Report: Cowboys working to sign Rob Ryan

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The Dallas Cowboys lost interim defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni to the head coaching position at Connecticut, and they’re closing in on Pasqualoni’s replacement.

According to Jay Glazer of, Dallas has formally begun contract discussions with in-limbo Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. The Cowboys’ top defensive coordinator target may have been Greg Manusky, but he returned to the Chargers on Friday.

Ryan interviewed for the job earlier today. He runs a 3-4 defense similar to the system already in place with the Cowboys. Ryan would have full control over his side of the football because head coach Jason Garrett is an offensive mind. The same couldn’t have been said for Ryan under Eric Mangini in Cleveland, or Al Davis in Oakland.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirms Glazer’s report.  All signs point to Rob Ryan as the Cowboys’ next defensive coordinator.

63 responses to “Report: Cowboys working to sign Rob Ryan

  1. YES!!! Thank God! Please do this Jerry Jones. This is the same Rob Ryan who on one drive a few years back rushed zero and dropped eleven into coverage. The same Rob Ryan who refused to blitz for 2 years straight. Who plays to lose the game instead of playing to win. Dallas, enjoy your 4th quarter prevent defense with guys like Eli and Vick throwing to the wide receiver of their choice. Trust me, with no pressure on the quarterback, someone will eventually get open.

  2. Get it done Jerry!! RR will take this defense to another level…he has never had a Demarcus Ware type talent anywhere, he will allow the D to bring the pain…good change of pace from Wade to.

  3. Get it done Jerry!! RR will take this defense to another level…he has never had a Demarcus Ware type talent anywhere, he will allow the D to bring the pain…good change of pace from Wade to.

  4. there has to be 1 successful Ryan for there to be another. right now, Rex has done decently but i wouldnt be surprised if the Jets regress next year. The Patriots are going to handle them this week.

  5. Would be a great hire. They couldn’t find someone more unlike Wade Phillips if they looked for the next 5 years.
    Dallas’ D needs someone like Rob Ryan.

  6. He’s gonna need a 24 hour assistant to help him get his shoes on and to hold his weiner when he has to pee. How can he look at his players with a straight face and tell them to hit the weight room and get in shape.

  7. Sign him to :
    50 Big Macs
    45 Whoppers with double cheese
    65 Big Carl’s
    100 pounds of chili cheese fries
    and 12 jumbo funnel cakes and he’ll bite I’m sure!

    Hey dumb a$$ Brown and Cowboy fans, go back and watch the Raider tape when el Fatbo was a DC with the Raiders. Dude blowS!!!!
    He loooooooooooves to bend and not break…
    Have fun with your new sieve.

  8. j0esixpack says:
    Jan 14, 2011 7:22 PM
    The FIRST Ryan to be a successful HC in the NFL.
    Bank on it.

    ya cause the other ryan has only won 3 playoff games in two years?where were the jets before he got there.

  9. @tombradyfumbled

    you have no idea what you’re talking about. RR is a good coach and did some very good things in cleveland with very little real talent to work with on the field. RR was always sending blitzes and mixing up coverages. he’s very far from a conservative guy and that goes for his coaching as well.

    bummed he wont be in cleveland. if he goes to dallas i will be indifferent towards the cowboys instead of flat out hating them.

  10. @joesixpack
    Rex took a 4-11 team to 9-7 and 2 playoff wins with a rookie QB his first season, and 11-5 with ATLEAST one playoff win over Peyton the next year.. you can hate Rexs fat mouth all you want but THAT is success….

  11. Dallas’s 3-4 is much closer to a traditional 4-3 than Cleveland’s 3-4. Shaun Rogers could eat Jay Ratliff for breakfast.

  12. In a reversal of tradition, Ryan will be shipped by boxcar to the railhead in Kansas City, where he will be driven south into Texas by some buckaroos.

  13. Hey news flash for “benh999”

    You’re right. Shaun Rogers could eat Jay Ratliff for breakfast. And this is the same reason why he’s half the man and half the player that Ratliff is. He’s fat, out of shape, and his career is all but done. Jay Ratliff is the best Nose in the NFC, and most likely the NFL, bar none. Do your homework bud, Shaun Rogers aint half as good as Jay.

