spygate would have destroyed the NFL. Bellichick should of been banned Pete Rose- style and Patriots stripped of their Superbowls. They are cheaters of the worst sort!

  34. What’s weak is Marsha Brady’s man crush ‘Was Weaker’ AKA Wes Welker used the line “we have to put our best foot forward” 3 or 4 times in his 10 minute claim to ‘I wish it was’ fame! If you have to use that as your main punchline you need to get a new PR person to write your press conf scripts!
    If you haven’t heard the phrase “put you best foot forward” a 10,000 times before then you have been living in a cave or under a rock your whole life!
    What ‘Was Weaker’ said sounded more like a broken record than a funny jab at Rex ‘The Feet’ Ryan!

    There are only 2 things NE does well.. Cheat and get new rules made to protect Marsha! They need to shut the hell up about everything else!

    I hate the NY Jokes but at least they can come up with something better than “we have to put our best foot forward!”

  35. This response from Mangold is WEAK! He’s not a typical trash-talker and a great player so I’ll give him a pass on this one. With 48 hours to come up with something, his retort seemed to lack effort.

  36. Speaking of cheating programs…….didn’t mangold go to Ohio state?so he should be accustomed to bending the rules

  37. Lame. Mangold is obviously as clever as he looks…not so much.

    Looks like the Jets are “tripping” over themselves trying to sound clever (that is, when they’re not too busy tripping opposing players on the sidelines).

  38. Wow!!! That was weak…

    How about “NICK, why do you blow a MAN for GOLD”? See what I did there? Just as lame

  39. I’m an Eagles fan and think that both of their comments were pretty funny. I don’t think Mangold was aiming for a below the belt comeback. I think he was just trying to be clever and I think it was clever. Judging by most of you guys writing super lame comments and then calling Mangolds comment lame…well, maybe it just went over your heads.

  40. Other than the foot fetish thing…the personal…and all the OFFSEASON talk…Weler doesn’t have a comeback.

    The reason is…ON THE FIELD…the jets have done NOTHING for 43 years. Last time they won, Welker wasn’t even born

  41. Response to Mangold:

    While your praise of Welker’s film study is appreciated, no one studies foot-age like Rex. That clearly gives you a foot up on the competition.

  42. “Wes Welker is a great player,” Mangold said. “He’s really taken advantage of watching film.
    but what kind of film are we talking about?

  43. Great comment by mangold. Pats will always be cheaters!! Welkers foot jokes were about two weeks late anyway.. Old news!!

  44. This talk from the Jesters is what they are best at. One thing the Jets do not need is a trophy case.

  45. Everyone say what you want about the jets talking. At least they don’t have to cheat and spy on other teams !! Nothing is worse than that. So sick of Brady and belicheat!! F**k them!! As Cro said it best..

  46. Smith 62477 says: “1. Welker played one half of one game during the years the pats taped.”

    You’re assuming the games the Pats got caught for are the only times they were doing it.

    Mangini blew the whistle because he knew it was a common practice they employed from his time with the team

    Don’t believe for a second that one season was the only time they were doing it.

  47. Now that the shoe is on the other foot we’ll see if Welker wants to go toe to toe with Mangold. Mangold will get blown off his feet however in the clever use of words.

  48. Finally a Jets player that knows how to trash talk without crossing the line. Well done Mangold.

  49. Welker took a shot at our head coach, Mangold took a shot a their head coach. It wasn’t a shot at Welker. Like rex has said, you take a swipe at one of ours, we take a swipe at 2 of yours. I’m sure “the Hoodie” didn’t appriciate Welkers comments considering the opposing team can now use that for motivation. Rex’s Ryan is one of the top “players coaches” in the league, and Welkers comments just stirred the pot in the jets locker room.

  50. @ingreenmts
    I just fell to the floor laughing. That was so funny how you changed Belichick’s name. Has anyone thought of this is the past 4 years? If you are not a professional comedian, you should be. You are so cleaver

  51. eddyjf says:
    Jan 15, 2011 6:55 AM

    For a Jet, this was very good.
    I’ll give Mangold some credit for effort; at least he used some restraint.

  52. Wow, Mangold called the Pats out for cheating? What about the other 31 teams that were doing it too? (Just not as well as the Pats) They say the NFL is a league of parody, and if you think your team WASN’T cheating, you are in a state of denial.

    Every team has their nuances that help them win games. That’s how it is.

