Manusky officially joins the Chargers


As expected, the San Diego Chargers have filled the position vacated by Ron Rivera, new head coach of the Panthers.  The new defensive coordinator will be former 49ers defensive coordinator Greg Manusky.

The team announced the move on Friday.

“I’m excited about adding Greg to our staff,” Turner said. “The combination of Greg and the current members of our defensive staff gives us as strong a staff as I’ve been around and will allow us to build on the good things we’ve done and help us get better.

“He brings energy and enthusiasm and he’ll be extremely demanding.”

Manusky described his approach in three words.  (OK, five.)

“Hardcore. Relentless. Getting after people,” Manusky said. “[The Chargers] have in the past. Shoot, they were No. 1 last year and hopefully we’ll just pick up where we were last year.

“I’m going to bring some new ideas but also continue the foundation that they’ve already had and just build on it. I think with the players that we have, the sky’s the limit.”

Manusky generated relatively significant interest in the annual game of musical chairs that erupts as coaching staffs are reconfigured, even though the 49ers had no desire to keep him around.  Indeed, the Niners skipped over Manusky entirely when naming an interim coach for the final game of the 2010 season.

11 responses to “Manusky officially joins the Chargers

  1. Good pick up for the bolts, I wish there was a way we could have kept him in SF. Good luck G-Man

  2. this must be the third time that you’ve stated that the niners should have considered retaining manunsky.

    look at the tape over the last four years and tell me why they should have kept him. his blitz packages were predictable, his half-time adjustments ranged from basic to none and when he did blitz, the blitz didn’t get there on most occasions.

    he’s a good coach and a likable guy but find me some tape that justifies the niners retaining him. as far as i’m concerned, the niners upgraded today.

  3. Manusky comes from a working class background. His bricklayer dad was chronically unemployed due to his penchant for never ordering enough bricks for the job.

  4. radrntn says: Jan 14, 2011 5:40 PM

    oh how you are going to wish that you had a Patrick Willis, or Nate Clements on this team

    Will he miss Willis? Yes, the best middle linebacker in the game is hard to replace but Stephen Cooper is a reliable option at MLB. Nate Clements’ best years are behind him. He is still good but not what he use to be. I would take Jammer as being an equally as good option if not slightly better and Cason is better than any #2 option in San Fran. So aside from Willis and Abryuo Franklin, the Chargers D is better at most positions or have equal talent. Especially with Shaun Phillips as the main pass rusher.

  5. Get ready SD for predictable blitzing, CB’s playing 12 yards off the LOS, and several game ending drives leading to losses. You are REALLY gonna miss Rivera by week 4 or 5 next year!

  6. I have to admit, the Bolts have addressed two extremely important positions that needed work – Defensive Cord and especially Special Teams. Now if only they can somehow get a Pro Bowl caliber Defensive Safety, things are looking much better.

  7. I’m kinda glad he’s not with the niners, i think he will do better with SD. I like manusky, but his style is too passive and i think the niners need a more aggressive DC ala capers which i’m hoping it works out with vic for us. Good luck to manusky and the chargers….

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