  14. hboilers24…I have no idea what I am talking about? I watched him coach with the Raiders for several years. Every game! He was good enough to keep us in every game for 3 1/2 quarters…then here comes the prevent D! If he would stick with what worked for the first 3 1/2 quarters he would not be that bad. But he doesn’t. HE LETS THE OTHER TEAM MARCH RIGHT DOWN THE FIELD WHEN IT MATTERS MOST! Because he refuses to put pressure on the quarterback. Did you watch every Raiders game while he coached there? I seriously doubt it. What most of you see from Rob Ryan is nothing but the seldom few highlights from his D. Never the horrible strategy that he uses to lose games. Go watch the damn game tapes and then tell me how you feel about Rob Ryan’s D. We blew at least 5 or 6 4th quarter leads because of Ryan and his prevent. Watch the tapes. He would have Warren Freakin Sapp dropping back to cover the middle of the field. Just flat out dumb. Like I said, a thirteen year old with 3 years experience in Madden and a nano blitz could do a better job.

  15. @ tombradyfumbled

    The Raiders have not had a good pass rusher in years. Ryan couldn’t blitz to get pressure, because he didn’t have the players to do it. The best pass rusher you have had in years was Greg Ellis.
    Blitzing to get pressure would just be putting less people in coverage, and you still wouldn’t have been able to get pressure without good pass rushers.

  16. tombradyfumbled says:
    Jan 14, 2011 8:46 PM

    hboilers24…I have no idea what I am talking about? I watched him coach with the Raiders for several years. Every game! He was good enough to keep us in every game for 3 1/2 quarters…then here comes the prevent D! If he would stick with what worked for the first 3 1/2 quarters he would not be that bad. But he doesn’t. HE LETS THE OTHER TEAM MARCH RIGHT DOWN THE FIELD WHEN IT MATTERS MOST!

    Wow- when I first read this, I thought you were talking about the Browns.. and then I realized you meant the Raiders. The reason I glossed over the word “Raiders” and thought you were talking about the Browns is that this is EXACTLY what Ryan did with the D in Cleveland! I mean, it’s like you just described the 2010 Browns D to the letter!

    Kind of disturbing for Dallas fans. Apparently, the guy just plays the same crappy D strategies, regardless of the team. Hilarious watching all the Dallas fans fawning over this guy because he’s a “likeable” good old boy with a giant gut and a mullet. He will be right at home in Dallas.

    On a personal level, I really liked him in Cleveland- I mean he’s funny, he says some crazy things, he seems like a real players coach. But it finally got to a point where I was no longer blinded by that and could actually see that his defensive strategies were a disaster in the later parts of games.

  17. I understand that he may have been different in Oakland but this year in Cleveland the Browns were number one ine the league in blitzing. they blitzd all the time. If we had more talent maybe they could capitalize on it but they blitzed more than anyone.

  18. Jason Garret better be looking in his rearview mirror…. and tombradyfumbled… I agree with most of what you said.. but how much of that was Al dictating… Al hates blitzing.. so they always called the dogs off

  19. Man, wat the hell is going on in Cleveland!? Wat the hell are they doing!? First, they hire some no name with no experience from Holmgren’s boring old tired early 90’s coaching tree just b/c he has the same agent as Holmy. Now they’re getting rid of a good DC!? Smart move Clowns. Man, it sucks being a Browns fan!

  20. @tombradyfumbled

    The Raiders as they existed during Ryan’s tenure can best be summed up by the first two words in the sentence which is 5th from last in your post.

  21. When did Rex take a 4-11(12) team to the playoffs. He took a 9-7 team that was built by MANGINI and went 9-7 thanks to a Colts giveup and Bengals lay down. About 5 other things went right the last 2 weeks of that season and they backed in.

    His team went 11-5, squeaking out last second wins vs the Broncos, Texans,Lions(knocked out PK) and Browns, they went to Foxboro with 1st place and homefield on the line(you know soon to be champs want homefield) and lost a close one 45-3.

    Please, Rex is a blowhard who inherited some good players from the Mangini/Tannenbaum era and has benefitted from some spectacular luck. His playoff wins vs the Colts and Chargers are the most impressive things he has done.

  22. “The Cowboys’ top defensive coordinator target may have been Greg Manusky, but he returned to the Chargers on Friday.”

    Who writes this stuff? Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t Manusky join the Chargers FROM the 49ers and not return TO the Chargers? Let’s not let the facts get in the way….

  23. A message to cowboys fans I wouldnt be to happy about this. Obviously you guys just see the last name RYAN and think he is a good coach.
    He is a horrible D coach. He was here in oakland and the d was extremly bad and you cant do the whole “its al davis’s fault” because John Marshal cam in and made the D 100times better.
    Cowboy fans who are happy about this defintly dont know football. Jones is going after him just because of his name and thats why u people think he is good

  24. Why are people comparing Cleveland’s Defense to Dallas, the talent level isn’t even on the same scale

  25. As a Browns fan, this guy’s press conferences would get me all fired up for the next week’s upcoming game. He’d sound like the dude from 300, but would ultimately have the same outcome. At the end of the flick, we were on the losing end just like the Spartans. Just look at how we were carved up in the fourth quarter of games, quite a discrepancy.