    And, the Jets got caught THIS YEAR and were barely punished.

  53. @huejackson

    Are you sure the Raiders didn’t cheat? I’m pretty sure I remember John Madden saying while all this was coming out that his teams did MUCH worse than that. It was even during the MNF game right after the allegations.

  54. I guess Nick must have forgotten that Spygate started because the Jets were taping signals and the Patriots’ called them out.

    But I guess revisionist history is all they are left with, since they can’t win the battle on the field, nor the battle in smack talk.

    Stay classy yourself.

  55. Welker’s lines were funny and original – Mangold’s response was not and was not hard to see coming.

    As funny as his “show” was, I wish Welker had not engaged the Jets at all. Let them have 100% of the chatter. The Pats will take the wins and hardware that comes with it.

    Jets better back up words tomorrow or they will take some heat from all corners. My guess is they can’tget it done. They are tough and resilient, but will not be elite until their QB steps up to a top 10 QB level. His track record in the cold weather is awful overall and tomorrow will be in the upper 20’s at kickoff and teens to lower 20s not too long thereafter. GL with that…

    Brady has been off the charts excellent in bad/cold weather games. Pats have significant edges at coach, QB, and the homefield. The Jets’ best hope would have been to learn from last game and keep mouth shuts in hopes younger Patriots got a little complacent. They likely forfeited that opportunity with all the talk and crowd will be off the hook.

  56. Hey ny82jy: What did your team do on the sidelines this year? Oh right…

    Anyway it looks as if Mangold’s tweet will be the best play they come up with this weekend.

    The spygate twitter reference from Mangold wasn’t all that bad, this coming from a Pats fan. Had me chuckling a bit myself.

    Cannot wait for this game tomorrow any longer. At least the Ravens-Stillers game will keep me somewhat pacified for today. Love NFL playoffs, best around.

  57. Good trash talk is when teams rag on each other for their play on the field, their records, their Super Bowls, “slacker” vs. “beast”. It’s about the game, not about a coach or player’s personal life. What Rex and his wife do as a married couple is not illegal, does not effect the team’s ability to play in one bit, and should have no bearing on Sunday’s game. The Jets team name was not used in any way, and Rex did not involve his profession in any way. But, haters need a straw to grasp at, so keep the jokes coming. You can’t rip into his coaching or his team’s record, so stick with his personal life. Just please think up some fresh material. Looks like you’re just copying and pasting each other’s comments at this point.

  58. Well played Mangold. Maybe you could teach your moron teammates and coach a lesson on how to trash talk…except for Cromartie, he couldn’t even learn how to open the condom wrapper.

  59. This post is only for those who know who I am talking about when I mention ‘Zap Comix’, ‘Mr. Natural’, and ‘Flaky Foont’

    Subject – all the trash talk leading up to Sunday eve’s contest, what it will mean once the game starts

    Flaky Foont – “Mr. Natural, what does it all mean?”

    Mr. Natural – “Don’t mean sheeeiiitt!”

  60. gd1977 – we Pats fans are ready, we’re chilled, we’re on top, and we’re agreeably surprised that some of the jets (AND their fans) can actually read.

    We Pats fans, on the other hand, can ALL read. We are superior, we are arrogant, which is one of the bennies of being fans of a team like the PATS, and we enjoy tweaking jets fans one of the reasons being that is so easy.

    Your admonition, however, is duly noted and appreciated.

    If Ryan has a foot thing going with the old lady that’s cool BUT he should have kept if off the internet, video, or whatever. What’s so difficult about that?

    allegations the Pats have been cheating since forever – proof? None.

    Record since that game – 52-15. I don’t have the figures but I would wager that the percentage SINCE that game is higher than it was in the years 2001-2006.

  61. A question I have never been able to answer – IF the Pats had been cheating (stealing signals) since the 2001 season – how come it took the league 6 years to catch them? Could it be that the Pats are 6 years smarter than the rest of the league?

    Another one – What team has the best overall records SINCE that game? The Pats – 52-15 (and remember that the league would be keeping an EXTRA sharp eye on them since then)

    Another one – any accusations since then? (Remember – ‘everyone knows’ is NOT acceptable.) none

    Suggestion – if a team steals your signals – CHANGE YOUR SIGNALS.

    Get it?

    p.s. stealing signals has been going on in ALL sports since the invention of dirt.

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