Rob Ryan will interview in Dallas

At one point during the 2010 season, Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan seemed to be a very viable candidate to become the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.  And he could be a good one.  Bold and brash like his twin brother, Rex, Rob Ryan needs only a 10-gallon hat to look like he walked right off the set of True Grit.

But Jason Garrett did enough on an interim basis to earn the permanent job.  Now, Garrett needs a defensive coordinator.  According to the Dallas Morning News, he’ll interview Rob Ryan for the job.

The fact that Ryan will interview in Dallas despite still being under contract as defensive coordinator of the Browns means that the Browns don’t plan to bring him back, and that the Browns will support his effort to get paid elsewhere so that the Browns won’t have to pay yet another former coach not to coach the team.

The real question is whether Garrett believes that he’ll be able to control Ryan, and to trust him.  There’s a good chance that owner Jerry Jones will take a shine to this member of a coaching family that behaves like true cowboys, and that a strong relationship between Jones and the son of a former Cowboys antagonist could become a threat to Garrett, if the team struggles on his watch.

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  1. God I hope Garrett doesn’t mess this up like he did the running game in the first 8 games of the season…

  2. Rob’s defensive scheme depended on how much his defense could confuse the other team before the snap. I was at the Browns v. Patriots game and Tom Brady was utterly confused. The Browns defenders seemed like they were looking for four-leaf clovers in the grass before the snap — just kind of walking around. When Brady snapped the ball, the Browns bolted to their assigned coverages and the Patriots had no answer for this type of defense.

    Unfortunately for us Browns fans, we know that trickery can only get you so far. Although we were only blown out once this season, our run defense deteriorated as the season progressed.

    Good luck Rob — your creativity will find you success in Dallas, I’m sure.


  3. If Jerry could take ‘such a shine’, why did he not interview him for HC?

    Sometimes you folks remind me of a clatch of little old ladies, sitting around a table drinking tea and eating cookies, making up stuff to gossip about.

  4. Ryan was the only good thing the Browns had going for them. I’m glad he’s getting out of the north because I think he puts out a decent scheme.
    Love watching these teams and there every other year coaching carousel. Good luck with that!

  5. Would be funny to see him back in New England, to add a little spice to this super dull Jets/Patriots rivalry…….lol

    (yes, that was sarcasm)

  6. Garrett get it done! Rob Ryan would be a great coach to take over the DEF.

    How bout them Cowboys!!

  7. “and that a strong relationship between Jones and the son of a former Cowboys antagonist could become a threat to Garrett, if the team struggles on his watch.”
    Ohhh, let’s start the PFT soap opera drama.

  8. “The real question is whether Garrett believes that he’ll be able to control Ryan, and to trust him. There’s a good chance that owner Jerry Jones will take a shine to this member of a coaching family that behaves like true cowboys, and that a strong relationship between Jones and the son of a former Cowboys antagonist could become a threat to Garrett, if the team struggles on his watch.”

    Pretty much, the last paragraph of every article you write about the Cowboys has some hidden agenda to stir up bull crap. You are the only person who has mentioned this at all. Really? First you thought the minority coaches he interviewed was just a sham, because Garrett was his guy all along. Now, Rob Ryan is percieved as a threat to Garrett because Jerry could take a “shine” to him?

    Everything you write about the Cowboys is 3 paragraphs of just rehashing the facts, and then an extra paragraph or two of you just making stuff up to create on controversy.

  9. I think Rob is exactly what we need. I think he’ll bring toughness and an opportunistic defense to the boys.

    I don’t believe he’s the type that will undermine the HC. he doesn’t have a reputation of doing that and I believe he’s a good dude.

  10. Not in any capacity other than toilet cleaner would i want any spawn of Buddy Ryan working for Dallas.

  11. You know what? I actually wouldn’t mind having this fatty as our DC. He seems like he doesn’t take any crap and that he wants to win. I hope he gets it.

  12. Well we can tell that Garrett is insecure by the fact he didn’t want Sherman around Garrett got the job by “no pun intended” ran Wilson out of the job for those of you who don’t know this many elite teams practice with no pads Garrett doesn’t call more than 20 run plays a game gets wade fired cause you need a run game to win Garrett gets interim practices with pads and runs the ball about half what the passes are yeah it’s because we practiced in pads that is the reason ha ha ha fools well guess what when romo returns you will see more of the same hire rob Ryan so Garrett sees what eyes over his shoulder feels like

  13. RR had garbage to work with in Cleveland…never know what he could do in another city w/some real players.

  14. Most Browns Fans really hate to see Rob go. He was a fan favorite and the players really played hard for him. They sucked against the run, but I think that had more to do with the players he had to work with. The red zone D was great this year and he came up with creative schemes that worked out in the big games, but fizzled in the games the browns should have won. He will do well with some talent on the roster. Good luck Rob we will miss seeing the Rockin gray mullet and the Grade A beer belly on the Browns sidelines!