    I also enjoyed his final who’s with me speech, when he said he’s one of the best defensive minds in all of football. He also stated that his team, My Brownies, were going to go out and beat the Steelers’ ******. He literally used these words. Go back and look at that game and the final score. Geeesh. Have fun Big D.

  26. @dalcow,

    Newsflash for you: Cleveland and Dallas run entirely different systems with different players playing different technique. If you can’t tell the difference between Ratliff’s responsibilities and Rogers’, don’t worry about it — I wouldn’t want to put any unneeded strain on the feeble mind of a ‘Boys fan.

  27. Love all these in shape defensive coordinators posting on this um let’s see Rob Ryan coached the sorry clevland d to 22nd in the NFL with little to no talent you can’t blitz without corners retards oh how was dallas’ d last season with talent so could they have done any worse maybe they should of hired one of these defensive minds with the bodies of addonis who are making stupid comments about how fat he is and how much he sucks Dallas will be much improved with the moves they made as long as martz I mean Garrett runs the ball

  28. Why couldn’t the Cowboys hire the Eagles defensive coordinator McDoormat for their job and give the Eagles Rex Ryan that way the Dallas defense would suck and the Eagles defense would be great like when Buddy was there.

  29. @1bigtex

    Well in defense of the Raiders… at that time, the were actually totally rebuilding from the leftovers of the Gruden era… in reality, all teams have to go through it.. even NE did pre-brady.. the colts pre-Manning… the Falcons pre-Ryan… Gruden left the team in salary cap hell with a bunch of vets that were overpaid and all of them broke down, were let go, or retired. Tom Cable is getting all the credit in the world for what he did with the Raiders this year, but in reality, it was actually the most talent the Raiders have had in 7 years…. and I personally wonder what they might have done had they:
    a) Not benched Campbell
    b)Been able to keep McFadden healthy
    c)Actually been able to come up with some sort of plan against teams they don’t see twice I year

    Disaster is right, but it was a disaster built on the fact they are actually rebuilding from scratch. I personally don’t know that JC is the answer at QB…. but he is better than anything they’ve had the past 7 years. People love Gradkowski’s heart, but the Raiders won NONE of the game he started this year…. And in reality, until Al lets go and trusts a defensive co-ordinator to run a defense for a full game, the Raiders won’t ever fully rebound. Thus my original post about Al not blitzing and interfering with Ryan’s defense.

  30. 1bigtex says:
    Jan 14, 2011 9:36 PM

    The Raiders as they existed during Ryan’s tenure can best be summed up by the first two words in the sentence which is 5th from last in your post.


    Well played sir! Well played indeed…

    All of the people voting this down couldn’t figure it out! Dolts a plenty… ha ha ha

  31. I hate the cowgirls but this match would be too awesome! I mean, come on! Who doesn’t want to see Rob Ryan and Jerry Jones spar against each other? Can’t wait!!!

  32. Rob Ryan actually wasn’t that bad for the Browns. It was Mangini and the lack of a stud receiver that couldn’t get points on the board.

  33. @tyreeshelmet

    “Rex is a blowhard who inhetited some good players” How many good players? The best pass rusher during his time with the Browns was probably Kam Wimberley. The Browns thought so much of Kam, they shipped him to Oakland for the pick that turned out to be Colt McCoy. (I bet Oakland would rather have Colt now) Ryan worked under, what, 5 Head Coaches during his time in Oakland and his best pass rusher was who? Maybe Tommy Kelly with his career 25 sacks. See any difference between Demarcus Ware with his 80 sacks and Tommy Kelly? Anthony Spencer might be as good as any pass rusher that Ryan has ever had and he’s the third best on the team.

  34. @dotnukem
    Doesn’t matter whether you give the 2008 Jets a 4-11 or 4-12 record, you’re still wrong.
    Rex took a 9-7 team and turned them into a 9-7 team.
    Two seasons, two second place finishes in their Division, two playoff appearances isn’t too bad though.

  35. Maybe Buddy would come out of retirement and fix the Eagles’ defense. He could then be verbally abused by his own kid rather than Jimmy Johnson.

  36. 1bigtex & quentincosta…In NFL today, you have to put pressure on guys like Manning and Rodgers. You don’t sit back and let them pick you apart…you guys think ‘we blew’ as a team but even with Jamarcus Russell (the worst football player in NFL history) playing QB, the fact still remains that we somehow had the lead late in 5 or 6 games that we lost. Our sorry as hell coach Rob Ryan would completely change his philosophy when it mattered and play prevent. You guys will suffer through these same painful 4th quarter defeats soon enough. And you cannot say it was because Al Davis doesn’t like to blitz. That’s BS. Because I watched our new guy, John Marshall, come in and almost lead the NFL in sacks this year. And have not read about or heard of one complaint from Al.

  37. @thereisalwaysnextyear

    Before you start bashing people for knowing facts, know that what he means by “returned to the Chargers” is that Greg Manusky was the linebackers coach for the Chargers prior to getting the D-Coordinator job in San Fran. Maybe you should know your facts before blasting others. Just Sayin’.

  38. @tombradyfumbled

    Again… Yes.. with Marshalls D they had a lot of sacks.. but how many of them came at the end of the game when the game was on the line? Go back and watch the tapes… In the 4th quarter, the Raiders never blitz… they always drop back in coverage… and usually Chris Johnson or Stanford Routt gets burned…. The difference this year came down to the simple fact that normally:

    a: They were so far ahead in games
    b: They were so far behind in games

    Before everyone gives John Marshall a bunch of credit for the D, remember, in 6 of the 8 losses they gave up 30 points or more… sacks are nice.. but if you can’t stop the other team when it counts, it doesn’t matter.. and Al does hate blitzing.. he ALWAYS has hated blitzing….

  39. All these idiots who are saying stuff like “Cleveland is stupid for getting rid of a great DC” obviously did NOT watch any Browns games this past year. They are, quite literally, ignorant of the situation.

    Here’s how it works. The Browns defense played well for a stretch of 2-3 games in the middle of the season- and happened to do it against quality opponents (NE, NO, etc.). They surprised everyone so much that the national media picked up on it and fancied the Browns a sleeper team— for about 5 minutes— until they went right back to sucking. So, during those few weeks of glory, Rob Ryan opened his mouth a few times and, next thing you know, there’s all these stories about what a great DC he is. Meanwhile, by the time these stories were picking up steam, the Browns had already gone back to letting the opposition chew up 8-10 yards with every snap. The farther into the game, the more the Browns’ D would give up.

    So combine that brief, middle-of-the-season hot streak, along with Rob Ryan’s boisterousness and “likeability” factor, and BOOM- you have know-nothings singing the praises of his DC holiness. Never mind how his defense played the *other* 95% of the time in Cleveland and 100% of the time in Oakland. “All we know is we heard some stories about how Cleveland’s D shocked the Patriots- and Rob’s a funny, tubby guy with long hair… Therefore, he’s a great coach!”

    The folks in Dallas will also love his big mouth when he starts guaranteeing wins (that means you’ll lose) and running his mouth before taking other beatings. His last game in Cleveland will be remembered for him saying that his defense was gonna “get all over Pittsburgh’s ass” and his defense responded to him by playing their most lethargic, crappy game of the year.

    I think Ryan can get himself psyched up, but I don’t know how good he is psyching a team up.

  40. bwisnasky…i agree to a point but me personally…I am thrilled to have Marshall instead of Ryan. Marshall’s philosophy took Seattle to the super bowl a few years back because he loves to pressure the quarterback. I like the way he approaches the game. He gives players a chance to make a big play instead of playing safe. I hope he sticks around for a few more years. Our team is not that far from being contenders if we can keep it together…….. Jason Campbell went 8-5 as a starter too and I believe this will be the first time he will be in the same offense for consecutive years in his career… I also believe Hue Jackson will do a fine job as our next head coach.

  41. Dont’ get me wrong tom… I too prefer Marshall over Ryan. I’m happy with the talent that the Raiders have now. And I do think the young guys play more as a team together than they did with a bunch of used up veterans. I also believe Hue will be fine as the head coach. And I wasn’t upset that they let Cable go. I just never got it.. until Al let him walk, Cable was a mid-level coach at best to most people, but because Al let a guy walk that 17-27, all of a sudden to most people Cable should be in the hall of fame. Not to mention what truly was the biggest difference with the Raiders this year? The offense could score points.. usually. I credit Hue with most of that, as well as Campbell and the playmakers thast stepped up. However, I also think Hue had some stinkers too… SF… Miami…. So I’m cautiously optimistic. I really just wish Al would step out of it and let Marshall and Jackson call their own complete games….

  42. @tombradyfumbled

    You complain about Ryan and his pass rush stats. Well, once again, who were the best pass rushers he had during his time in Oakland and Cleveland? Do Kelly and Wimbley even have as many combined sacks as Ware does by himself? Demarcus Ware has only had one season where he failed to meet or exceed Kam Wimbley’s best season ever. Aren’t Spencer and Ratliff better pass rushers than anything Rob has had to work with up to this point not even considering Ware?

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