  15. Not sure about the above comment, but I think Ryan is an excellet choice to run this defense. They need a leader, remember Wade Phillips was running this defense and they weren’t that motivated.

  16. I’d like to see Rob Ryan return to Cleveland. If Shurmur can manage the clock effectively, Ryan’s D will be even better. They definitely need a linebacker, DE and a little more CB depth. Seeya Eric Wright… Go back to the 4-3 and add some fast LB’s.

  17. Rob Ryan would be a great hire for the Cowboy’s. Players love to play for him much like they do Rex Ryan. I would be shocked if Rex doesn’t try to get him on his staff. Word is Rex wanted Rob to coach the Jets D when he first took the job but Rob already had a contract with Mangini and the Browns.

  18. Why are people so enamoured with this guy? The defense in Cleveland was extremely inconsistent, could never play more than one half, and were the kings of blowing leads.

    No, it’s not a talent issue. There were plenty of games where Cleveland’s D came out absolutely on fire- manhandling much better teams… This is the defense that absolutely confused and pummeled Tom Brady and Drew Brees… So the talent was there to beat even the great teams, but then, in the next game (or even by the 2nd half), the D would become inept and practically non-existent. When you have a D that demonstrates it *does* have the talent- but showing that talent becomes a game of hide and seek- or when you’re DC decides to put you in a zone D for no good reason and it allows the other team to eat up big chunks of yards and get right back in the game- that’s all on the coaching!

    Rob Ryan made some really sketchy, downright dumb decisions- especially later in games. And please don’t give me any BS about Scott friggin’ Fujita being out- as if *he* is some mega-stud. Sure, they lost Fujita, but they also replaced a horribly ineffective Eric Wright with Joe Haden- and *that* part of the D improved a lot once that happened. So I think it balanced the loss of Fujita out.

    The point is, people are in love with Ryan because he’s another loudmouth, funny, “likeable” guy, just like his brother. That is what people seem to be enamoured with- it can’t *possibly* be for his DC skills, ’cause he couldn’t sustain the D in Cleveland and couldn’t even maintain a consistent pace with the D. It was “Play good one week, look horrible the following week- Play on fire in the first half, crawl into a hole in the 2nd half”…. all season long.

    Ryan is obviously a player’s coach- and that’s obviously a good thing. He has potential and could grow. I just woukdn’t get too excited that this guy is the second coming.

  19. Agree with raidermark. You guys keep saying he had no talent in Cleveland. I’m sure that’s somewhat accurate but if you are coaching ANY NFL team you have talent. You just need to know how to use it. And how many games did the Browns win with him controlling the D?
    When he coached the Raiders team ran all over them. And they couldn’t stop anybody on third down or in the 2 min drill.

  20. I don’t know if Ryan would be a good hire in Dallas or not although one of his squads was ranked in the top 10. I do know that during his tenure in Oakland, the Raiders never had an offense rated even in the top 15 and most of the time the offense was in the mid 20’s or worse. Team offensive ineptitude puts quite a bit of pressure on team defense.

  21. Oh yeah, forgot about that part. Ryan’s Cleveland D was not only the absolute kings of fading in the stretch and being extremely inconsistent, but they also would put you in 3rd and long all day, and then kindly swing the gate open for you so you could have the 1st down. Got so sick of watching that. Maybe Cleveland will get a new DC that actually gives his team effective 3rd down strategies instead of “Go into zone!” or “Cover the guys they never, ever throw to and leave all their clutch 3rd down receivers wide open!”

  22. ha ha… it’s funny watching all the Cowboys fans vote “thumbs down” on the posts that talk about Ryan’s ineffectiveness as a DC. The proof is there with the Raiders and the Browns. They so badly want to believe that Ryan’s boisterousness, big mouth, and blue collar appeal will equate to an awesome defense when history is saying it just ain’t so… so they vote thumbs down on the posts that negate that good feeling they might have, even though it is (so far) the reality of the situation. I can understand voting “thumbs down” on posts that are written horribly, are obvious “troll” posts, or just plain don’t contain facts- but Ryan’s mediocre defensive stats are real. Nobody’s trying to hoodwink you, Cowboys fans. You just don’t like seeing the truth printed, so it’s “Wah! I’m voting thumbs down ’cause I don’t want to believe it!” 🙂

  23. Eagles need Buddy Ryan….I mean Rob Ryan….until the young Birds grow up, a confusing type of defense is just the thing they need. Andy bring in Ryan!

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